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18th March 2012
Tank 390 of the Viet Cong army

Same same but different
Isnt actually the same tank, but an identical model. The plaque states that. The original is in the historical Vietnam military museum in Hanoi. Still impressive. I'm wondering if the gates are the same ones - albeit repaired (?).
15th December 2011
Ella and her first Christmas tree

Merry Christmas
Love the photos All the best for Christmas and the New Year We will be thinking of you in our 30 degrees + days whilst you are in the cold Again all the best
17th April 2011

thanks Kath
For the comment and HoF nomination, much appreciated. I'm going to try and add more blogs as we go, it's only three years until we've done a decade on here so that's the target LOL. :-)
15th April 2011

Very nice to read an update and great pics (of Lois especially). Congratulations on the 'Hall of Fame' I think I had something to do with it by mentioning you to one of the moderators on the forum. Please don't end this blog! Me and I gather QUITE a few others enjoy reading your updates and now watching your growing family. I wish you and Fiona (especially Fiona) an easier time with child #2. and no complications. All the best and keep writing these blogs!
19th August 2010

Congratulations :)
Just going through some of the archives... so good to see that you're now a little family :) Ali
16th August 2010

What a little beauty!
Hello again. I was following you when you two were traveling mostly, then the blogs became kind of scarce! I did comment about a Mudie here where I live. Just decided to have a look-see if you had updated. Then had to go back and read the ones I missed. I'm so glad that Lois is such a going concern and everything is now fine with her. She is such a little sweetie-pie. Mom and Dad are looking good too. I will be looking more often for updates and IT IS a great excuse to post pics of Lois. (Over 94,000!) I'm sure there are plenty of people wondering...what ever became of you two. The very best to all three of you.
10th October 2009

Hi Fiona I love the photos of Lois. Mum found them online when she was being nosey! Lois is getting a big girl now! I wonder how you are both doing? love Brendan.
16th July 2009

Thanks for this installment. I was looking for so reviews about Nhe Trang and Saigon and you provided me with an awesome overview. I will now travel there and see the place myself. Also will look up your thailand reviews to see if you agree with me, thats my fav destination so far. Again thanks
16th July 2009

Thanks for this installment. I was looking for so reviews about Nhe Trang and Saigon and you provided me with an awesome overview. I will now travel there and see the place myself. Also will look up your thailand reviews to see if you agree with me, thats my fav destination so far. Again thanks
9th June 2009

I just discovered the new(er) blogs. I'm sorry to hear about Fiona, but happy that she's doing good now. Couldn't see any of the pictures you posted...they all came up with little red 'x's' in the top left corners. Maybe I'll have more luck another day. Three and a half yrs since you got back from your travels...where does the time go? I really enjoyed your blogs. All the best to both of you and I hope to read more. Take care. Kath
2nd May 2009

wow you look back in those days and you wondered how did eagles beat such a great team who have won the last 6 out of 7 derbies! gooo freo!
22nd January 2009

WTF ??
Just got a load of updates ?!? You been addign photos or something ? Anyway, how the devil are you ?
4th November 2008

Cmon man
Hey,hey,hey.I was reading and you siad sheer spiceness.Come on.Jalapenos in India are much spicer than kimchi.And kimchi is good.Ive know families that like kimchi.(its lettuce by the way not sauerkraut.)And people that weren't happy bunnies,ill tell you why. If your not part of our family,clan,or friends.BOOm we are cold to you.Befriend us and we're cool.I think it has something to do with overpride.
2nd April 2008

school trip
Thanks for posting the information on the research center. We will be visiting this summer and are looking forward to seeing Chengdu.
21st January 2008

Canadian Mudie....
Would be good to check it out Kathleen, if you can send me any of details I look in to it. I can't believe it's been 6 weeks since I was last checking this site, I have so many good intentions of getting it back up and running but never seem to find the time. Cheers, Andrew
5th December 2007

