Sarah Grace


Sarah Grace

I am a young, fairly experienced traveler. I am anxious to see the world and all its wonders! I love telling about my travels. I have some pretty incredible stories!

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai January 6th 2013

And so the bus ride began. A 10 hour journey from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok through the country to the North. Chiang Mai is expected to be a much more rural area and much quieter compared to Thailands international hub. I am anxious to experience the change of pace! So I hope that you have seen Harry Potter 2, because there is no better way to describe our bus ride than that of the crazy red bus Harry road on to Hogwarts. You remember the one that flew through the air and had a crazy talking shrunken voodoo head? Yea that was our bus ride. It was a VIP experience on a double decker bus from the 80's. Of course we got seats on the top, 3 rows back from the front window. I ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai January 5th 2013

For some reason I thought the flight from Hong Kong to Bangkok would be much longer than it actually was. I was pleasantly surprised when our Captain came over the loud speaker and announced the weather conditions and time of landing. We were right on schedule, it would be 11:00 am when we arrived at the terminal. Excited we had finally accomplished our goal, Cassie and I skipped through the halls of the airport to Customs. The Suavarium airport is much different than the Hong Kong airport. I would describe the Hong Kong airport to be clean, air conditioned, very neatly organized. The Suavarium airport was constructed of large circles, tarps, and metal beams. It was almost as if we were outside. Unfortunately this meant that our walk to customs was hot and humid, very uncomfortable. ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island January 2nd 2013

And thus it begins! Cassie and I have been anxiously awaiting the departure date and it has finally come! We packed and repacked our bags even the morning of just to make sure everything was in tip top shape. Our New Year's evening was supposed to be a quiet evening spent relaxing at the house. However, this is us we are talking about! Four bottles of wine later, amazing delivery American-Thai food, and we were waking up with headaches and bellyaches. Not exactly how we wanted to start our day. Although, Mom made amazing quiche and home-made cinnamon rolls for our last meal. Craig helped relieve my anxiety by taking me on a walk and driving me around. After several hours of biding our time, we couldnt take it anymore and headed to the airport. Ironically ... read more

Asia » Thailand December 30th 2012

So this is it! I am off on a new adventure! However, this is an adventure unlike any I have every embarked on before. I have roadtripped across the United States multiple times by myself and with others; but we are talking about a country I speak the native language in and am comfortable with most of the cultures. I have stayed in unattractive parts of Mexico and some of the more beautiful areas - but as a tourist where I had nothing to worry about except where my next margarita came from. I have flown across the world to the continent of Africa with my church. A trip that was planned out for months ahead of time and where nothing, even down to where and what I was eating, was left for me to decide. ... read more

Africa » Malawi » Southern » Blantyre November 27th 2012

It was a mission trip for my church that brought me to this beautiful country. I had hardly heard of Malawi before, didn't know the language Chichewa even existed. When our Air France jet liner landed in Johannesburg, the airport was so westernized I didn't consider Malawi could be any different. The moment I started to get nervous was when we boarded the tiny prop engine air plane and traveled two hours north east bumping and listing. I could literally hear the wind and my seat did not seem bolted down; my seat belt wouldn't fasten! Regardless of our journey into the country, I was more than impressed. Everyone at the airport was very friendly. I was hesitant to let anyone take my bag for fear of having to tip ten people; but they asked for ... read more
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