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17th May 2012
Evil Knievel outside a small part of the Pink Palace - Corfu

Words can't describe
That's Funnyx
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10th May 2012

The whole place was empty and was all for you and Kate. The whole table food of gods makes my mouth watering. Mark was in the First place in a field?????
9th May 2012

Parthenon Marbles
Looks amazing, I'd love to go there, and my kind of food as well. After visiting the museum and the ruins etc, do you think the Elgin marbles in the British Museum should go back to Athens? I've never quite decided what I think... should they be send back to Athens or stay in London?
8th May 2012
Usain Bolt or John Travolta ... take you pick

Usain Bolt or John Travolta ... take you pick
Definately John Travolta
27th April 2012

Woo hoo!
So glad to see your pics! We too lucked out in great timing with the blossoms. Was so good to see you out there. Just sorry you didn't meet Kalina directly. So here's a few pics to share so you can see her on her Japan visit!
1st April 2012
Dotombori Osaka

I love That
Great photo.
27th March 2012

Have loved your recent blogs and definitely fancy a trip to Japan...and the Philippines ..and Myanmar and... Just have to get my hip done and then...who knows?!
9th March 2012

tour of nepal
This kind of information is very limited on internet. Nice to find the post related to my searching criteria. Your updated and informative post will be appreciated by blog loving people.
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15th February 2012

This is really incredible im doing a report on baboons behaviour and this has really helped thanks.
7th January 2012

Great photos
This answered the age old question.....thanks for sharing
23rd December 2011

Great Idea !!!!!
Mark Kate You guys are amazing I guess you are doing what you like and it's a great idea to do that while you are young and can enjoy every minute of it. I hope that we can meet again and share some of your experience out of this trip which we could imagine it's great. Regards Jesus
18th December 2011
What Do You Mean My Feet Aren't Together

Wow!!! Feet Together
That's quite a photo. I could never do that! Guess I should travel around the world to do that too huh? :-)
From Blog: Ayurvedic Kerala
16th November 2011
Another street scene you dont want to see every day!

I love that...WOW!!...I see a pencil drawing coming on. Class. Cx
16th November 2011
Our camel guy #2

Great portrait
Camel guy by day, snake charmer by night. Cx
16th November 2011
Our camel guy - aged 10

What a lovely picture
Is that camel sniggering?
16th November 2011
Camel Safari - near Jaisalmer

Buckaroo or Buckle!!!
That camel definately looks like it's about to buckle. Cx
7th November 2011
Typical traffic scene

I think that's the best photo you've taken so far. Loving your travels.....can't wait to see you and you tell me all you're stories. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3rd November 2011
No comment

That's taking it alittle too far
But beautiful masonry work. Lovin the pics you two...brilliant. Stay safe xxxxxxxxxx
3rd November 2011
Do not try this at home!

Done that
Dead easy.......not xxxxxxxx
3rd November 2011
Believe It Or Not This Female Did Actually Egg Him On!

Are you seriously watching Baboons mating...brillaint!!!!! I'm gobsmacked!
28th October 2011

Woo hoo Poon Hill!
Well done Kate and Mark! Chika and I trekked the Annapurna circuit back in 1999. Such great memories. Thanks for sharing - makes it very hard to be motivated to sell software today knowing the rhythm and pace of hanging up high in the Himalayas, away from everything. By the way - had any of the Tibetan momo's (the dumplings) while in Kathmandu? Ahhh.. our favorite. Thukpa soup as well! All the best, Kevin (and Chika)
16th October 2011

Lovely blog, lovely colours...
26th September 2011

Mark you look like a murderer! No worries about stopping in the dodgy places like Keetmanshoop on the way back down now ... they will run! x
15th September 2011

So glad you have having a great trip - all sounds wonderful x
11th September 2011

So glad you loved it up there. And Mark ... what can I say! Didn't I warn you about African haircuts!! Go well both xxxxxx

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