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12th January 2009

mick here
Yo guys, just been looking at your photos you lucky bleeders. Hope thailand is as good as philippines looks, everybody here doing fine. We have all taken a sabbatical from the Park for the whole of January, bloody new years resolutions, who needs em. College going great but still cant find a job. Hope your still out their in July i might come and join you if you are! I will post again soon. Mick. x
11th January 2009

back in Swede!
Hi there! Hope you have a great time in thailand! Saw the pics from the "castel" up on the hill...seems nice!! Had a lock at the pics from boracay today in it was such a nice time! We really ahve to meet up again this summer! and of course we have to meet up with Lempa and Kin too!!! We´re back in Lund, johan has some kind of hang over today and i´ve started packing my things for the next trip t gothenburg and my new life! it´s gonna be great, and even better when johans is comming after me! have a great time in Thai and I hope you´ll have some more sun!!! Take care// angelica and johan
8th January 2009

När vi ser bilderna från er, blir vi avundsjuka för här är det - 15 (cirka), och vi går inte ut mer än nödvändigt. Birgitta har varit hemma några dagar och varit mycket flitig med sin släktforskning. Men här är jättevackert med de vita snödrivorna och den ståtliga julgranen och stjärnan som lyser på stugdörren. Hälsningar från Grandma and Grandpa
7th January 2009

great to see the photos of you with your new friends you all look to be having a great time it seems ages since you sent a blog dont be to sad about leaving borokay im sure you will be back one day it must be after midnight now where ever you are i will text you tomorrow to see exactly where you are my ma and the twins looked at your blog last week end they said it was great and sent you amessage we go to sweden in afew weeks really looking forward to it we are all o k at home all getting back to normal after christmas i must have put a stone on all round my tummy i have never eaten so much chocolate your ma bought me all sorts of sweet stuff i ate a box of chocolate before i got out of bed i have had enough to last me a life time mums ok lookimg at other jobs already annas got 92 % in her first exam so you 2 are not the only ones in family with brains! great to hear from you good luck in thailand love dad ps you would not believe how long it took me to type this
7th January 2009

Hey guys! Glad to see you're having a great time yet again! (pretty sick of these updates to be honest its making me quite bitter!) haha! Hope you have a great time in Thailand thats if you've managed to get Stephen out of the red light district Maja! ha! Missing you lots love lil sis x x x
5th January 2009

Thank you
Thank you everyone for all the nice comments, me and Steve love reading them. Sorry we haven't done a blog for a long time, but we are having too much fun, to find the time =). We promise a new blog before we set off to Thailand on Wednesday. Love Maja and Steve
4th January 2009

boracay indeed is the best beach in the world...i haven seen sand so fina and so white in my lifetime.......ur pictures look like postcards well done
30th December 2008

Back at work, why??
Hi, the corridors are almost empty I wonder why I decided to work during this christmas vacation?? However, we will have Eriks sisters and their families together with us to celebrate New Years Eve. We are invited, this Friday, to Elise and Bengt to continue our Marmaris competition in playing cards. By the way, how is your progress in card playing? We are looking forward to take a game with you. Did Maja enjoy the horse ride? Talk to you tomorrow night. Bye for now. Lots of Love from Kristina
24th December 2008

happy christmas
I just love reading your blogs. It's great to be able to see what you are doing. We will all be thinking about you tomorrow when we are having christmas dinner,we will raise a toast to you over the turkey. I wonder what you will be having. Hope that you have a very happy day. Take care of yourselves, miss you loads. love grandma.
24th December 2008

Ah, Boracay beckons...
Nothing better than celebrating New Year's in Boracay. Be ready for a lot of fireworks on the beach! Hope you guys are having fun. Great blog, btw.
24th December 2008

Merry Christmas from home
Hello kids, thanks for the update. Sounds like you're having a great time. We're just off to Jayne's for Santa's supper, then going to grams tomorrow for lunch. Anna's out on the pop already. We'll miss you but we'll be thinking about you having the most unusual Christmas Day you've had yet. Take care. Love mum x
24th December 2008

Nu är vi snart alla samlade. Birgitta kom just och vi har sjungit och hurrat. Ännu roligare hade det varit om ni varit med. Det snöar så sakteliga och blir om det får fortsätta riktigt jullikt. Hemma har vi massor av snö.Grannen därhemma kom med en ståtlig gran och snön ligger som stora bomullssjok över tända ljus. God Jul .ALLT GOTT TILL ER BÅDA I FÖRSKINGRINGEN. MORMOR OCH MORFAR
24th December 2008

Hey guys :) Nice to hear from you its been a while!!! Suppose you have been cramming lots of adventures in though :) Glad you're having a good time and that you'll be having xmas with your lil 'frendz' family in Boracay :) Waaaaaay more exciting than Bet's xmas dinner lol. Hope you have a really good Christmas and you manage to get some kind of replica dinner lol. Will let Mum and Dad know that you've posted this as I'm at work at the mo! Xmas bloody eve!! Finishing early and heading out with the girls though :) I slammed the door in Cassie and Clares face last night because I thought they were carol singers! haha! They only came to give me xmas cards lol. Mum and Dad are going to Jane's Santas supper tonight so I'll tell them to add comments whilst they are there then you'll hear a lil something from everyone :) Happy Christmas guys missing you lots and lots. Loadsa love lil sis x x x x x
21st December 2008

