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15th January 2020

Glad you are having a good time.
Looks like a great trip. Wonderful pictures.
12th January 2020

Marilyn, Admire your writing. Enjoy Portugal
Marilyn, Admire your writing so much about all the places you visited. Portugal is indeed beautiful with good food and very friendly people. Enjoy
10th January 2020

Great pictures of some great ladies. Love reading your posts.
14th January 2017

Happy to see you in India
I like your descriptions. Probably you write quicker than my ability to read. Enjoy your visit
From Blog: Agra and the Taj
13th January 2017

As usual, your writing is fantastic. I am enjoying reading. Pics are great too. Sounds LIKE Another Amazing Experience.
From Blog: The Road to Agra
12th January 2017

Trip seems very exciting
Sounds like you are having a great time.
From Blog: Jaiphur
19th July 2013

Welcome Home
Sounds like you had a great trip. Speak to you soon, Robert
16th July 2013

Kvetch, kvetch, kvetch, kvetch!
12th July 2013

Wow, what a great trip... I keep saying this!!! Don't lose the itinerary, restaurants, and hotels... I am going to try and convince Fred to take this trip!!!!
From Blog: Moving on....
12th July 2013

It has been great and I'd love to help you plan it for yourselves. I'm keeping good notes!
From Blog: Moving on....
11th July 2013

Homer Heaven
I'm really enjoying this blog of your adventures! You really lucked out seeing the moose and baby, no less!! Your home on Homer looks perfect! for relaxing and taking in that exquisite scenery! Continue your delicious descriptions and I want to hear more of your great adventures!!
11th July 2013

Loving your trip... especially the moose and scenery!!
11th July 2013

Bullwinkle too?
so neat you saw mama and baby! You can send some of that snow over this way - it's so yucky hot. I bet my NJ mosquito can beat up your Alaska mosquito any day! Loving the blogs and pictures so keep on writing.
11th July 2013

Thrilled to be able to hear of your adventures and see the pictures. What a wonderful way to ease into retirement!
10th July 2013

I can't believe you actually saw two moose(s). One less thing on your bucket list!
9th July 2013

It\'s the first time I\'ve commented on a blog. You know how savvy I am about technology lol. Keep blogging and I\'ll keep watching for you. I didn\'t know about the Puffins\' wings.
7th July 2013

You're trip looks amazing! Don't worry about all of us here sitting for 8 hrs in a nurses office cleaning boo boos. Enjoy!
7th July 2013
Potter's Marsh

Who is that smiling man with his arm around you? Does Uncle Barry know about this?
7th July 2013

Is that really snow...?
Maybe you've heard about our 90 plus heat wave that won't let up...just seeing those pictures of the snow was a great relief! Love your descriptions (am impressed that you knew the bird was a tree swallow!) - can't wait to hear more!
6th July 2013

Where is my Aunt?!? I dont know... alaska when I see her!
have fun, thanks for blogging! :) I love that you are already hooked on writing about your travels. you keep writing, ill keep reading!
7th July 2013

This is scary...
Barry has made that joke a couple of times on this trip. Each time it gets a laugh.
6th July 2013

Wow! Those pictures are awesome. Also, I am a bit concerned that my parents have matching rain jackets. That is just the perfect storm of cute and creepy. Keep having fun! Love the blog!
6th July 2013

great post!
I feel like I'm right there with you... but that may be because the mosquitoes are bad here too. Have an extra raspberry wheat for me and keep blogging!
5th July 2013

It's 10 PM - do you know where your darkness is???
Wow - nice start to this adventure. Hope your sleep masks are good! Looking forward to the next saga. Safe travel. Much love to all, Rita
2nd July 2013

Yay mom!!!
Oooooh I love a good story about best friends going on adventures! cant wait to hear all about it! This has all the makings of a good time buddy movie! Love you guys and your adventurous spirit. can't think of a better way to celebrate your retirement! Enjoy and keep the updates and pictures coming. if for no other reason then to make the rest of us working saps jealous! xoxo

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