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5th November 2018

The food looks incredible!! You guys are my heroes for actually going all the places on our bucket list!
12th May 2017

Wow, I love seeing all the beautiful and impressive cathedrals, fountains, ruins, b &b, and seeing all the beautiful architecture. Congratulations on 30 years of a beautiful, loving, fun, adventure filled life together. Have an amazing
vacation and can't wait to hear everything!! Love Always, Ash
11th May 2017

You can try to tell people about sitting in silence looking up in the Sistine chapel but, words just can't do it. Especially since you can't take any pics. Something if your lucky enough to see it, you never forget. Hope there are no fights
on your plane coming home? Ha. See ya soon...
10th May 2017

Seriously divine serendipitous fate! Oh how fun it must be to run into persons from Buffalo and Oregon while hiking the Italian mountains. I'm day dreaming about the hike, sea, food, Italian smells and sounds! You two look like you're havin
g a an amazing time. Are you considering moving yet?? Lots of loveKates
From Blog: Take a hike!
9th May 2017

Aw, how romantic and beautiful to get to see an Opera in the birthplace of Opera! Truly I'm loving all the breathtaking sights and feel like I am there in Spirit! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing European vacation with all of us. Saf
e Travels and looking forward to many more gorgeous pictures and living vicariously through you guys. Love Always, Ash
9th May 2017

There's my best friend, looking ready to take on the rest of Europe....fantastic!
6th May 2017

As is the saying goes"when in Rome...." Any traditional dress? Togas?
4th May 2017

Stunning! Look at all the fresh produce!
4th May 2017

Love ?? your pictures of beautiful Venice! We loved meandering thru the alleys and getting lost! Can't wait to see your sights in Murano and Burano!!
4th May 2017

Awesome. You and Sharon are quite the Globetrotters.
4th May 2017

Wow, everything is absolutely breathtaking! Looks like you guys are having a wonderful time traveling and taking in all the sights and food I'm sure too! It's a foodie paradise there vino and pasta and pizza!! Love you guys and have a great
4th May 2017

Can't wait to read and see about your adventure! Travel light, eat and drink well, and have fun living like the Italians! Ciao!
4th May 2017

The weather and sights are just stunning. Looks like the perfect time of year to travel. Hope you two aren't catching sea sick legs from the water canal travels. Can't wait to hear about the local cuisine and vino!
4th May 2017

Have a fantastic to time you two!
4th May 2017

Wow, you guys are hitting it just right. St Marks was a complete zoo whe we were there in late Sept. had to hold hands to keep from getting lost. Have a wonderful time. Everybody wants to see Italy. U 2....
2nd May 2017

So happy for you both! Wonderful way to celebrate 30 years together. Can't wait to hear and see your adventures. David and I loved Italy and Venice was especially beautiful. Take a water taxi to Murano and Burano...so cool to see the gl
ass makers and lace makers at each island! Happy Travels, Kier and David
28th September 2015

Absolutely incredible photos of La Familia, the architecture, play on color, mood. Bravo.
12th September 2015

We are so glad that you've been able to take this trip. Sorry about the 0 dark thirty wake up time in Salem, the crowded flights, the regimented English, the lack of sleep, dirty traveling areas, more transportation, etc.etc. On the other
hand, you are in Spain and eating Tapas and drinking the local color. How fine is that? And Sharon loose her temper, never...
11th October 2013

Welcome home! Loved your recaps and photos. You did a wonderful job of capturing the flavor of the country. Can't wait to have you two over to hear more of your stories. Till then, au revior ...
9th October 2013

What an experience! Can't wait to hear all about it in person when you return!
9th October 2013

Sounds like you two are enjoying every last ounce of culture, sites, bites, and fun! Do olive trees like those grow in the pac NW?! Love that no matter where you go the smallest nuances remind you of home- your schnauzers are probably cover
ed head to toe in schnauzer farm goodness, might be a struggle getting them home on Friday, they are probably having just as much fun as you two are.Are you two meeting other travelers along your adventures? Keep safe but don't get too close to other travelers ;).
9th October 2013

Look forward to your blog every morning before work. What will I read after Thursday?
7th October 2013

Sounds so amazing!
7th October 2013

Any sighting of the Hunchback?
5th October 2013

What a joy it is to follow your every move! Your dinner looks divine! Enjoy!

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