Russ and Jane's Guestbook

31st December 2011

Hi Russ and Jane, Missed you at Xmas, and envious of your travels. Spent many hours in an un-airconditioned plane at New Deli airport but hardly qualifies as being in India! Remember the people living right up to the airport perimeters though and reminds me now of Kevin McCloud's recent TV documentary on the Mumbai Dharavi 'slums' - now unfortunately probably bull dozed (see channel4 dot com) A very vibrant and viable self-contained community that has lessons for town planners and architects. Happy travels! Cheers, Wayne
11th December 2011

good on ya!
Hey bro Good to see you're enjoying my homeland! Awesome idea, donating to the orphanage man... Hope India treats you well for rest of your stay.
10th December 2011

The Cows
Sounds like having great experiences - wonderful. I think the cows are holy - hopefully not holey. Mxx
8th December 2011

Some help
Hi I am from Akl and known to your mom Jan.I have given her some contacts for Delhi in case you need some help.I know its a different world and just having some local contacts might help.As time passes you will know what and whom you are dealing with. My Brother in law's name is Sujit-9810174541 and my brother sarabjit-9811743959.You can call them anytime if you need anything or want to ask anything.Take and don't trust anyone straight away.Rest I have explained everything to Jan as well.All the best.

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