This fellow, is around 90 yrs old, I think and he served in WW2. Like I mentioned before, his picture was in the newspaper honouring old Vets. I just looked in the phone book and he is listed. I'm not sure if I should put anything more on here though. I can give you his address and phone number if you like and you can check if it's any relation. Oh, before I forget...Congratulations and very best wishes to both of you. I loved reading your blogs. I guess I could have sent this as a private message! If you want the address, then that's how I'll send it.
14th November 2007

Hello! It's been a very long time since your last post! Like anonymous asked.....was there a wedding last July? Also, do you my chance have a relative in B.C. Canada by the name of Gordon (Mickie) Mudie? Saw his picture in the paper honouring old Vets for Remembrance Day. Recognized the last name right away, as I had been following your globe trotting!
9th May 2007

It's been a long time since you posted anything! Is there going to be wedding pictures this summer...July, wasn't it? Sure hope so. All the very best to both of you. A reader who followed your travels!
14th February 2007

I study land-scape architecture and I'm simply amazed by this Nikko. glad for u that u riched there.I want to be there too :(( .congratiulasion!
1st October 2006

2006 premiers
yay the eagles are 2006 premiers yay 1 point ova sydney!!! woohoo
19th August 2006

Unfortunately Everything is Skewed
While unfortunately Joe is right, a more accurate statement about this whole situation is "History is written according to the who writes it." I find it odd you failed to mention the fire bombing raids on Tokyo that the Americans carried out, which killed just as many Japanese and destroyed just s much Japanese property as the Nuclear Weapons. Its interesting to see your comments because they obviously come fresh after reading the Japanese view of the war- Im not saying they are right or wrong. The American view of the way is vastly different. Most notably I saw 2 things from your post- #1- A downplaying of the Japanese War Machine, and #2- An idea that the Americans were foaming at the mouth to use this weapon on anyone so as not to waste money. #1- The Japanese military during the 20th century was the most ruthless and animalistic country to ever fight in a war. Read about what they did in the Phillipines, the 200,000 sex slaves (comfort women), Allied soldiers they captured and most importantly The Rape of Nanjing-killing 300,000 chinese civilians and POWs and raping at least 20,000 chinese women. The Japanese Government TO THIS DAY still denies and downplays this ever occoured! In fact I remember a recent Chinese boycott of Japanese products because the Japanese didn't even include the destruction of Nanjing in their school textbooks. They murdered millions of Chinese during the war in an attempt to take over Asia much in the same way Nazi Germany was attempting to take over Europe. To think the Japanese Army was afraid of anyone is naive. The Japanese didn't know the meaning of surrender and openly stated during the war they would fight until every last Japanese was dead, if thats what it took. Imagine that- an enemy who is killing millions of people, aspiring to take over every nation in asia and openly refusing to surrender until they are killed. After the Nuclear Bombs were dropped, Emperor Hirohito even OVERRULED his militarist advisors... the last thing the advisors wanted to do was surrender. They never would have surrendered to any country including Russia. Ultimately the US would have had to invade Japan which was to be defended from occupation by 2.3 million troops, another four million Army and Navy employees and a newly created armed militia numbering 25 million- all sworn to fight to the death and never to surrender. The bombs saved untold hundreds of thousands more Japanese and Americans-perhaps millions-from becoming casualties of pre-invasion bombing and shelling, followed by two invasions and forcible occupation. All of this being said- Revisionist History exists in both the USA and Japan. But to portray the Japanese as excused because they were deluded under their godly emperor and the USA as foaming at the mouth dogs looking to cash in on their Nuclear Investments is ridiculous.
19th July 2006

Congratulations !
Congratulations for getting marry. I had been paying attention to your trip since you were in Japan. and I am glad to hear Andrew would chose japan for his foavorite place. I'm looking forward to reading your new travel -honeymoon-blog from Africa. Take care , bye koji japan

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