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12th November 2013

Wow thanks for sharing
I've booked my first trip to Cuba for January 9th with In Touch with Cuba. Hope to visit Vinales, it looks an amazing place. They have prepared a tour including lodging in casas partacolars. Is it safe to stay there? Any info will be really appreciated.
13th November 2013

re: Vinales info request
High there. Vinales is a nice place, very hot. It is small, only a few roads, and is safe. There is only one bar (that is quite good, with salsa dancing), and a number of restaurants. Your casa will make most of your food if want. From Vinales, you can get a taxi to the beach, or out to a large cave system. You can also get the bus to the caves and a number of other tourist sites. 4 or 5 days is more then enough in Vinales if you have an end date for your trip. VISA does not work in Cuba (as it is american owned) and don't take dollars, convert them to euro's or canadian dollars first. As USD is charged 10% commission on exchange in Cuba. Let me know if you have any other questions
31st October 2013

hakuna matatas
thats the name of a shop in springwood...what does it mean?
31st October 2013

amazing photos Neil and Jo...you will have to have some of them framed when you get home.
8th October 2013

Questions for Cuban travel
Hey there- I realyl enjoy your blog and have a few questions for you about Cuba. Not sure if you are from the US or not, but if you are could you explain how you traveled there. I am looking to go in December and am thinking of flying to Cancun, and then Cancun to Cuba. Also, how was traveling around the country? Was it mostly busses? How reliable were they? What can I expect to spent each day? Thanks for your help, Kari
8th October 2013

Cuba info
Hi there! I'm not from the states, but met many people in Cuba who were. Most of them came in via Mexico, some Panama as we did. Travel around the country is done via a decent bus service, Viazul is the company. Arrive 3 hours before the departure time and by tickets then. It is reliable. Otherwise, if you have $ then flying is an option. Cuba is not really a cheap destination, Staying in a Casa Particulares (a room in a family home) is $30 for the room. Hotels are much more. Entry to museums etc is $5-10 pp. A meal out for two with drinks will be around $25 total. A beer is $1.50->$2.50 depending where you drink, and a cocktail is $2->$4. Tips are expected, especially for the live bands at bars. For the two of us, we were struggling to keep it under $100 a day. Definetely cheaper if travelling with someone else. One tip, convert your $US to Euro's or Canadian $ beforehand, as the take 10% commission when converting from USD to Cuban Pesos. Another tip, don't get suckered into conversation with two many people, unfortunately they are just trying to get a way in to get some $ off you Enjoy, Havana is a bit nuts, but the rest of the country is beautiful.
2nd October 2013
Eucalyptus tree

What a world?
Beautiful Jarvis Bay, In a couple of weeks we are going to see the most beautiful place in the world, cheers!
16th September 2013
Whoa, nights out in Pereira

LOL, Great to see you\'re still living the good life mate... Alex looks Terrified... Hahahaha Trust all is well PK
7th September 2013

I have to thank you guys that I could be part of your great tag-team :), we just had an awesome time, Neil keep writing this interesting blog you're doing a great job! Hope to see you soon guys! Enjoy the rest! Hello from Cali!
14th August 2013

Conjugate...in the streets?
It is much more enjoyable going up to Plaza Trinidad where locals conjugate every night, drinking beers, eating street food, playing football, and chatting away....what an interesting place! Back from Noosa which was much too short a stay. Wedding all pretty organised. Love M n M
31st July 2013

Looks like good hiking
Enjoy the beaches. Sounds like you are having a great time.
1st July 2013

Machu Picchu
Love the hats guys...a remarkable achievement for you both, well done
1st July 2013

You can always rely on an Irish pub
2nd Irish pub on this trip! Oh how you used to mock...rob and I are off to the final wallabies/lions match on Saturday. It's 1 a piece....wish me luck!!
From Blog: Cusco
24th June 2013

sunrise crew in sth america
hi guys, you might run into Edwina Bartholomew and a sunrise crew. They are showing the glories of Sth America on brkfst TV here at the moment. Have fun stay safe, Nadal out of wimbledon
From Blog: Lake Titicaca
16th June 2013

Power on
Well done guys. Loving the read ups. Neil you may wish to share some of that whiskey in your secret compartment with mojo to kill all those stomach bugs... Keep the blogs coming. It's nice to transend out of the daily grind to keep your sanity :-) PK
10th June 2013
Cooking Salar style

Very creative
This would be equal to the best photo I've seen taken at Salar De Uyuni. Would love to see the Pringles Packet video if it is available online.
13th June 2013
Cooking Salar style

cheers. Unfortunately the video is 170mb, which is not conducive to uploading on Bolivian Wifi. Once i get a good connection somewhere i will upload it and publish the link
8th June 2013

La Paz
We love to go to sporting event when we travel so we would have enjoyed seeing this wrestling match. Some of those bridges you crossed sound questionable. Happy travels.
From Blog: La Paz
28th May 2013

Great pics Neil
The capybara's are such funny looking things!
28th May 2013

Bit behind the 8-ball....
Only just getting up to date on your travels since mid-April...great to see you made it to Vistalba - it looks beautiful in the photos. Rob is outraged you had an issue with going to an Irish pub!
15th May 2013
Cooking Salar style

great Idea
honestly we have struggled with ideas when we visited salt flats - this is the best I have seen so far:-) well done B
19th May 2013
Cooking Salar style

thanks, its not easy and a lot of them did not turnout as good as we had hoped. Did manage to make a good video of all of all of us crawling out of a pringles packet and then jumping back in
26th April 2013

Amazing ...
Hi Neil, hello Jo :-) You don't know me, but Jo gave me your blog address. I LIKE to read your blogs and watch the pictures. It is really amazing which adventures both of you already got through. Please keep on writing and taking pictures. Take care Didi
3rd April 2013

And that my friend is why Rob and I are not campers! That sounds horrendous! Obviously amazing, life-changing, blah blah but there isn't a hope in hell that you could get either of us to endure that sort of outdoorsyness. Fair play to you both and I hope your knees have recovered!
19th March 2013

Not quite the beer selection on the Circuit, but something to look forward to at Refugio Grey
When we came around the Circuit counterclockwise, and dropped down to Refugio Grey, we were back in civilization - lots of people as that is the end of the W route. Anyway, people were talking about having some Gato. Turned out that Chilean wine is available in 1 liter boxes, and fairly good - available for purchase at Refugio Grey.
From Blog: Puerto Natales

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