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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Dundee April 6th 2012

Three blogs in 24 hours, what a treat for y’all, bearing in mind the last two were about our summer holiday last year the last real update was from Christmas and concerned Ella’s arrival so what’s happened in 2012? Let’s start off with the negatives and although past performance is not an indicator towards future returns you will not be surprised to hear that Fiona has been poorly again, 2012 has not been her friend. She was suffering from severe stomach pain in the early part of the year and had a sever bout of pain through the night in January, she was in agony with what we suspected was gall stones. She had an appointment on the 29th of February for a scan that confirmed this but the morning before the scan, the 28th of ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Montrose December 2nd 2011

Howdy partners, what have I missed? Okay that’s enough about you, back to me, #mediawhore that I am…. So, firstly apologies to my legions of subscribers (Hi Mum!) as I had inadvertently made these blogs private which meant you needed to have a user name and password to view them… my bad, it’s sorted now and we’re back in the public domain, world domination to follow… Now on to the main even, since my last blog we’ve had another……. GIRL (of course we did, I’ve always thought if I have one, three or eight children they will all be beautiful blonde bombshells that means I never sleep a wink after their 15th birthday party and so far I’ve been proved right……) so little Ella June Mudie was born at 12:38 on the 15th of September weighing ... read more
ball pool fun
Ella June
Lois and aunty Liz

Europe » Spain » Basque Country » San Sebastián June 11th 2011

After a wonderful first week of our holidays we moved on to our second base in Parentis en Born, which is on the West Coast of France not far from Bordeaux. It was a fair drive to get from our first base to here, in fact I drove over 2400 KM’s on this holiday and loved every minute of it, I’ve driven all over Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Spain and France and always enjoy it. I very rarely drive at home, we have one car that I pay for, put petrol in, clean and maintain but Fiona drives it… to be fair she needs it for the kids and other than a wee drive at the weekends sometimes I’m very rarely behind the wheel so look forward to getting out and about on our holidays, it ... read more

Bonjour mon petit dejeuner, this is almost a year ago and happened before the last blog I published but the news of Ella’s arrival was too exciting not to write about so I’m going back in time to June 2011 and our last summer holiday. We spent two glorious weeks travelling from the South East corner of France, along the South Coast then cross-country to Bordeaux, via a couple of days in the Spanish Basque country, a brilliant time was had by all, well - definitely by Lois and I, Fiona was 5-6 months pregnant at the time and as sick as a dog to so it wasn’t the best of teckle for her if the truth be told… We set of from Montrose about 10am on a Saturday morning for a two hour drive to ... read more
Baby crocs
gday mate

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Montrose April 12th 2011

Bonjour! – And here we are again, 9th of July was our last blog so 9 months later, what has been happening to all you lovely people?? Okay, I’ll start with an update from us… It’s the 12th of April 2011 and I’m sitting in my work recovering from the weekend, I was at the Grand National down in Aintree for the second year running and am still feeling slightly worse for wear, it was a great weekend with the same eight chaps as last year and we’re already looking forward to next year. I think it’s like the pain of childbirth, kind of, by the time next year comes around you forget how sore it was and that you said you would never do this again, but ultimately you do as it’s worth it. Yes ... read more
Lois and mummy
Nap time
Pre dizzy head tilt

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Montrose July 9th 2010

It's been a while, I'm not sure if anyone even reads this anymore but I thought it only fair I give another update.... It's the afternoon of Friday the 9th of July 2010, our daughter Lois is 17 months-old today, unbelievable. We've also today accepted an offer on our house so we're moving again, 6 weeks today although we haven't found anywhere we like to buy yet.... I'm trying to convince Fiona that we should take the sale proceeds and head to South America for a year or so, bring up Lois in Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay and the like, she's not for it, not even entertaining the discussions or humouring me in the slightest so I know she means business, ah well - a boy can dream... So, where were we? Fiona returned to ... read more
Shed Shades
Sand lover

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland June 16th 2009

Well, that’s us up to date, Lois is doing great and now weighs just shy of 11lbs, she’s awake and alert most of the day now and is mesmerised by light and shade. She changes every day and seems well settled into her routine, which quire frankly is eating, sleeping and playing whenever she wants…. She is now sleeping through the night which is the best gift any man can get for Fathers Day... Fiona is four months into her year of maternity leave and loves being a full time mum; I’m already concerned about getting her back to work in February. That’s one good thing about Lois being early, Fiona didn’t start her maternity leave until a few days before she was born and is now due back to work the day before Lois’ first ... read more
on my first bouncy castle
chillin' in the garden
dancing with mummy

Europe May 15th 2009

August 2008 - We get the 12 weeks scan and everything is fine. We’re sure we’re having a boy and we christen the foetus “Milo” and over the course of the next 4 months decide that if we have a boy that will be his name. October 2008 - We get the 20 week scan and again everything is great, Milo really looks like me in the scan which is really bizarre. November 2008 - Friday morning and Fiona wakes having had a really sever bleed, we’re in shock and fearful for the baby, Fiona is 25 weeks pregnant at this stage. We go to our local hospital in Montrose who advise us to go straight to Ninewells, a major hospital in Dundee. When there everything with the baby is checked out fine. Fiona is kept ... read more

Asia » Maldives » Male Atoll May 8th 2009

August 2008 - We had already booked our holiday so off we pop to the Maldives for two weeks of the most relaxing holiday you can ever imagine, I enjoy it far more than Fiona who is suffering terribly from morning sickness and obviously can’t drink or enjoy any of the water sports I’m partaking in. Worst of all we’d booked a posh Jacuzzi villa and Fiona is told not to use it because she’s pregnant, I think this hurts her more than the zero alcohol intake…. She does enjoy some special pregnancy massages and loves the pain I’m in after getting a deep tissue massage. Seriously, I hurt my back water skiing and though I’d go for a massage, now you may remember from Laos and Thailand that massages aren’t really my bag but I ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland April 28th 2009

September 2007 - We moved house from Dundee to Montrose; a small town on the North East coast, 35 Miles for both Aberdeen and Dundee, Fiona and I both get the train to work. October 2007 - The house we bought is a total hole, it’s 110 years old and needs loads of work done, tough times as we live through it and deal with one dodgy tradesman (who I’m currently suing) and three or four other fantastic tradesmen who made the place into an amazing home. February 2008 - The house is finished inside and is wonderful, we’ve still a bit to do outside but me, Fiona and her parents go about gardening, building fences and restoring walls, it feels like we’ll never get to the end of it but finally we do. March 2008 ... read more

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