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29th August 2020

Who knew it would take a pandemic for us to explore outlet own backyards?? So good though because I forgot how beautiful Alberta is in the summer. Seeing it by bike, even better! I’ve been having an amazing staycation over here next door in BC. Thanks for blogging about Alberta and posting your photos. Hopefully international travel can commence for us all again, soon.
30th August 2020

Totally agree...
27th August 2020
Snowmobile Sign

Snowmobile Country
I have posted this pic in our "Signs, Signs & More Signs" thread in the Photography Forum...Great addition. Check 'em out.
27th August 2020
Turquoise Coloured Streams

Turquoise Coloured Streams
Magic vistas...Did I say magic?
24th August 2020

Barry, glad that your are safe and sound and home. I often felt that I was travelling with you (fighting the headwind or enjoying the tailwind boost) and I enjoyed your feedback to confirm your whereabouts. I am sure that you touched a lot of lives and inspired folks with your solo journey) . Keep your trip in you heart as you re-enter life in Edmonton. :-)
17th September 2019

Interesting Review!
It's interesting that you mention being "interested in getting a first-hand view of the impact of the Financial Crisis from ten years ago." If I remember correctly, Portugal was greatly affected by that crisis to the point where it was causing suicides. You mention low wages/high rents and animosity towards the EU and I was wondering if you could be more specific about how Portugal has been/is still affected. I do agree that developing countries offer a lot to discover and are generally less expensive.
18th September 2019

Unfortunately, the problems for Portugal are still there. Debt and demographics are not their friends. However, tourism is booming and they are a lost cost jurisdiction for Western Europe, so that will also play in their favour.
25th December 2018
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8th December 2013

Visiting Sri Lanka
Loved the top ten list...Dave Letterman may be calling you. Sounds like a fabulous place. We hope to visit some day.
3rd December 2013

Tea Factory
Would be nice to visit one of those, I agree with you that it's nice to see how things are done. I was at a cashew nut factory in India, was an interesting experience. :) Enjoy the rest of your travel! :)
30th November 2013

Amazing photo. Great blog.
30th November 2013

very informative blog...nice photography...nice word for the places you visited.
30th November 2013

Sounds excellent!
Sounds like a very nice place to visit, I'll try to go there myself!
30th November 2013

Nice Pelace
Hi panchoy... it's great wild place hope one day I can visit that place and we can talk business what we can do for our program. cheers and visit me at &
28th November 2013

The pictures you posted on your blog title attracted my attention to read your blog/s. Sri-Lanka is one country I wish to visit. Your blog helped me think about it.
27th November 2013

Dressing for two seasons
Hate these kind of life lessons.
30th November 2013

Thanks Dave and Jo. I would have thought I would have learned these kinds of life lessons after all of these years… :-)
26th November 2013

Curry in the morning......
.... curry in the evening.... That's my recollection. Enjoy smooth rides with tailwinds all the way - I look forward to the continuation of "Barry & Shauna's Excellent Adventures in Sri Lanka".
30th November 2013

Thanks Howie. This country is everything you said it would be. One of the best I have travelled to in the world. Here is my top 10 reasons to visit Sri Lanka. - Hospitality - History - Food - Honesty - Safety - Value - Culture - English - Compact - Colour
26th November 2013
Door Handle

Yummy food and great photos!
Yummy food, spa treatments and a cycling adventure--good show! Your photos are incredibly vivid, and I, too, love door handles. Looking forward to more adventures...
30th November 2013
Door Handle

Thanks for your comment Tara. No shortage of interesting door handles in Sri Lanka.
22nd November 2013

The Apple
A great city and love the way you designed your trip. We may follow in your footsteps the next time we go. So much to see and so little time.
30th November 2013

Thanks for the comment Dave and Merry Jo. One week isn't nearly enough to see the NYC. We did really enjoy the stays in Brooklyn and West Harlem.
19th December 2012
Looking for shellfish at low tide

good !
did he found something?
17th December 2012

Sorry to hear that....
Oh, sorry to hear that. We had a fun evening and too bad you missed it. Hope all's well with you after that incident. [:(]

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