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17th July 2011

A Good Time Was Had By All
This will go down as one of our most memorable holidays. Really enjoy your Blog.
9th July 2011

Pleased your having a great time. House still standing! Enjoy the remainder of your excursions
7th July 2011

Aah, the long, long lunch ..... it always catches us out too when in Europe, mainly for a couple of days but hey you have three months ..... and then the loos ..... my advise never, ever, ever, ever use a service station loo in France. A bush will do! Am enjoying reading your blogs and good to hear your news. Will read some more now, Love Vicky xxx
From Blog: Carmargue
16th June 2011

We are so Jealous
Hi Guys, looks like you are having a fab time, Felicity and I just took a look at your blog from sunny, "yes sunny" Chippenham. Felicity's tip is that you should visit San Gimignano in Tuscany, "a mine is bigger than yours, tower town", perfect for boys of all ages! Other tips include drink lots of local chianti, oh and buy lots of shoes and handbags. Keeping having fun love Emily and Felicity.
14th June 2011

maps and stuff
Never mind we can always get another map, shame about the rain. Are you going anywhere near Lucca?
7th June 2011

We Miss Italy!
Perfect way to describe the week at Lake Garda and the pictures are fab. Looking forward to reading the next installment x
7th June 2011

Lake Garda
Enjoyable reading and so good to know what you are all up to. I hope Tuscany is as good and minus any storms.
6th June 2011

the boys?
Glad you are loving Italy - fabulous views. Please tell me that by 'the boys' who had 50m drop and celebratory beer that you don't mean Thomas and Miles?!
6th June 2011

all blogs getting through
Hi there, Richard mentioned that you may sometimes get back messages that we are not receiving. No problems, all getting through. enjoying them immensely Thanks S
27th May 2011

Shame we did not know where you were going as half of my family live in Provence ad that might well have given you a laugh!
26th May 2011

The Atlas
Came onto Hotmail this morning and was so pleased to see all the 'blogs' complete with photos. Have read through them all and now I'll look at Atlas and follow your routes. You're certainly packing everything into this trip. Hope all goes well with Cathy and Tony's flight and that the Icelandic volcano keeps quiet so you can all enjoy your time together at Lake Garda.
23rd May 2011

Enjoying your new blog..will also be landing on the French terra firma on Thursday via Euro Tunnel... we are off to Etretat,Honfleur and Boulogne, just for trois nuits. Talk soon :)
22nd May 2011

Hi guys, must have been a struggle towing the caravan up the Rhone ? Glad to see also you are trying to introduce the frogs to the great game. Sounds like you're having a great time still, despite missing out on the odd lunch - my heart bleeds for you :-) ATB Robin
From Blog: Carmargue
19th May 2011

You won't get far like that!
oh no, the major has been clamped before you've even started!
18th May 2011

The Major plus trailer
Great to see the blog has started... we will assume the number of blog entries indicates how well or not you are coping with the confines of the rather large "trailer" - admittedly bigger than I expected.
13th May 2011
Macarena Stadium

Dear Sirs, the right stadium name is MARACANÃ and not Macarena. Best Regards, Alexandre
18th December 2010

this is my country I'm glad u like it
9th December 2009

Help of information
hey man, i'm from bolivia, and i am right now about 5 minutes keep on laughing because of your way to tell the story that you had.... really black humor, really funny and sad because all of that you say is true! "The next day we are all sporting our t-shirts with ´I cycled the worlds most...´etc emblazoned upon them like trophies, along with knowing smiles and tales of íts not sooo bad really...´ Its the bus companies that should be giving away t-shirts...or maybe the money would be better spent on brake fluid." lol! master piece to end your story... so here is the thing, i need your help basically to know which company you hired for the biking journey?, i went to coroico in bus (don't ask,,.i almost shit my pants, because your story sounds like a kindergarten day compared with mine) so like you said, i don't even think of coming back on bus, so i will do it in bike.... and i'm searchin for a good company...could you please send to my email, the information? and tell me please if the T Shirts were nice? lol many thanks!....take care
4th October 2006

Hunter Cashdollar
I did not know Southern Bolivia was known for wine. But looking closer at the geography I can see why.
4th October 2006

Hunter Cashdollar
What an adventure! I'm off to Colombia next year. Hope to see Bolivia too. Hunter Cashdollar
16th September 2006

salar de uyuni.
I,m bolivian and october 21 I,m going to salar de uyuni, I only hope your trip will be my experince too.....I' m doing this in 2 days , because my short vacation, I'm leavin fron New York, any way ,glad you enjoy Sucre , alos of luck nex time...09,16,2006
12th September 2006

I'm a Urquidi also
there are 4 families in the Midwest of the U.S I'm just one of them My Uncle Iaver Guerrero was in charge of protecting the president of Bolivia and he was the highest ranking Military personel in Bolivia I'm proud of him and his life he's not dead he is still alive and well.
31st March 2006

So can we expect a lecture tour of the UK when you return? Really keen to hear some of the stories and catch up first hand, I've really enjoyed following your progress with the Blogs
28th March 2006

wow I recognise this from when I was there, I remember that little high street and those stars were magnificant, I'll always be in awe of them. Probably the best place to star gaze on planet earth. also remember getting up v. early around 5am to go to the geysers....amazing
27th March 2006

It's Over
Ahhh, what a shame, your last TravelBlog. I shall miss them, somehow your writings of travelling to and from work on the underground wont be the same as following your adventures on your great year in South America. Safe journey home.

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