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6th January 2011

Water saftey
I'm heading to Taganga in early February. I noticed you said you drank the rum. Did you drink it with ice? I've heard the water quality in those areas isn't that good.
29th December 2010

Hi from ollie.
hi ellie and steve. I hope you are having a good time. I am missing you lots and i can not wait to see you agian love you from ollie.xx
23rd December 2010

No that's all I wanted to say...Hoorrahhh!
20th December 2010

Marv just emailed me about your engagement!!! Congratulations!!!
20th December 2010

Congratulations to you both. Really amazing news.
20th December 2010

Congratulations to you both. What a heavenly end to a heavenly trip! Wishing you infinite happiness, G-d bless, Baruch Hashem, Naomi xxxx
16th December 2010

Hey there Elma and Steve! Despite my serious lack of comments for which I can only apologise (me + my internet connection + Cypriot servers = interesting times) I have been following your adventures and am so pleased that you are having a great time and I'm loving all your blogging, I think you will really appreciate the blogs in years to come to refresh the great memories of what seems to have been the trip of a lifetime. I am even more excited about the possibility of seeing you two over the Christmas holidays, please let me know when you're around! Loads of love, Smelen Xxx
11th December 2010

The baron
Pablo says he's happy you're enjoying his home land and will make sure no harm comes to you.
10th December 2010

i love random stops, mostly everything we did in South America was what people had recommended and said we had to see! Arepa looks tasty. ell your hair looks so long and gorgeous! (and u look good stevey!)xx
9th December 2010

... its beak can hold more than its belly can!
Amazzzzzzzing as Craig Revel-Horwood might say - lovely photos - lovely experiences. Not sure what to say about the boobies. They look like their feet have been dipped in emulsion paint. Sounds like the sealions are really friendly - "pushing their faces against ours" - do they play? Dad C
8th December 2010

this is amazing guys, the pictures are incredible! so glad u did snorkeling! once in a lifetime experience going there, so happy for u, looks just wonderful! xx
4th December 2010

Galaps - see I'm getting the jargon!
Hey guys (getting the jargon again), awesome (got it again) pics of your visit to the Galaps on facebook - so there are dragons there! I swear I rocognised one of the receptionists from the Courtyard Surgery - she must be on her hols. Mum says maybe it was an organised trip for Dr's receptionists. How big were they? Hope you are both well! Let me know any questions you may have about Columbia - I will ask Karina. TTFN (jargon from our days) - see if you guys can work that one out! Dad C
1st December 2010

its like bathroom innit
From Blog: Stop 23: Baños
1st December 2010

3 things
Steve 'loved' the buggy Ellie 'was' in an indian jones film Devil's bogey!
From Blog: Stop 23: Baños
1st December 2010

isnt banos 'toilet'?! we used the word all the time in SA, we even say it here! Those waterfalls are lovely, anish jels of the top gear pic! xx
From Blog: Stop 23: Baños
23rd November 2010

i love it, so glad u had wicked weather too, them incas were a bit crazy, did they tell u about the inca boys doing the whole trek in a matter of hours- not days! i can just see you tayor all puming it and enthusiastic! ell how do u manage to still look GORGEOUS and perfect after all that sweating! xxx
23rd November 2010

amazing pics guys, this looks awesome, we met loads of people in peru who said they had done this and said we must, but obvos we ran out of time! I hear you about the altitude and we were only in it half the time u were! keep blogging lovelies, enjoy the galaps! xx
22nd November 2010

Will do Virgie. Miss you too x
22nd November 2010

Looks fit: all of it. We miss you! Keep having fun and safe onward journey. Say hello to all the freaks on the galaps from me x
14th November 2010

SAS training or mountain goats!
Sear both, wow, now all you need are the big eyes, droopy ears and a long nose then you really will be mountain goats, having already aquired the skill of being able to eat anything! OK just "kidding", won't make you the "butt" of any other jokes. Probably you have passed the the first stages of the entrance requirements for the SAS. I'd love the do the hiking but not sure I am fit enough - at present anyway. I can't wait to see all of the photos and hear the details! Dad C
10th November 2010

Guys, MP looks amazing, admit a pang of jealousy here. I do have to ask, however, if Steve in true Taylor style counted the number of steps on the trail? If not, you need to go back and do it again so we know. Stunning guys, I'm sure it was at least as good as it looks. Mike
10th November 2010

well done guys- sterling work and fantastic sense of pride all the way over this side of the world xxxxxxxxx
5th November 2010

We loved that place; was a very much needed reward after the Colca Canyon. Loving the stories and photos.
31st October 2010

Hi Ellie and Steve! I love reading your travel blog! What an amazing journey! Good luck with the trek up Machu Pichu! Adios viajeros!!!! Un beso, Vanna
31st October 2010

The stuff of dreams eh!
Dear both, looks lovely and sounds lovely - could have been lifted from a travel brochure - the only difference being, it is true. The stuff of dreams indeed - and the Inca training keeps you fit too! Apart from the delicious mouthwatering fresh trout, what is the food like? Has Steve eaten anything else unusual? If there are recipe books then why not bring one back and perhaps we can try some of the food - providng we can get the ingredients. (By the way, I have reassured the little girl next door that you won't eat her guinea pigs next time you visit - expect she will still give you some funny looks.) Now you are in Peru, have you seen any Morris Men? - so many Peruvians with Pan pipes over here, I am convinced there must be a reciprocal agreement! Dad C

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