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10th February 2022

Bon voyage
Welcome home
10th February 2022

A bit disappointed....
Not to see a photo of the old man high-fiving the artistic scupture..
10th February 2022

Just for you, I will add it :)
7th June 2019

Thank you for volunteering
Hi Jane, We're sorry to hear that you had a bad experience at our parkrun. Thank you for volunteering. We hope you enjoy Copenhagen and the rest of your trip.
7th June 2019

It’s not your fault. I misunderstood when he said the children wanted to try tail walking, that he didn’t plan to stay with them, until he ran off and it was too late.
4th March 2019

Cocktail or Coke?
Which did you go for?
4th March 2019

Bolivia to Peru
You're not selling it Jane!
28th February 2019

It's a nice fountain!
28th February 2019

No wonder the llama was spitting, think I did too when I was that pregnant! It looks as chilly there as it is here today after yesterday's heatwave
28th February 2019

Google maps
I get the impression from your experiences that Google Maps must be fully paid up members of The Flat Earth Society!
10th February 2019

this was great. I was wondering about Paraguay... maybe I'll wait a few years. Lomita caballo - I'll keep it in mind!
9th February 2019

What a disaster with money you have had, such a pity. The scenery is stunning
9th February 2019

So far so good, Rio sounds and looks amazing!
9th February 2019

Love Rio
Someone with very long arms took this selfie!
4th September 2018

Brilliant Place
We loved Savusavu when visiting Fiji a few years ago. Ryan
2nd March 2018

Th day that does exist
I think it's the 2nd Mach here , yes it does exist at least in my world. Lovely no your blog keep it up !

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