Förlåt att vi väckte er igår när vi ringde, vi har inte helt kontroll på vilken tid ni har där borta. Här börjar det kännas som juletid. Julgranen står i rummet och väntar på ljus, pumblor mm - Kajsa vill ta hand om det. Erik spelar Carolas julsånger och lugnet börjar infinna sig. Vi saknar er särskilt mycket nu, men ni ser ut att ha det mycket bra där ni är och det glädjer vi oss åt. Mormor. morfar, Kajsa, Micke och Birgitta kommer på tisdag. Då blir det en julafton enligt vår tradition och ni finns där också. Vi ringer på julafton. Stor kram från mams
19th December 2008

the diving photos look fantastic you both look like your really enjoying it it must be the highlight of the holiday so far the food sounds great too it all sounds so mouth watering did you take any photos of the french cottage you stayed in it sounds r eally nice i cant imagine what the jungle was like what about the river was that impressive we miss you both but the blog was agreat idea well worth the trouble setting it up its great to check your progress keep em coming last night we went to the alhambra studio to see leahs latest stage show it was relly good she sang an elaine page really well it was agood night you would have enjoyed it the weather is terrible here at the moment you picked a good time to go soon be christmas hope to hear from you before bye for now x
18th December 2008

WOW. The underwater pictures are fantastic. I'm glad you got the chance to do the diving. Have to admit I got a bit tearful - Seeing you both fulfilling your dream makes me so proud. Tonight we're going to see Leah perform at the Alhambra - she was fantastic last time, so can't wait. Carry on enjoying yourselves. I'll go and find a tissue now and get ready! Speak to you soon. Love Mum xxx
16th December 2008

Hi from Aidan Brooke Wills and Ethan
hi guys you look like you are having an awsome time, loving the blog to keep us all jelous! We have all been running around like mad christams shopping etc ! Wouldnt mind been laid on a beech right now with you ! With a cocktail in the hand. Well must go will keep in touch. Love Aidan Brooke and the boys
16th December 2008

Hello Maja and Steve I'am getting really jelaous of you eating lobsters, grilled fish so on so on. Kristina and myself relly want to go down to the phillipines to look for our selfs. I belive you could get some asadogrilled pig or sheep down there. It looks like you are having a good time investigating the world. We have looked on a travelprogram this night, it was from the phillipines it also looked fantastic. Missing you for christmas but hope you have a good time on the other side of the world. Fantastic pictures from the divingyrip. Erik
16th December 2008

Yo yo yo big bruv! :) Missing you lots. Looks like you're having a fabulous time :) soooooo so so so jealous! Just laughing at Dads last comment! LOL! I'm trying to teach him how to use the computer, progress is slow but he'll get there FACT! lol. Got my christmas hamper today from work so sure Mum is gonna be pleased about that! I'll save you something from it like the tea bags... ha! Dad said you're missing a good old cuppa! :) Christmas next week! I'll have an animal skin handbag please I'm sure you can get lots of weird skins over there! haha! Hope to hear from you before christmas! Lots of love your not so lil sis :) x x x x
15th December 2008

Can I join you
you are very lucky to be escaping the terrible weather we are having here. We had 4 inches of snow last week. I am so pleased that everything seems to be going well for you despite one or two mishaps. We are all very busy here getting ready for christmas. I wonder where you will spend yours? Take care of yourselves. Love Grandma.
11th December 2008

Hey guys glad to hear you are both well and living the high life on ten pound a day ( apart from when you ended up in what sounded like the local nic THE CELL ) Things good over here apart from wills just got over chicken pox and now ethans got it hope its cleared up for crimbo Speak soon Aidan
11th December 2008

Hej fran Panglao (Philippines)
Hej Birgitta, Va kul att du gillar bloggen. Vi har det jatte bra har, ar just pa en o som heter panglao, de e jatte mysigt, vi har ett rum precis brevid stranden. I morgon ska vi ut och kolla pa delfiner, jag langtar. Din resa later juh oxa bra, Egypten later intresant, har aldrig varit dar, men jag har hort att det ska va bra. Ha en jatte trevlig resa, och en underbar fodelsedag. Du far val ta en bat tur pa nilen. Stor Kram, och fortsatt kolla bloggen.
10th December 2008

Hello Maja and Steve. Your stories are wonderful and I am impressed by your scuba license and exotic dinners! I am packing because I am leaving early tomorrow morning for my very small walkabout in Luxor. (While packing I am listening to the TV where the King is handing over Nobelprizes). I will stay at nice hotel by the Nile with a pool. There will be no diving because of Crocodiles in the Nile/Birgitta
9th December 2008

Hi from Shelf
great to hear from you again shame about the cell but you cant have paradise at every place you visit how long you staying in bohol mums trying to get details of her pension she wants to pay off mortgage iwant to have a month in sun so as you can see nothing changes at home where are you planning on finishing diving course was the cinema in english annas gone shopping again suprise we go to see the pogues saturday i will let you know what concert was like see you later missing you both
9th December 2008

Hi, I hope you have recovered from your stomach problems and cold? Are you staying just for 2 days in Cebu? If yes, what will be the next place to visit and where are you staying during Christmas and New Year? In Uppsala it is still warm and now snow at all. We got a photo from Ö-vik this weekend from Lisa and Berndt, they were out cross country skiing and the trees in the forest were covered with snow. That’s the way it should be at this time of the year. This week is loaded with Christmas dinners at work, Erik went out yesterday evening to see Henrik Schyfert. Thursday our department will have a 3 hour curling course – will be challenging experience. However, have a nice week, speak to you soon. Lots of Love Kristina.

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