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15th June 2017

I Had No Idea
You gave me goosebumps. I had no idea that your father's family was part of this horrible time in history. It just is unimaginable the horrible things that were to done people. Give your father a hug from me and tell him I am so sorry for what happened to his family. What a wonderful trip you are having with your father.......what memories you are creating! Keep writing - you do it so well. Hello to Anthony and enjoy Italy.
16th June 2017

Thank you
Deb, I don't generally talk about it, thank you for your kind words. Miss you guys, let us know if you come to town!
15th June 2017

You Made Me Cry
Not sure if you know it, but I just don't cry - and you made me cry. You realize that you have a second calling my friend - you write well, I'm not surprised by this, but you write very well. I think you know now that you won't be able to stop these journals, you'll be able, your children will be able to go back years from now and read your incredible stories. Thanks for making me cry.
15th June 2017

Thank you
Bob, I'm not sure if I should thank you or apologize! I didn't mean to make you cry, but I am so glad that this history, from over 70 years ago, can still bring decent people to tears. I was inspired by your blogs, and I hope I continue he to live up to your expectations
14th June 2017

it's Like I'm There !
You're doing an amazing job on your blog Liza, it's like we're there with you. Great pictures and the history is exquisite.
15th June 2017

I learned from a master!

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