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8th June 2022

Good article
After an early breakfast I finished putting the last of the photos on the blog for Niger. It had been a very long blog and had taken forever to get live.
5th April 2021
Homo Sapiens Adaltu - 160.000 years old - National Museum, Addis Ababa

Really great. May I use this picture in my blog, video please? Credit your name?
22nd April 2021
Homo Sapiens Adaltu - 160.000 years old - National Museum, Addis Ababa

Who are you? Note the picture is very low resolution, so you may be better finding another picture.
10th February 2020

Stunning pictures. What an intriguing place. And the ark of the covenant. This is the stuff Indiana Jones movies are made from.
10th February 2020

Thanks. I think everyone should have Ethiopia on their list of places they must visit!
8th January 2020
Mansion of Syed Al-Attas (Penang Islamic Museum)

Requesting for schematic drawings of ALl-Attas Mansion for university project
Hi there, im a final student of interior architecture in Lim kok wing. im doing a research thesis about this building. am I able to get the drawings of this building?
From Blog: Yo! Its Xmas!
17th January 2020
Mansion of Syed Al-Attas (Penang Islamic Museum)

I don't know.
From Blog: Yo! Its Xmas!
19th May 2017
On the train

West Sahara
My Land Rover got a flat tyre traveling along the train line to keep away from land mines. The track was peeling away from itself in huge shards. This was back in 1993
12th January 2016
Tabora - Orion Tabora Hotel

History of the hotel
Is th Orion hotel once the German commandants Hse? If so I was born n the new hospital in 1940 and we lived at the Orion hotel before it was a hotel. My father was Bwana Banki. Mr. John Page of Barclays Bank. I am now nearly 76 years of age!!
20th June 2013
Baliem Valley

Great shot
Reading some of your blogs today. Great stuff. Wish you would publish on travel blog again. We miss your work.
From Blog: Bird of Paradise
11th September 2012

This is a place we would love to visit.
A fascinating world and culture.
From Blog: Bird of Paradise
30th August 2012

Ethiopia-1st encounter
Going to visit Ethiopia for the first time. Plan to see northern historic route of Gondar, Simien Mountains, Axum and Lalibela, then head south to Arbra Mich and surrounding Omo Valley to visit with the local tribes, and see 3 market days, concluding with a trip to the Mursi. Bon Voyage, we hope!
19th August 2012
Kayan Longhouse, near Belaga, Sarawak.

Kayan longhouse
This is a photo of the moden day kayan Longhouse.
From Blog: The Bats
31st July 2012

Kanchanaburi is a lovely little place, isn\'t it. I didn\'t go to the Tiger Temple at all, despite that my daughter would likely have loved to cuddle the drugged up tigers. We visited the museums, because I like to know as much as possible.
From Blog: The Bridge
27th July 2012
Cana Lodge - Dodoma

Cana lodge is now on the web!
15th July 2012

What a story...
Wow! So glad I came across this blog. Looking forward to more posts!! Oh, and your photography is beautiful as well. :)
From Blog: The Bloody Knife
13th June 2012
Kumasi City Centre

Great view
Great view :)
From Blog: The Golden Stool
3rd June 2012
Sagada, Cordillera Mountains

very nice
captured the moment of a man ploughing the field in traditional way. Great shot.
5th February 2012
St Paul's Church, Melaka

i went here before
From Blog: Lord of Malacca
22nd January 2012
Painting that depicts the Ark of the Covenant in the new St Mary of Zion Church, Axum

Blessings to be Rejoiced
I feel the Seventh one watching and feel that the writings were drawn from many cultures from around the world.
29th December 2011
The gang from English First, Cirebon

Nice photo!
Nice girls there in Ceribon :D Cheers from Bali ;) Bibr -
23rd December 2011
King Sidabutar's Grave on Samosir Island, Lake Toba.

thanks mr. Stuart
many thanks to you mr. stuart, i like your photo, regards, rolas s
19th December 2011

You are a 2011 TravelBlog favourite blogger!
Check this out, and feel free to add some 2011 TravelBlog favourite anythings of your own. :)
29th November 2011

Omo Valley
The Omo Valley is such a beautiful place. The people are the most unique individuals I do believe that you will ever see in your life. I hope that the construction of the Gibe III Hydroelectric dam does not destroy these wonderful people. Excellent photos!
26th October 2011
Hotel 17, Manhattan, New York

I am a 59 year old person from michigan and beleive it or not I use to live there when i was three years old. I have some pictures if management is interested. We moved from there when i was five years old. I actually remember playing in the park as a youngster. I am glad to see this great building is still alive. Thank you for allowing my comments.

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