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Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin August 19th 2013

Slow start again, we started packing, everyone was sharing photos etc. After lunch of rolls, tomato, prosciutto and cheese we headed into the Antonettiano Mole, one of the symbols of Torino and home of the Museum of Cinema. The museum was very cool with a Martin Scorsese exhibition. We then got the lift to the top, great views over the city. Just had time to walk to the Piazza Castello,and meet the rest of the team for dinner. We then caught the bus into the closing ceremony. We missed the speeches but enjoyed the 80's disco party. Lots of dancing and good fun. Said goodbye to our teammates who were leaving early the next day and danced till midnight. We had come seventh overall as the team we were meant to play left early! No gold ... read more
The view from the top
Mitchell and I

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin August 19th 2013

We went to watch the US and Canadian First Nation teams play and to watch the semi-finals for our grade (we will play-off for seventh or eighth tomorrow). But in typical Italian style they had changed the formats and the semis and the medal games were all being played today at the field near our hotel. So Dad, Mitchell, Raechel, Rowie and I went up to the Alpine museum as the view was so much clearer today after the rain and then spent the day watching all the games. Southern Masters won the gold, Camira Amigos the silver and Breakaways the bronze, all Aussie teams. We then went back to Eataly for dinner and had the fried fish tower in the beer hall, very tasty! Back at the hotel we had some wine, swapped some photos ... read more
The alps
Dad and Mitchell on a clearer day
Raechel and Row admiring the view

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin August 17th 2013

Our game today was due at 11 but was delayed due to the rain from last night. We should have won this game but our base umpire didn't know the rules and appeared to have something against us, particularly after we challenged one of his calls. Dad even threw his hat down in disgust at one call. We reckon he cost us at least 2 runs and we only lost by 2! As it was Kevin's birthday we headed to the Lingotto shopping centre and had lunch at the Wild West Cafe so he could have steak. It was very pleasant. We then went to the Basillica Superga, a little out of town, which had great views of the city and a monument to the Grand Torino football team whose plane crashed into the hill in ... read more
Our dugout after last nights storm! We didn't use it.
Basillica Superga
Mitchell and I with Turin behind us

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin August 17th 2013

Pretty quiet day today as it was raining when we got up. Found a self service laundromat and did some washing. Met an Australian runner from Sydney while we were there, we outnumbered the locals! Our game today was at 5pm at Passo Buole and there were a lot of people there due to the rain delay. Our game was on time but we should have stayed home. We got smashed!After the game we went to Eataly for dinner with the whole team. It is an amazing place. It is basically a fresh food gourmet supermarket but they have a restaurant for each section, pasta, seafood, meat, salad etc. so many choices. We wanted to go to the beer hall but couldn't get a seat so had pasta instead, beautiful. It was absolutely pouring rain when ... read more
Masters spirit
Shaz, not happy with the rain! At Eataly!

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin August 13th 2013

Another early timeslot for game 5. We played the Alberta Crude team form Canada and were beaten again, 12-7, but it was a good game. The weather was much cooler so we headed into town and visited the markets, the Reale Palace and wandered the shopping streets. Then headed up to the Alpine Museum at Monte di Cappucini which on a clear day has a 440km view of the Alps. Back at the hotel everyone got dressed up in their new purchases and we went down the street to the Metropolitan Cafe where our friend NiƱo had organised dinner for us to celebrate Elise's 60th birthday. It was another great night. We had antipasto with various meats, then delicious pasta and then a plate with rolled veal, ribs and potatoes, very nice. For dessert they had ... read more
Monte Di Capuccini
View of Torino - should be able to see the Alps
Elisa's 60th birthday dinner

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin August 11th 2013

Game 4 was bright and early at 0930. Thankfully it was walking distance form the hotel. Even though it was early it was really hot and the umpire wouldn't let us sit on the side of the diamond with the shade, he made us go into our dugout which was in the blazing sun. They did manage to put up some shade cloth part way through the game. It was a competitive game that we lost 13-10. Had a restful afternoon while the others went to the automotive museum, which they thoroughly enjoyed. We had booked tickets for the dinner in the medieval castle for dinner so headed into town around 7. It was an enjoyable night but went a bit long. We had two tables, one inside and one outside. It was very pleasant outside ... read more
North Bears
The team before the Medieval Castle
The Medieval Castle

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin August 10th 2013

Game 3 was played out of Torino in Avigliana. The field was a little hard to find but was worth the search. There was a ruined castle looking down over the field and a gorgeous lake just down the road. We played a team from the Czech Republic who were lovely. We were winning 16-2 and only ended up winning 16-14!!! It was a fun game though. After the game we followed one of the local boys down through somebodies yard to the lakeshore for a swim. The water was beautiful and we all enjoyed the swim. We went back to the "Bar on the Corner" for dinner and they made us a lovely dinner. We had one large table of 19 and the locals had another. It was a great night and we gave them ... read more
Lyn pitching
The scoreboard
Trading badges with the team from the Czech Republic

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin August 10th 2013

Game 2 was played at 9pm tonight and the result wasn't any better than the first! The day started slowly as Mum, Raechel and Mitchell all suffering from a cold. We went looking for a chemist, found one and had some lunch at a little cafe. We headed to Passo Buole around six planning to eat but were disappointed by the options available! This is the main softball field for the games so there were a lot of people about and we watched the end of a men's game before our game started. It was really hot and we got absolutely hammered by both the mozzies and the opposition! The score was 18-1 (oops) but it really only one bad innings that killed us. Tomorrow is another day and another game.... read more

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin August 9th 2013

It was a fairly slow start to the day as I was feeling a bit shady after last nights dinner! Headed into town around 2pm to look around before we had to marshall for the opening ceremony. Caught the train in and walked across the Po River to a large memorial, took some photos and then had a gelati. Wandered back to the Piazza Vittori Veneto and did a lap of the shops. The atmosphere was amazing with athletes from all over the world wandering around. The rest of the team arrived around four and we started taking photos of all the different teams and outfits. We all put on Australian flag tattoos and they were also very popular with the volunteers. There was entertainment till around seven when we were asked to make our way ... read more
A huge memorial, the columns dwarfed Helen and Lyn
The piazza and road we were going to march down
The sharks preparing for the opening ceremony

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin August 8th 2013

Today was our first day of competition, with our game set for 4pm at La Loggia, so we had a relaxed morning except for those who had to register. Wandered down to the markets at the end of our street, bought some fruit and got organised. We caught the tram and bus into the registration centre to get the charter bus to the field. It was about a half an hour out of Torino in a small town. It was a little cooler there. We were met and escorted to the change rooms. It was a nice field and the volunteers were all very nice. We played Vicsens from Victoria (who only had eight players and were using a player from another Australian team to make up their numbers. We were soundly beaten, 13-1, but we ... read more
A little Prosecco on the way home at Luna Torte
Drinking on the street at Luna Torte
Dinner a "the Bar on the corner"

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