Anna Patricia Alberio


Anna Patricia Alberio

Florence, Italy

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence September 8th 2011

Italian food is delicious! Pizza, Pasta, Cheese, but above all, GELATO! Gelato is Italian Ice Cream, but in my opinion, way better (Sorry America)! Gelato comes in so many different flavors, most of it is fruit flavors, but they also have some Chocolate (cioccolato), Chocolate Chip (Stracciatella), Mint (Menta), and finally Mint Chocolate Chip (Menta de Stracciatella). My favorite are the Fruit Flavors, Peach (Pesca), Strawberry (Fragola), and Rasberry (Lampone). Gelato is made with tons of air, and so it tastes very fresh and very light. There is Gelatorias everywhere, some are small, and family owned but others are big with lots of flavors. The people who hand out Gelato usually speak plenty of English but it still fun to try and speak Italian with them, they will always answer you in English, but it ... read more

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