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South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Aconcagua April 18th 2013

For our last full day in Mendoza, we had booked ourselves into a high mountains tour. Speaking with a French guy at the hostel, he mentioned that we should go to the Cristo Redentor de los Andes (Christ the Redeemer of the Andes), a monument placed on the border of Argentina and Chile on the old highway between the two countries at 4000 metres above sea level. The intention of the monument was to signify peace between the two often fueding nations. The only way that we could get to the monument was via a tour, which also took us through other parts of the old highway, and included the Puente del Inca (The Inca's Bridge). After being picked up at 8am, the first stop was at the entry to the Villavicencio nature reserve. Some 40000 ... read more
Half way up the pass
Made it. Top of the the first pass

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza April 18th 2013

As mentioned in the last post, we were intending on Saturday night on finding the free wine tasting that the Mendoza council had put on . However, we did not find it. Thinking back on it now, i think i know where we saw it, but it did not look right... Anyways, instead we ventured up to the bar area of Mendoza and walked up and down looking for a place that was 1. open (as it was only 8pm!), & 2. looked like our scene (i.e. not going to turn into a bieber playing, slit your wrists joint) And we found Antares, a fantastic micro brewery that created a range of beers from Kolsh, through scotch ales, to porters and stouts. For those sydneyites, the kolsh was very similar to Four Pines, and the dark ... read more
Condor - about to take off
Condors hanging out on a light pole
Danger  - Explosive

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza April 13th 2013

We arrive in Mendoza at 7am, after a 10hr bus ride from Cordoba. We had travelled first class, as the bus was direct and the seats only an extra 60 pesos each ($12 U.S). This meant that the seats lied flat. However, we only figured out right at the end how to extend the leg rests completely flat, stupid tourists... At least we know for next time. We have also found that a good way to help sleep on these overnight bus rides is to buy a bottle of red wine prior to the trip and fill up one of our wattle bottles, classy eh! Our hostel, Casa Pueblo, is only 300 metres from the bus terminal, which is great as it is still pitch black when we are walking the streets. We have a nice ... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba April 7th 2013

We arrive in Cordoba early Sunday morning after a 20 hour bus ride that was considerably better then the previous one. We went carma again, but this time we were fed three fairly decent meals and vino. The city is a ghost town, not only because it is early Sunday morning, but also because it is Sunday, and everything is closed. It was still a bit of a shock for us, as the city is big, and we had spent the last 5 weeks in Patagonia. We check into our hostel, Morada Hostel, which is quite funky, with cool art all over the place. It has the reputation of a party hostel, but is quiet now which suits us. This was made even more clear to us when when we were talking to the girl at ... read more
The famous picture of Che
Just like home
Air plant

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Puerto Madryn April 4th 2013

31 hours is a long time, especially when it is comprised of 4 different buses (including one that caught fire), 3 passport checkpoints, and some very boring scenery. But that is what we endured to get from El Chalten to Puerto Madryn. The night before we left, we splurged and went to La Vineria, a wine bar / artesinal beer house in El Chalten. Dinner comprised of a cured meat plate, cheese plate and vegetable plate. The cheeses were nothing new for us, but on the meat plate we had things like boar procsiutto and wild venison pate, amongst many other delectable salamis etc... Instead of wine, we worked our way through 5 bottles of patagonian microbrewery dark ales. All were very good, a couple outstanding. They played great tunes, and the owner looked after us, ... read more

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Chaltén April 1st 2013

After having a rest day yesterday, we are wanting to do another trek today. Mojo has worked on my calves with some tiger balm and pointy fingers, and it seems to have released the tension in my knees, so we decide to first walk out to the Corrillo Del Salto (a waterfall 4km out of town), and then tackle the climb up to Laguna Capri which is supposed to have great views to Fitz Roy range. The walk out to the waterfall is on a dirt/gravel road and the wind is blowing hard today. It seems that a lot of the Argentines here in El Chatlen for easter have decided to drive out to the waterfall as well. This means that every time a car drives past, great swirls of dust are created, covering us and ... read more
Nothofagus tree
Rio de las Vueltas
Corillo del Salto

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Chaltén March 29th 2013

There is only the two of us now, as Mike ventured north yesterday. It was sad to see the final remnants of the group break up, but i have a feeling we will run into each other somewhere in the near future. The previous two days were very low key, recovering from the trek, getting a ridiculously large amount of clothes washed and sorting out travel arrangements. We did go out for a belated birthday dinner last night for mojo, at Afrigonia; i hybrid of Chilean & Zambian food. It was pricey, but for a special occasion and the food was exceptional. We shared an entree of Ceviche, each had an enormous slightly seared tuna steak (it was served in two pieces, each the size of my fist), and black bean panna cotta and a chocolate ... read more
View to the Cerro Torre Range
Mojo taking in the view
Mt Fitz Roy

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine March 26th 2013

We awake on day 7 to a day that looks like it might be ok as the wind has died down, and the rain has stopped. However, the mountains towering over the camp site are shrouded in misty low cloud. I was tasked the night before to wake everyone's sorry arse up at 7am, as we have a long days walking ahead. It is still relatively dark, but the sun is trying its best to break through. After rousing all the sleepy heads it is time to pack up our gear and have breakfast, masticating our last bit of oats like one of the local horses. By the time we finish swallowing our last bit of goop, the tent is dry and ready to pack up. We are off by 9am, to attempt to get to ... read more
Sunrise at camp
Sunrise at camp
Sunrise at camp

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine March 25th 2013

Today is not only day 6 of our trek, but also Mojo's birthday! I wake early after getting a so-so sleep. The additional mat has made a world of difference and provided some welcomed padding. But, as we had the backpacks in the tent during the night (to provide some extra weight so we did not fly away!) it was cramped. Also, as the tent is not as it should be, i was hit in the face with one of the tent walls during the night each time the wind blew, which was constantly. It is dumping with rain, & Mojo is out for the count, and i think to myself that today is a good day to rest. We are all tired, my knee's are shot, Mike has blisters upon blisters (impressive) and the weather ... read more
View over Lago Pehoe
The three amigos
Cute little bird

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine March 24th 2013

Woke up on day 5 sore & cold. Sore in the legs as well as from the permanent bruises we have formed on our hips and shoulders from sleeping on the hard ground. We want to walk to Refugio Grande Paine today, a total of 21km over a slightly undulating landscape. More oats and dolche de leche (getting rather tired of this for breaky now) and a cup of tea to get us going, plus some anti-inflammatory tablets... It has rained fairly steadily overnight, and the tent is wet, making it a pain in the arse to pack up, as well as freezing our hands. But we manage and hit the trail by 10.30. The start of the walk is similar to the end of yesterdays walk, making our way through the dense and damp forest ... read more
Mojo almost there
View to the glacier at the bottom of the ladder
Mossy forest

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