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South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Calafate February 18th 2010

Well, I find myself back in Santiago now, so I have a lot of catching up to do with blogs on our last week in Argentina. I thought it would be best to go in order, since our adventures last ended in Puerto Natales after an adventurous hike in Torres del Paine and some amazing penguin viewing. We arranged to do a tour with an operator out of Puerto Natales to the Glacier Perito Moreno in El Calafete and to have them drop us off in El Calafete on the way home since it was easier than taking the bus ourselves. So, we woke up early on our last day in the beautiful country of Chile, for a while at least, and scrambled to get on the transfer at 7:00 am in the morning. I am ... read more
Me on the Boat
Up close and personal
with the flag

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine February 16th 2010

So after much anticipation, renting gear, attending talks at the Erratic Rock hostel as all trekkers do in Puerto Natales, we took off at 7 am in the morning on the famous bus to Torres del Paine. Rita spent many an hour figuring out how to make sure that we were able to book all of the refugios, bunk beds in a lodge or cabin, and not get stuck with a tent. The bus ride took a couple of hours to get up to the park and it was very rainy and cold outside so we were a little anxious that the weather would stay so gloomy. Everyone had told us though, you can experience 4 different seasons in one day in the park, so they said "dont even put your rain gear on, it will ... read more
The Towers
Look! A mountain!

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Puerto Montt February 8th 2010

So after settling on my medicine and such, we headed to the port in Puerto Montt to board the Navimag Ferry, our home for the next four days. We all met in a big area to get our rules and boarding process talk from the ship people. It was pretty straight forward and the couple hundred people sitting there then separated into our specific boarding groups and headed towards the ferry. The ship itself was half passenger cabins and half room for trucks, cars, and just about anything you can think of. I read somewhere that in the winter is a haven for cattle...glad its summer. We found our 4 person cabin, without a window, which was pretty cozy and all settled in to our lockers that were there for our bags which gave us a ... read more
Other Ships
On our Way

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island » Castro February 5th 2010

So, I apologize for the delay in writing over the last few weeks. I have been without internet for large periods of time and I feel every time I sit down to write in my blog, I end up trying to catch up on things and loose track of my here it goes. After we left the beautiful weekend in Pucon, we headed South on a bus to Puerto Varas. We had attempted to book a hostel in advance but in our haste, forgot to ask where the actual location of the hostel was...So, we realized pretty close to our late arrival in Puerto Varas that it was 40 KM from the good. We were able to find a hostel in town thanks to the lonely planet, but only after figuring out the local ... read more
Palifito Hostel
Low Tide
Castro Church

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Pucón February 2nd 2010

We are officially on the road. After a ridiculous hectic day finishing up everything on Thursday in Santiago, we hopped on an overnight bus to Pucon to meet up with about 40 other Couchsurfers for a camping weekend outside of Pucon, the adventure capital of Chile! Rita and I decided to upgrade for the overnight bus and got Cama tickets (which means, bed). This was about as first class as I have ever seen a bus get, hope someday I can try the "premium" category. We got some sleep overnight in our luxurious bus seats and were a bit drowsy when we arrived in Pucon on Friday morning. We ran over to an internet cafe for a minute because when we arrived we realized that no one had written down the directions on how to get ... read more
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Photo 4
Photo 5

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago January 29th 2010

Off we go. Rita and I depart Santiago tonight for our grand trip south, east, and north. We are really looking forward to the adventures ahead but there has been so much to do this week to prepare. I will be sad to leave my new friends in Santiago. It is a city I have come to love and enjoy. There are so many areas of the city to discover and explore and my only hope is that I can come back later on to visit all the places that our new writers here in Santiago will review. We finished our Spanish classes today and I will turn in my final paper for Negotiations tonight. Then its off to the south, to Pucon, a small town about 10 hrs by bus from Santiago. We got fancy ... read more

South America » Chile » Valparaíso Region » Valparaíso January 24th 2010

After a weekend in Santiago and regaining a little bit of sleep, we decided it was time to head west to the popular destinations of Valparaiso and Vina del Mar. Only a quick hour bus ride from Santiago (about $7 US) this was an easy overnight trip. Right next to each other on the coast, these two cities couldn't be any more different. Valparaiso is a harbor town, bustling with people, markets, and is also a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Vina del Mar, the beach town next door takes a completely different pace to life. Its clean streets and beautiful hotels and casinos along the beach make it one of the favorite places for local Santiago residents to forget about everything during the weekend. We arrived on a slightly chilly day in Valparaiso, meaning I ... read more
Me with the house
Curvy Streets

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia January 21st 2010

Well, its been quite the busy week here in Santiago, hence the fact that I haven’t had the chance to write to you all. In addition, it seems now I only have one week left in Santiago, and this makes me very sad. I have really enjoyed getting to know the city and I am very jealous of the other students who will stay here until June. But, back to today. Last week was the final week of our intensive language classes. We worked very hard and all managed to pass our tests! My Spanish is improving VERY quickly and I am enjoying being able to converse with many different people in my MBA program and otherwise. Rita and I are now taking private lessons twice a week to continue the learning process until we depart ... read more
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South America » Chile » O Higgins » Pichilemu January 11th 2010

So yet another week has flown by down here in Chile. I am still very much enjoying the weather, the sun always shines here. I have continued to make new friends and check out the city. With a four hour language class every morning and a 3 hour MBA class 3 evenings a week, I am very glad I chose to drop my other MBA class. This last week was pretty exhausting, but I really learned a lot! My Spanish is improving quickly, I am getting around just fine now with the language. I absolutely love my Negotiations class through the MBA program. My professor is from South Africa and seems very knowledgeable and is quite entertaining, making our 3 hour classes go by quickly. I also enjoy the fact that for the exchange students this ... read more
Photo 5

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia January 4th 2010

Hola Amigos! So I have been in Santiago for a week now and it feels like I have been here forever. I absolutely LOVE this city and have had no problem adjusting, making friends, and figuring out how to get around. New Years Eve was really fantastic. I went with my flatmate to a party at the language school where I started classes today. It is all of a half a block from my apartment, so very convenient. Plus the owner is a couchsurfer, so what more can you ask for! We partied with some other students and couchsurfers and then came to my building to watch the fireworks from the Terrace on the 19th floor! We have an absolutely beautiful view from both the apartment and from the terrace where the pool is and I ... read more
Ale and I

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