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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Interlaken July 26th 2013

After breakfast and packing the van we headed down to Dani and Jonas' to say goodbye to everbody. Lots of hugs later we were on our way with a quick stop at a shopping centre where we were able to buy steins and Raechel got some cheap shoes. Our 250 km drive to Interlaken in Switzerland took us all day. The first part of the day the traffic was very heavy but the scenery along the lake was lovely. Stopped at a Basilica on the side of the road and had a look inside, it was very ornate. Also bought some fresh raspberries and cherries to have for lunch and pressed on. Crossed into Switzerland and stopped in Luzern for lunch. Very picturesque but very hot! And when we got back to the van we had ... read more
Inside the Basillica
Beside Lake Constance
Lunch in Luzern

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Pfullendorf July 26th 2013

A late start for everyone today, we all missed breakfast. Mum and I went door a swim in the lake and it was lovely today, no chop or weed. Bought some pastries for the girls after we had coffee and pastries on the way back to the hotel. Drove down to Dani and Jonas' just after 1pm and followed them to Pfullendorf, where Jonas' parents live. Had a lovely time sitting in their garden chatting before going for a walk down to their little lake to check out all the historic cars, motorbikes and tractors. Also some very nice new cars. Lake was lovely but you have to pay to sit on the bank so we pressed on. Back at Elspeth and Wolfgang's we had a lovely BBQ cooked by Jonas' younger brother Lucas and his ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Friedrichshafen July 23rd 2013

After breakfast it was all systems go with everyone setting off on different errands, mum was off to have her hair done, dad to find a tie (he forgot to bring one with him!) and the girls to do some shopping. Success was had all round! I stayed in the hotel and ironed everyone's clothes for the wedding. It was a very warm day so we put off getting into our wedding finery as long as possible. At 1420 we were all dressed, the presents wrapped and we headed down to Dani's place to wait for our guide. Headed to the church which was a beautiful white stone building and waited for the bride to arrive. When the wedding began Dani's godfather (padrino Vagner) played his ceremonial trumpet as the wedding party entered, It was lovely. ... read more
Dani's Australian host family
Jonas and his mum Elspeth
The newly weds - Dani and Jonas

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Neuschwanstein July 23rd 2013

A magical day! After a typical German breakfast we engaged our new GPS, named him Guido, and headed for mad King Ludwig's Bavarian castles. It was a beautiful picturesque drive, every little village could grace a postcard. Arrived at the castles, paid to pee (50c each!) and then headed up to the ticket office. Joined a long line and then spoke to an information lady who said that the next available tour was at 5pm (5 hours away), so we took her advice and just caught the bus up to Neuschwanstein and then walked to Mary's bridge where there were spectacular views to be had from a very old bridge. This is the castle that Walt Disney based Cinderella's castle on. We then walked down to the castle with some spectacular views of Schloss Hohen-Schwanghu (the ... read more
Mary's bridge
Schloss Hohen-Schwanghu
Raechel, Emily, Jemima and Erin on the horse carriage down form the castle

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Friedrichshafen July 22nd 2013

We were picked up for breakfast at 0900 and we loaded our luggage in the back of the van and had a buffet with fabulous coffee and hot chocolate's and then back to the airport to pick up the hire car. A long wait at the Hertz office before loading into our very well broken in Ford Transit van. A few stressful kilometres where driver and navigator sorted out a mutually beneficial communication method and we were off. Drove past the Como region which looked lovely, but didn't stop as we will stop there on the way back. Crossed into Switzerland (and paid the 35 euro fee for an annual toll pass) and headed to Germany through the San Bernardino pass. It was a very scenic drive, with waterfalls, castle ruins and majestic mountains. Very nice ... read more
The road through San Berardino pass
Our car (the damage was already there!)
My stein of beer

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan July 22nd 2013

All packed and ready to go by 0930 and went to breakfast! Taxi's booked for 1000, one come about twenty past, so Emily, Jemima and I went in the first one and hoped that we would meet up with Mitchell and Erin at the airport! We reunited and collected our bags from left luggage, checked in and had a snack, then headed to immigration. One long walk, and train ride later, we made it to our flight just on time. The plane sat in the ta I line for over an hour but other than that it was an uneventful flight. Arrived in Milan at 1930, collected our bags and straight through customs (couldn't even see an official) and then we had to work out how to use the public phone to call for our hotel ... read more
Hotel Tre Leoni - Milan

Asia » China » Beijing July 18th 2013

We had a bit of a sleep in, so went down to breakfast about 0930. Beautiful clear blue sky today. Hot chocolates and pastries for breakfast. Set off to walk to Tianamenn square. We walked down the little alleys to the main shopping street and window shopped along the way. It was very hot so we bought some icy cold orange juices and an apple fanta. Lots of hawkers along the road to the square. We stopped and bought some umbrella hats for the girls before crossing under the road, going through security, and coming up into the square. Emily, Erin and Jemima were the stars of the day with multiple requests from Chinese people to have their photos taken, it was cute, they were so excited! The square is huge but it's history is quite ... read more
Scholar tree in garden of the workers
Hotel 161 our hotel in Beijing
Fried cucumber - delicious

Asia » China » Beijing July 16th 2013

We woke up just before seven,when the attendant bought us the tea and coffee we had ordered the night before. We got ready, used the shared amenities and arrived right on time at 8 am. We were met by Dingyi who escorted us to our car and driver and we planned our day. First we went to Badong museum. This is a 6000 year old village that has been discovered and excavated. It was very interesting but very hot and humid. There were also a lot of Chinese tourists and the heat in the hall with the excavations was almost overwhelming.We then headed to the Terracottoa Warriors. The drive out was interesting but the views were disappointing because it was very hazy again. When we got to the Terracotta site our driver took us to a ... read more
Excavations of Badong hut
Lunch - delicious
Terracotta warriors

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China July 15th 2013

The adventure has begun! Boarded our flight with no problems. China Air was fine, usual slightly cramped economy seats, but it was all Ok. The flight was 11 and half hours and we got a little bit of sleep (I watched three movies). Our driver met us as we exited the customs area, even though we had told him to meet us about an hour later. He was a little confused when we tried to leave our big suitcases at the airport but after a quick phone all to his boss it was all sorted. The trip to the Great Wall took about an hour. Weather was warm but very hazy. When we arrived at the car park we couldn't see the wall because of the haze. We bought tickets for the cable car up and ... read more
Road trip!
A toast to farewell Australia
A hazy arrival in China

It is one week before we set of on our new adventure. We are all pretty much organised if only we can get the girls start packing! Only four days of work to go, I think I will make it. Mitchell and I have mostly packed just a last few things to go and hopefully I can fit my softball gear in the girls bags. Bring on next Saturday........ read more
Mitchell's bag

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