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30th January 2008

God is pleased with you
Michelle, Your final two paragraphs were very touching for me to read as you put your service to the needy above your service to yourself. God is very pleased with you. This year may have many days of doubt and lonlyness but your Lord will be with you through it all. I could not be more proud of you. Love you for ever and ever. Your DAD.
17th January 2008

William, Thanks for your support via reading the blog. It really helps me stay connected, since I feel very far away here on the island. It is a good feeling that there are others like yourself who want to be involved in my ministry. I will definitely be keeping in touch about a school drive, since I do need supplies. Nos vemos y muchas gracias para todo!
16th January 2008

Jejeje, I laughed at the reference to the colectivos. After a few weeks I found myself chanting "¡Mawa Mawa Mawa!" in a nasal mantra.
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15th January 2008

hey chica! q tal? wow, sounds like God's been showing and teaching you a lot in your short time already in Nic. what are some ways or requests that i can keep in mind to pray for you for? i still have another week here in chile before returning to peru... i sorta am considering just traveling alone for a little bit to argentina and perhaps staying to help at an orphanage i know about there for a few wks, cause i still have another 5 weeks of vacation. we'll see though. God's been teaching me different things on this trip too... it's been neat to get energy from meeting so many diverse and interesting people. but at the same time, i feel a serious lack of good Christian fellowship. being among unbelievers for long periods can get wearing, and i don't prefer it, ya know, because there's nothing spoken of what truly matters, the inner life we have through Christ. thanks so much for writing, friend. and if i get the chance at some point, i will keep your offer to visit in mind! take care, and keep trusting in Him for all things! love, beth
11th January 2008

Luz en la Oscuridad
Great photos, Michellita. Seeing the smiles on the children's faces, it seems your choice and commitment are bringing them a lot of happiness and hope. We look forward to reading about your next adventures. You're in our prayers!
6th January 2008

Love the pictures
Michelle, It is so good to see your smiles and yet you are so far away but so close in my heart. Love for ever and ever, DAD
6th January 2008

will be keeping in touch
This is Michellita's Uncle from North Dakota. Wishing her well on her experiance and will be checking back often. Quite a first day Mich. Lynn
4th January 2008

Tu primer día...
Wow, That's quite a first day! Your words are so descriptive that I can almost picture each place. Hearing about the interdependence and generosity of everyone was what I enjoyed most. Ojala que tu estomago siente mejor! -G.M.

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