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12th July 2010

I realy enjoyed my time in europe with you two and wish you guys the best back in te states. Love, Claudia <3
12th June 2010

That is so cool, I will be their extremeley soon to experience the sights as well. Love you Guys, Claudia
8th January 2010

Hey dad it looks like you and Elisha are having alot of fun. Thanks for you last e-mail, I know the way you feel. I miss you Elisha very much and I found out that you were right, spring break is only two and a half months away and I'll be able to spend good times with you guys in Europe. Love you bunches and bunches, Claudia <3
30th October 2009

i miss it there
i was in daegu south korea for six months with a military family and it was fun especially going shoping i got a dog from there a yorkie and i just had fun on the ktx did you get to taste the candy it is good i still have won with me right now well bye call me when u goin back
18th October 2009

Hi there, Im looking into teaching abroad, originally I had chosen to stay within Seoul and the surrounding area and recently have been convinced that Daegu would also be a place to consider. Can you tell me a bit about the city, is it safe to walk at night, things to do, etc.? Thanks
1st March 2008

Hello, Ladie
Well for one, You need to bring that great since of hummer with you!!! What ever you do DO NOT step back inside that little box Girl!!! I want you to spread those wing and not look back what so ever you got that. Oh, By the way I want to see lots of pisc with that camera Im giving you. Peace out sis ;P}
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