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Hi! ♥ Welcome to my blog! This blog is about my travel journey from my country to other places on earth. It's my passion to travel all around the world. I also have a another blog, you can search me up at stitchintime87.blogspot.com. I jot down my thoughts and everyday happenings in that journal for me to look back and see the past just like a photo, writings can capture a moments in time. Now that I've decided to make a travel blog it's way much easier to do. Time is precious that should not be wasted. My motto is take advantage of your life everyday but truly live! Travel when you're still young and enjoy every inch of it. 😊

Asia » Philippines » Negros July 24th 2012

The Municipality of Cauayan is located at the southern portion of the province of Negros Occidental. A four to five hours away from Bacolod City (Capital) if you ride the bus (depending on how long the bus stays at the many stopovers along the way). It only took us three hours and a half car ride with a short stop over in Kabankalan City. It has the world best fine white sand beaches and diverse marine and wildlife. There two most noted island beaches, the Punta Bulata White Beach Resort www.puntabulata.com(visited by tourist from all over the world and it is one of the well developed beaches) and the Danjugan Island Marine Reserve http://www.prrcf.org (was once featured on the cover of Mabuhay Magazine, it has one of the most diverse and highly dense coral life in ... read more
Strolling along the shoreline with mom, my brothers and me
The view of the Danjugan Island
Strolling along the seashore

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