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Europe » Greece » West Macedonia » Florina June 20th 2007

Today we plan to go to Florina to visit Steve’s cousin who’s a nun at the monastery of St. Marcos. This cousin is another of Christos’ sisters. We actually managed to get up and get ready to leave around 9-10am, shocking! It was about an hour and a half drive to the monastery with me, Steve and Alice in the Yaris and Magda, her sister, her mother and another nun from Mikrokastro in the Vitara. The monastery is in Florina which is only about 18 kilometers from Albania and it is set way up on a mountain overlooking the entire valley with beautiful views. The monastery is fairly new and they are adding on a dining hall and kitchen wing for when they have visitors come to see the church (usually a tour bus full). It ... read more

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Mount Olympos June 19th 2007

We wanted to go to Meteora today, but when I looked it up in the guidebook to find information, I noticed that the biggest monastery was closed on Tuesdays. So much for that then I guess. So we decided to go with the back up plan and go to Dion and Mt Olympos instead. But first Magda had made plans for us all to have breakfast at her friend's house around the corner. We had sausage turnovers, cheese turnovers and ham and cheese tost. Breakfast seemed to drag on forever as I was anxious to get on the road so we would have plenty of time at Dion and Mt Olympos. Steve mentioned casually would I mind if his mom dropped off some things at a friend’s house in Katerini since we would be passing right ... read more

Europe » Greece » West Macedonia » Kozani June 18th 2007

A couple of problems sleeping last night first it was really warm in the upstairs where we were staying as there were no screens so mosquitoes and flies came in if you opened the windows and also a dog barked right outside our windows off an on all night. Steve ended up getting up and chasing the dog down the street to get him to stop. So we resolved to buy some fans first thing when we went to Kozani (the closest city) to solve the heat problem and I wore earplugs when I slept for the rest of our stay in the village. Magda had gone to the bakery for some ham and cheese croissants for breakfast, so we ate those and drove into Kozani to look for fans and to use the internet café. ... read more

Europe » Greece » West Macedonia » Kozani June 17th 2007

I woke up just before the alarm went off and decided to get up and finish packing the last minute stuff and have some breakfast. Steve and I went up to breakfast while Alice finished getting ready. I’m really going to miss the breakfasts at the Lilium! By the time we ate and went back to the room to make a final check it was pretty much time to drag the luggage up 2 flights of stairs (Steve!) to the pool area and go check out. We got to the Santorini airport about an hour and 15 minutes before boarding. Security seemed more than a little relaxed (to say the least!) than in the States or even Athens . We boarded a bus from the gate that took us to the 737 out on the tarmac, ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini » Fira June 16th 2007

I woke up around 10am because Steve got up to get some Dupon (pain reliever) for his crashing hangover headache. We all went up and had breakfast together. We had planned to have a quiet day, mostly hanging around the hotel. Steve went back to bed immediately after breakfast and Alice and I went to the pool. We stayed at the pool until about 1pm, when it dawned on me that we had to pick up the laundry in Fira before they closed at 2pm and the rental car had to be returned by 4pm! By this time Steve thought he was probably going to live through his hangover and got up to go with me. The laundry cost 45 Euros for 5 loads, but it was worth it to get it back all clean and ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini » Fira June 15th 2007

Yikes! We woke up at 9:50am and the hotel reception desk had told us to call before 10am to check on availability and make reservations for the volcano tour. Called reception to see if we were too late, they checked and found out we could get on the tour. We would be picked up from the hotel at 10:45am and returned around 5:30pm. We raced through getting ready and went up and ate another fabulous breakfast with eggs over easy today. The bus came around 11am and took us to Athinos port, but the boat wasn’t there. The tour director came over and told us that the boat we were supposed to be on had a problem and that we would be taking another boat which wasn’t there yet. We were told to go wait in ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini » Fira June 14th 2007

Woke up just in the nick of time to leap up and get breakfast at the hotel buffet. It was well worth it though, the hotel put on a huge, impressive spread of food; scrambled eggs with ham, bacon, meats, cheeses, little hot dog things, breads, apple turnovers, mini pitas, chocolate filled croissants (Steve say’s they were extra yum!), fruits, super sweet fruit juices, cereals and yogurts. Whew, I’m sure I forgot something but that was basically it, the only downside was you had to eat in the dining area, if you took the food back to your room or deck there was a 3 Euro per person charge. We planned to go shopping in Fira and decided to go to the Hondos Center , so we parked at the entrance to Fira. We ended up ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini June 13th 2007

Up and ready to go at 9am and the transfer driver was early which is kind of unusual for anyone in Greece ! Once again we are traveling on the Highspeed 5 fast boat ferry, but it is only a short 30-45 minute trip from Ios to Santorini. We arrived at Athinos (the new Fira port) port in Santorini around 11am. The port was crazy busy! We lost Alice in the pandemonium of disembarking the ferry. We found our driver and eventually met up with Alice . To leave the port you drive up an incredibly steep road with hairpin turns and tight switchbacks all the way to the top. The buses barely fit and some cars had to back down the road when they met a bus at a tight corner. We got to our ... read more
Room View 2
Steve on the cliff
Sunset from our room

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Ios June 12th 2007

Ios is known as the party island of Greece and so far we’ve mostly seen the town at night, but today we planned to explore the town during the daylight. Chora, Ios’s main town is a typical of the Cyclades with whitewashed buildings and is full of steps and small alleys, curtained doorways and small courtyards. On the main thoroughfares there are the jewelers, souvenir shops and, of course, the clubs. Ios has lots of churches; as a matter of fact it claims to have 365 churches, one for each day of the year. In Chora in a plateia just off the main road is the modern Orthodox Cathedral of Ios named Evangelismos (Annunciation). It’s an large whitewashed building with the traditional blue domes, very beautiful. Nearby is the church of Agia Ekaterini. First we picked ... read more
Steve & Alice in recovery mode
Banana Boat Ride
Steve & me

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Ios June 11th 2007

We decided to drive out to what is allegedly Homer’s Tomb in Plakotos in the Northern part of the island today. The road was partly paved (oil and gravel) and part dirt; weird. Homer’s Tomb is on a point of land surrounded by hundreds, maybe even thousands of bee hives. When we got out of the car the buzzing was really loud. You walk out a long trail from the parking area to Homer’s Tomb. There’s an ancient stone engraved with writing, but really no other information there, basically just a stone tomb overlooking the sea. We probably only stayed about 30 minutes or so, the view was spectacular but there really wasn’t much else there. Steve built a little stone structure because he wanted to and I got a picture of it. We headed back ... read more
Homer's Tomb View
Me & Steve at Homer's Tomb
Steve, Me and Alice

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