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20th May 2013

Adelaide Blog
Sarah, I've just read your Adelaide Blog (got a late pickup today!) and I recognise virtually every place you have been to! We have family in Adelaide and have been there about 3 or 4 times. We haven't been since Evie was a toddler so we are over due a trip. Hope you are having a fantatic time and look forward to hearing all about it when you get home. Keep safe and take care. Val xx
From Blog: Adelaide
3rd April 2013

Good memories
So funny to be reading all this now we are back on Koh samui! Thanks for all the running around. It's not the same without you two and Jolly! Xx
From Blog: Koh Samui
14th January 2013

Great stuff!
Hi Sarah, Thanks for updating! Glad you made it to Hong Kong - sounds a lot like Singapore: I'll wait until your next post to see if you agree :) Is it just me, or have you managed to eat at McDonalds in every place you've stopped? ;) If the one in Bali is anything like the one in Batam, you'll not be going there more than once lol.
From Blog: Hong Kong
25th November 2012

All sounds good, so pleased the Chinese man kept u girlies safe! Missin u xoxo
From Blog: Chengdu
16th November 2012

China sounds so charming!
Hi Sarah, Keep the blog entries coming; they're great! I had a good chuckle at your Beijing entry, especially the bit about the tourist trying to push you out of the way. I really want to see that photo! I could also really clearly imagine your suffering in the train cabin with the mother and child - there's nout stranger than folk eh! But it sounds like you are managing to follow up each bad sleeping situation with a good one. Fingers crossed for your next destination!
From Blog: Xi'an
14th November 2012

This is the funniest part of your blog so far. We have been screaming with laughter!!! See you Dec 23rd xxxx
From Blog: Xi'an
14th November 2012

Missing u, all sounds amazing xxxxxx
From Blog: Xi'an
14th November 2012

This made me laugh
Oh dear Sarah, they are right dirty gits aren't they! We were very lucky going by your blog, when we had to share they were very civilised, Had a bit of a fright when we first got to our 4 berth cabin and there were already 3 adults in there sitting on our beds eating their bleeding noodles!! They offered us to sit down with them, nice of them! Once the train started moving one buggered off, the other 2 went to their top bunks and we never heard from them for the whole journey. Your blog did bring back memories and make me laugh though.
From Blog: Xi'an
11th November 2012

All good fun
Isn't the traffic fun in Beijing!! My mum used to wait for the lights to change so we could cross the road and she thought the cars would stop, yeah right!! You had to take your life in your hands there, she used to thump or kick the cars if they didn't stop, she was more of a nightmare than the traffic. It's bloody cold too there this time of year, oops, sorry, didn't we tell you, ha ha. xxxxx
From Blog: Beijing
7th November 2012

Wel jel
It's all sounds great but ain't the beds hard in China? It's like sleeping on a door. So pleased you are having a great time x x
From Blog: Japan
14th October 2012

Hope we have signed on!
Not sure how to get updates on you blog! Sorry we are so dumb, but how do we sign on to it?
13th October 2012

Sarah and Chantelle, have a wonderful, safe, fun trip...looking forward to hearing all the adventures! Two of the luckiest ladies I know....God Bless XO
12th October 2012

you must have read my mind was going to text and find out about what time you were leaving the lovely place of England to go to all those not so lovely places (haha) its come around so quickly doesn't seem long ago you were thinking of going.. and does it mean i have to download skype now, also look out for my really long emails .. xx
From Blog: Almost time!!
12th October 2012

It seems to be here so quickly all of a sudden. Can't wait to hear all about it. Skype tomoro x
From Blog: Almost time!!
10th September 2012

Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures, can't wait for it to start now. x x
From Blog: Preparation!!
10th September 2012

Will be watching your trip with Chantele, and look forward to seeing pictures and comments on your fab travels. All the best.

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