North America » United States » Pennsylvania April 22nd 2011

We spent Good Friday hiking in Rickets Glenn again. This time the snow had thawed and we did 3 1/2 miles of a 7 mile trail. We had intended to do the full 7, but took a wrong turn and ended up back at the car early. We did get to see a ton of waterfalls. The trail is in a canyon that you hike into. It is narrow and steep as you hike along the falls. It looks like a scene out Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings. Though it looks like spring, it was freezing outside. At one point, it sprinkled snow. I loved it the fresh air was invigorating. The largest waterfall was 94 feet. We are trying to train for Peru and thought this would be a fun way to motivate ... read more
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North America » United States » Vermont » Middlebury March 19th 2011

We made an impromptu trip to Vermont over a weekend. Left right after work on Friday. There was still a little snow on the ground. We stayed at the Middlebury Inn, which is an old hotel on the national historic registry. Breakfast was included in our stay and we had pancakes with real Vermont maple syrup. The town of Middlebury is like something out of book. It is beautiful, quaint, and has been untouched by corporate chains. It is a college town that is small, but has a lot of things to do because of the college. On Saturday, we drove into Burlington and walked around the Church Street Market Place. It is a little too commercial, but a neat place to walk around. We also drove up by Lake Champlain and walked out on the ... read more
Lake Champlain 2
Burlington on Lake Champlain 1
Burlington on Lake Champlain 2

North America » United States » New York » Finger Lakes February 25th 2011

We went up to Erin, New York where Shawn's grandfather lives. It was the last weekend in February and still the dead of winter. We drove up from Erin to Ithaca. Along the lakes there is a waterfall called Tunkhannock Falls. We saw this waterfall last fall when all the leaves were changing around it. It is just as beautiful frozen in winter. I love this area. We go to Ithaca at least a few times a year to go the wineries and drive along the finger lakes. Ithaca is a neat little hippie college town that has Cornell University. We like to go the restaurants and have seen plays at Ithaca college. It is truly one of our favorite places on earth. ... read more

North America » United States » Pennsylvania January 22nd 2011

We hiked back into Rickets Glenn State Park. The park is closed in the winter, but they allow ice hikers to hike back into it. It was a little scary never having hiked in the snow, but when we got back to the frozen waterfalls it was completely worth it. It looked like a frozen wonderland. Believe me these pictures do not do it justice. It is one of the best things we have ever done. We wanted to keep going, but had to turn around because it started snowing again. ... read more
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North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan December 10th 2010

Though these are not the greatest pictures, here is a little taste of New York. We had both been there before so we skipped some of the major tourist destinations and focused on seeing New York at Christmas. New York at Christmas time is insane! Rockefeller Center is sooo crowded. We literally could not move on the sidewalk. We had planned on going ice skating but it was ridiculous. We did however see Santa Claus having a hard day. Proving that even Santa Claus knows when it's "Miller Time". Hopefully none of these guys got a DWF (Drunk While Flying). I hope that the state of Wisconsin does not ban public bargaining for mythical service men these guys clearly need a union rep. We were hoping to see the Rockets, but they were sold out. Next ... read more
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North America » United States October 29th 2010

On day 5 we traveled to the Northern part of Maine. It was a nice place, but not much color. Lots of evergreens. The driving took a good part of the day. Day 6 we spent just hanging out around Bar Harbor taking it easy, and dreading the fact that we would soon have to come back to reality. Day 7 we slowly drove down through the rest of the Northeast. We stopped in Providence, RI and drove around. Too many people there for our taste. We continued towards home, and for dinner we stopped in New Haven, CT to try the oldest Hamburger in the US at Louis' Lunch. Yes, we, the vegetarians, gave ourselves a pass to try something special. It was a decent burger, but it was not worth compromise in our values... ... read more

North America » United States October 26th 2010

It rained all night and when we woke up it was a clear and beautiful day. So we trekked back up to the summit of cadillac mountain. This time we were able to see everything in every directions, with the exception of a few clouds covering some if the ocean and forest below us. We had great views of Eagle Lake and Bar Harbor. We headed to the west side of the island to hike beech mountain and beech cliffs. At the top of beech mountain, we saw echo lake and the ocean. Headed down to bass harbor to see the lighthouse. Nice lighthouse, but not that impressive. Drove back up the west coast of mount desert. Went to the great atlantic brewing company and did a beer tasting. They had some great light beers. The ... read more
Eagle Lake 1
Cadillac Mt Waterfall
Bar Harbor

North America » United States October 25th 2010

We started the day with a drive to the top of Mount Battie in Camden. On top of the mountain were great views of the mountains, the harbor, and city of Camden. It even had a old castle tower monument (WWI memorial) to get an even better view. From here we saw a flock of birds, swarming and squawking, like from the first lord of the rings movie; it was kind of creepy, but the view more than made up for it. We drove past Fort Knox and the Penobscot Observatory (located in the top of the bridge). As we continued on, we stopped on Deer Isle, which was a nice detour. Our final destination for the day was Mount Desert Island, which is where Bar Harbor is located. The first thing we did was dive ... read more
Mt Battie Summit
View of Camden
WWI Monunent

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