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Asia » Sri Lanka » Eastern Province » Trincomalee January 14th 2012

by Jan Picture a nice, very quiet beach. Nobody bothering you, selling you useless and overpriced souvenirs and clothes. Add friendly locals, a great crowd of chilled out backpackers and amazing food! This, in a nutshell, is Uppuveli, a place where we spent a week, even if our intention was to stay only a few nights. When leaving Polonnaruwa we weren't even sure where we were going. When looking for a tuk-tuk we decided that we want to go to the train station and head to the east coast of Sri Lanka. West and South coast are the two main tourist attractions, while East is slowly recovering from the civil war which ended a few years ago. The area around Uppuveli was part of the fighting between the national army and the Tamil Tigers, so just ... read more
Fisherman on sea
Lunch break
Lunch break

Asia » Sri Lanka » North Central Province » Polonnaruwa January 7th 2012

by Polona After purchasing yet another pair of flip flops for me (I do blame the moving bus and me not being able to keep my balance with my huge backpack, but mostly the fact that the bus began moving while I was in the middle of getting off ) we arrived to one of the many bus stations in Kandy. As we were in no hurry, we went to one of the local eateries, had our “usual” platter of quick eats and I had my first experience with the Sri Lankan public toilets (ayayay, well, it's OK, as long as you close your eyes, hold your breath and think happy thoughts), and by then it was about time to had on back to the chaos that was the bus station and find the bus to ... read more
Moms and their kids
Lotus Pound
Polonnaruwa - Quadrangle

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Kandy January 5th 2012

by Jan We entered the new year, the one with 366 days, and it was time to move on. Our holidays in Chiang Mai came to an end and it was time to get back to 'work' (travelling). We took the night bus to Bangkok, spent the day at the airport watching movies and in the evening boarded a flight to Colombo, Sri Lanka – our next destination. Upon arriving we were in for an unpleasant surprise. From the beginning of the year Sri Lanka started charging $25 per Visa on Arrival. If we arrived just two days before we could enter the country for free, but not any more. We paid the fees, got the receipt and were sent to the immigration counter. There we got our passports stamped. I love passports stamps, I am ... read more
Monkeys :)
Sacred tooth temple
Short eats

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap December 19th 2011

by Polona Well, I was told it was my turn to write about Siem Reap, so here it goes. As we still haven't changed and are still cheap, I had that in my mind when buying tickets for our bus to Siem Reap. V.I.P bus? Pha, scratch that, we will go for the cheap one. But when we arrived to the bus station there was only the V.I.P. bus there. Ah, well, we had designated seats, which we took and were holding our breath, just waiting to be thrown off the bus. But nothing happened and we rode in style to Siem Reap. We stayed in a remote hostel the first night, but were so unhappy with the whole situation, that we took Leo's advice and went to stay at the Garden Village, which became our ... read more
Vietnamese Floating Village
Vietnamese Floating Village

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh December 8th 2011

by Jan 15th of December, Siem Reap, Cambodia I am sitting on a very comfortable chair, on the terrace of Garden Village Guest house in Siem Reap, with music in the background, Polona is opposite reading a book and we are both just trying to re-charge our batteries. Re-charging our batteries has been the theme of Cambodia so far. It seems the last couple of months caught up with us. In between we have also set a return date . Since then we have slowly started thinking about where to live, updating our LinkedIns and all the rest of the threatening stuff like that. But before that there is still loads to see. Both of us are very much looking forward to Sri Lanka, which we somehow included in this trip on Burma's expense and then ... read more
Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh - S21 Prison
Phnom Penh - S21 Prison

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City November 29th 2011

by Polona Leaving Mui Ne and after 5 hours of driving, for what seemed like forever, we were finally thrown into the hustle and bustle that is Saigon (or Ho Chi Minh City, but everyone still calls it Saigon). It was already evening when we put all our belongings on our backs again and went to search for a hostel, and you know how they say 3rd time's the charm? Well multiply that with 3 and that is how many hostels we had to go to before finding a nice, affordable and available accommodation. And never mind that we were so obviously new to town, with our bags on our backs, we were stopped every 5 seconds by street vendors, selling us sun glasses and books (mind you, they would reappear every 5 seconds every day ... read more
Rice sugger candies
War Remnants Museum
War Remnants Museum

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Binh Thuan » Mui Ne November 24th 2011

by Jan Ticket drama We visited seven different towns in the first three weeks in Vietnam. Now it was time for some rest and Mui Ne, a small beach town, seemed like the perfect place for it. But first we had to get there. We reserved our seats on the bus a day before, went back to the tourist office in the morning and everything was fine,.., until it wasn't! We already started our journey, picked up some more people from other hotels across town but then returned back to the starting point. At that point we were called off – the ticket lady telling us that our ticket is valid only to Saigon, but not for Mui Ne. Polona was already fuming so I figured it might be better if she stays on the bus ... read more
Red sand dunes - Sunset
Kite surfing
Fishing village

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Quảng Nam » Hoi An November 19th 2011

by Polona Hoi An After 3 days spent on a motorbike, we arrived to Hoi An, the trip's final destination. Mr Tai hurried back on the road as he had an Irish girl waiting to do a similar tour from Hoi An to Hue. We were left in the capable hands of Mr Hieu, who was supposed to do one more task that day – show us to the best tailor in town. Hoi An is namely a location where everyone comes to to have custom made clothes done for a bargain. You can have everything you want made here, and I mean everything (from suits, to evening gowns, winter coats, name it you got it). It felt like I was in retail heaven. Even Jan admitted that seeing all those clothes and having all ... read more
The infamous cheese platter
Crazy house
Hoi An - cyclos

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast November 12th 2011

by Jan Finally, it was time for our three day tour with Freedom Riders. We have been looking forward to this since the first weeks of this travel, when Chris and Kay recommended this tour to us. They were in their last months of their half a year trip and already covered the "main land" by then and told us that the tour with Mr. Tai was the highlight of their trip. Now, anybody who is reading this blog a bit will know we are two very cheap bastards . We are prepared to travel for hours or do anything (apart from selling our bodies) to save a couple of dollars or to book a flight which cost a tenner less – I hope that once we are over with this trip and back "home" in ... read more
The two of us
Ronl 'n' Roll
Mr. Hieu and his bike

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Thua Thien - Huế » Hué November 9th 2011

by Polona After a night spent on the bus, we arrived to Hue early in the morning. The moment we stepped of the bus we were “attacked” by touts offering us taxis, hotels...We escaped to a local eatery and had our fix of morning coffee (Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk is, to say the very least yummy!) and then, to avoid the whole bargaining process, we walked over to our hotel. We decided we would not go to the backapckers' first choice – Hue Backpackers – as seeing the prices and having experienced the hostel in Hanoi already, we knew we could find a descent enough room for the same price. After doing our research we stayed at a hotel called Bamboo Hotel. Not only did we get a really nice room, but the staff there ... read more
Nat Geographic shot :)
In-sent sticks
Vietnamese coffee

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