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Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kabale June 17th 2014

Just a quick note – so there has been a glitch on the TravelBlog website, and anyone who has tried subscribing to the blog hasn't been added to the email list. Until it gets fixed, just message me your email on Facebook or private message me on here so I can manually add the addresses to the list. Sorry about that! Now that our orientation/class was finally finished it was time for us to head out into rural Uganda to work in the small communities and the local health clinic/hospital. Snoop Dogg told us to be at the school by 7am sharp and although we had serious doubts that we would leave anytime close to this, we were on time just in case. And, as we expected, somewhere around 10:30am our bus, packed to the roof ... read more
Packed into the bus
Our first latrine!

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Mbarara June 11th 2014

Alright, so I left off with us just arriving in Entebbe, Uganda. After we met up with Frank and Gena, Frank took us for lunch at this cute little restaurant just off the shores of Lake Victoria. We had a fantastic first meal here, with a beautiful backdrop, before we made our way to our hostel, where we would be staying the first couple nights. It was easy to settle in to our temporary home, as was actually quite a bit nicer than we expected. It included hot, running water, functioning electricity and western style toilet. Not too shabby! I had to appreciate every hot shower I had because it very likely may be my last for a long time. Once we got unpacked, we decided to do some exploring by foot of the city. We ... read more
Entebbe Market
Children at the market
Where we lay our heads

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai June 3rd 2014

Hello all! After a bit of debate I've decided to start another blog for this trip. Just a couple things: firstly, internet, along with electricity and water, comes and goes so I don't know how often I'll be updating this but I'll try for about once a week or so, and secondly, this blog is going to be more of a personal journal so it'll be pretty uncensored and likely randomly thrown together as I jot down my thoughts. Anyways, I hope you enjoy! This whole trip came together really fast and a lot of people didn't even know I was leaving so here is some of the background information. A pretty last minute opportunity to volunteer in Uganda kind of fell in my lap after talking with a professor at the WCVM (Western College of ... read more
Dubai airport
Burj Al Arab

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