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20th August 2018

Canary Islands
Been there too and it's super breath-taking! But there's one place also that I love too. There's this beach that you can go Beach Hopping, Hiking and Trekking https://www.canaryislandsinfo.co.uk/fuerteventura/things-to-do/. You'll surely love this place!
24th May 2011
Painted Belly Monkey Frog

i love it so much just looking at the painted monkey frog.
I'm learing about frogs in school I just love learing about frogs expecialy painted belly monkey frogs .............
17th April 2011
The Jersey Cow

Magnificent Animal
I always been fond of the Jersey cattle, their markings unlike any other. The rich milk and large amounts they produce. Their ability to have large calves with no trouble is amazing. Out of all the cattle these are my favorite. Denny
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14th April 2011

too small.
24th February 2011

comment on what
cant see a bloody thing
20th December 2010

too small
31st October 2010

This map is unreadable.
26th August 2010

South West Trains Map.
What is the pioinrt in displaying the network on a map with such a heavy cast over the detail that the station names cannot be read.
13th May 2010
Rockefeller at Night

very good!
Looks very beautiful, i'd like to stand on where will the same beautiful
From Blog: Nu Yawk, Nu Yawk
19th April 2010

tokyo drifting
came across your very informative documention and picturesque presentation of this trip, what an interesting report. We are planning on trip soon but after visualizing thru your presentation, almost feel like I have been there. I gather you were mostly in the city and not in the countryside. We are interested in travelling on the bullet train and seeing the countryside also. So, would you say that it was an expensive trip, moderately expensive or one could get by on a decent budget. I guess you were not into shopping either. I was interested in the Electric Town but acording to your report, stuff that you can get anywhere else but the price was my interest compared to the US price. Good job! enjoyable. Thanks a lot!
From Blog: Tokyo Drifting
2nd July 2008

Good to see Dave et al are still training hard. Is that mr Stead in one of the photos, with a little less hair than he used to have?
5th January 2008

I was there!!!
Wow! I just got home (california) from my trip to Montanita and stumbled on your blog. I was there on the beach taking photos of the new years eve surfer festivities as well. Your photos are much better than mine :) What a place to be to kick off 2008. I'll be recovering for at least a week. Ronny
From Blog: Felize Anos!
22nd June 2007

The Matrix, the Church and the girl are so awesome ! you lucky SOB !!
20th February 2007

Jungle king
Nice one Ov. Great photos and fascinating trip, not sure with all the bugs Ruth would be up for it but if your still there next year you can be my guide!!! Keep writing you have a natural talent. Take care though Luv dad
2nd February 2007

not envious of your healthy glow then
hey ollie, just had some time to check out your blog for updates...good to see your having a wicked time and immersing yourself into the spanish ways . look forward to the next installment and enjoying my february pasty hue even more after seeing your sun drenched exterior! take it easy . . dionne x
From Blog: Felize Anos!
20th December 2006

The Big Apple
Hey Mate, nice site, cool the pics and text are together, if you are still in New York make sue you try the Liberty beer, not beacuse its good but because its terrible, its the sweetest beer ever, man those Americans love sugar way too much. Will email you again soom mate
From Blog: Nu Yawk, Nu Yawk
15th December 2006

It's good to read about what you've been up to. The pictures are fab. Remain safe and looking forward to hearing more about your travels-God bless. Love, Tola
From Blog: Nu Yawk, Nu Yawk
13th December 2006

Shock Response
Ov, great piece and photos, glad your not totally wasting your freedom !! Look forward to the next installment. Take care Luv Dad
From Blog: Nu Yawk, Nu Yawk
12th December 2006

Hi Ollie
Great blog-love the photos-NY is so exciting I would love to spend time more time there. Sorry we won't see you at Christmas but will look forward to your updates-can't wait for South America! xxx
From Blog: Nu Yawk, Nu Yawk
12th December 2006

Thats a WOW mate!!!!!
Never been to NY so i enjoyed that Ollie. Glad you have got off to a good start. Look forward to following your progress - to be honest i am envious as hell!!! Have a great time stay safe and keep in touch. In case I dont hear from you before have a great xmas wherever it is for you!! Mike NB If you ever need anything at all Ollie let me know mate (and I'll get your dad to give it to you!! ;-) You know what i mean I'm here if you need me.
From Blog: Nu Yawk, Nu Yawk

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