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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur April 4th 2011

Geo: 24.5823, 73.6882WARNING sensitive subject matter contains references to bodily functions. If you are of a delicate disposition then it might be wise not to read this.Whether urban myth or first hand there are plenty of people willing to tell you about their experiences after eating a dodgy meal in India. India is notorious for inflicting the occasional case of food poisoning on travelers. We all hear the warnings about not drinking the local water and to be cautious of salads etc but its often the unseen danger "personal hygiene" that would appear to be the culprit when it comes to introducing your intestines to new bacteria or parasites. You can order food as safely as possible making sure that things are fresh and well cooked but if the guys in the kitchen are a little ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur April 1st 2011

Geo: 24.5823, 73.6882I get the impression from some of the comments I receive that people who read my blog may think that I'm not having a good time. Nothing is further from the truth, while India is difficult, frustrating, infuriating and confusing (sometimes all at the same time) it is still an incredible country. Overall people are friendly and helpful, what I set out to do when I write my blog is to emphasis the differences that occur here and relate my observations and impressions of what I have seen or experienced. There are many things that happen here which either don't or couldn't happen back home and being able to stand back as an outsider is what I love the most about travel. We are currently in Udaipur its claim to fame is that its ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Aurangabad March 29th 2011

Geo: 19.8853, 75.3197I know I have mentioned traveling on the train system here before but the other day we took a train trip that made all the rest seem like pleasant Sunday drives. Due to the fact we had left booking our tickets to Udaipur (where we currently are) from Goa via Aurangabad a bit late we had to take whatever seats where available. In India you have a choice of what level of comfort you want and this depends on how much you want to pay. Obviously the majority of commuters take "general class" its the cheapest, no frills, no reserve seats section. From there you can go to "sleeper class" this is compartments with 3 bunks either side of the small box, a passage and 2 bunks along the side, then it goes up ... read more

Asia » India » Goa March 13th 2011

Geo: 15.5773, 73.7379We had planned a day of visiting temples and the ruins of palaces which the area of Hampi has many of. Hampi is referred to as the birth place of the Hindu religion, the previous afternoon we had walked up the 550 stairs past groups of monkeys that led to a temple on top of a hill. This temple was apparently the home of Hanuman the Monkey God a very important figure in the Hindu religion, pilgrims who come to visit and worship at this temple pay homage to the monkeys on the way up the mountain just in case one of those monkeys happens to be the reincarnation of Hanuman. It was a truly wonderful experience especially listening to the monks in the temple singing and chanting in the same way that has ... read more

Asia » India March 2nd 2011

Geo: 10.5833, 77.25There are many things in this world that I dont understand and I would have hoped that as I grew older that that number would decrease, but the more I travel into societies which have different acceptable norms the more I realise that there is more I will never understand than those that I will. Below is a list of things so far that I have failed to understand since arriving in India.Why in a country that embraces process does everything especially very simple tasks take so longWhy you can never get a straight answerWhat a head wobble meansIf you have a job why you arent doing itThe need to publicly relieve yourselfThe pricing systemWhats wrong with waiting your turnTraffic rules, do they exist... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kochi February 25th 2011

Geo: 10.012, 76.2251We have been away from home nearly 3 weeks now and exactly 2 of those weeks have been spent in India. When we arrived in Chennai we had the idea that we may spend a day or 2 there as we didn't feel that there was much there to see or do but we thought we should at least give it a chance. After our lavish stay in a posh hotel we ventured out into the unknown, literally. We managed to get to the train station which like those in most cities was a heaving hub of activity. We attempted to work out how to get around the city, we attempted to find accommodation for that evening we attempted to stay calm and not be overwhelmed by the sheer size and pace of the ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Madurai February 20th 2011

Geo: 9.91399, 78.1217India is not the cleanest country I have ever visited, in fact it seems to be quite acceptable for everybody to just discard their rubbish where they stand and in a country of 1 Billion people that adds up to a lot of crap laying around in the streets. In some cities it is asstounding how much rubbish is tollerated. Chennai is a huge city and spans a massive area, it took us 1 hour on a bus to get from the centre of town to the city edge. Along the way we passed tons of discarded waste some times up to knee deep in the gutters and pushed to the sides of roads. Mamallapuram which is a coastal fishing village/ semi resort town suffering from the same problem except the rubbish wasnt limited ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu February 12th 2011

Geo: 13.0615, 80.2478Occasionally when you travel on a budget you get a pleasant surprise and end up with a bit more than you bargained for, well this time the gods must have really been smiling on us because before we even left Singapore we were enjoying the benefits of Indian hospitality. The young man who checked our baggage in asked us if we would mind a seat change, I immediately jumped to the conclusion that our seats had been given away to somebody else and we would spend the flight at opposite ends of the plane. How wrong I was, he offered us seats in row number 1, which had the obvious benefits of extra leg room (always precious on a flying bus) and the added bonus of being able to disembark with out the obligatory ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu February 11th 2011

Geo: 13.0615, 80.2478... read more

Asia » Singapore February 9th 2011

Geo: 1.28941, 103.85Singapore is an interesting place it has a lot going on in different areas that seem to take little notice of each other. We are staying in an area called "Little India" which is very aptly named. Singapore also has an area called "Chinatown" too but which self respecting city does'nt? Any way little India is full of old building that show more than a hint of French influence circa early 1900's and more than a slight resemblance to areas that I encountered in Vietnam. It has numerous small clothing shops with plenty of stock but very little room for potential buyers to brouse in, curb side eateries offering all sorts of tempting and equally dispicable treats and my favourite the mechanical shop front where buy you can drive your car up on the ... read more

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