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19th March 2009

Vår i sverige
Vi har haft några dagar med sol och värme i Uppsala. Vi kan ana att våren är påväg. Er reseberättelse är alltid lika rolig att läsa varje gång - gröna av avund blir vi dessutom. Vi tar vår tur 60+. Här hemma går renoveringen framåt. Nästa vecka får vi nya badrummet och tvättstugan kaklade. Snickaren har gjort ett mycket bra jobb. Just nu ser platsen där badkaret ska stå ut som ett kar där vi stampar vin! I helgen åker jag till Skellefteå. Erik ska påbörja sin helgkurs för att få förarintyg. Är ni friska nu? Kram till er båda. Ni finns i våra tankar alltid.
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18th March 2009

Just got in , been to a quiz with Ste -Helen,Jan-Rob from France great blog (again) send longer message tomorrow xxxx
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18th March 2009

Ooh still jealous (except for the belly thing)
I love your story's (make me think back to our great time in Philipinnes). We have never been to that part of Malaysia so I'm really curiuos what you think of it. Do you guys also plan to visit Borneo? Joop and me are getting more serious about our emigration plans every day. We just found out that in april the Philipinnes are also planning to except foreigners to open their own business. In November we are either going to Thailand or the Philly's to look for a guesthouse to take over (or just land to built our thing). Back in Holland spring is starting and we have had a sunny week but it is still very cold (around 8-10C). Joop is really excited about going kitesurfing but he still has to wait a few weeks before the first shops open for lessons here in Holland . Enjoy and looking forward to reading your next adventures. Love and XXX Joop and Audrey
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12th March 2009

Hows it going?
Hi Guys! Hows Malaysia for you? Hope Rainbow lodge is ok for you? What you been up too? We had an amazing time on the trek with Mr Good- thanks for your tips! We amazed ourselves by the cooking course too-but not sure we could repeat it! We cant belive the suite you got- it looked amazing. Well we have 9 days left so not long to go, enjoy the rest and keep in touch! xx
8th March 2009

hi kids , hope you are well,by the time you read this you will be in yet another country,have you taken the guitar with you ? We had another nightmare last night at royal Calverley it was shocking everything that could go wrong did go wrong Ithink it was acase of too many cooks spoil the broth so back to drawing board.We got atext from Eric and Christina they went to se BUDDY Ihope they enjoyed it.IHOPE YOU HAVE a great time on the next leg of your journey,you seem to be really in love with Thailand and I am sure you will be back for holidays in the years to come.We are missing you guys but its smashing seeing you enjoying your journeys ,the blogs are fantastic especially the photos .Good luck ,love mum dad and Anna-Marie
6th March 2009

Always love reading your blog and looking at the lovely pics. Can't believe you're leaving Thailand now when I'm going there. Leaving for Phuket, Kata, on Tuesday night. Me Chris, Östling, Christian, Linda, Millan, Empa, Hjärner and loads more peeps are going. Most of Lindas family. Anyway, such a shame you won't be there. You'll have to give us some good tips on what to do though. Have a lovely time in Malaysia and take care! Miss you both! x x x
5th March 2009

Saa herlig at dere ogsaa er ute og reiser! Det er flotte saker, det maa jeg si! Vi var ogsaa paa Koh Tao og Koh Pangan, det var utrolig snorkling og late dager, herlig sted! Droppa Ko Samui, men det ble mer beach i Sor ost asia, saa vi overlevde da det:) Naa koser vi oss i Guatemala, det er veldig anderledes enn Sor ost Asia, men fantastiske tider er det her ogsaa! Vi er saa heldige! Har kjopt billet hjem, lander i Norge 17 april, etter 14 maaneder paa loffen!! Veldig fornoyde med det:) Vi vaska dass i Australia, naer Darwin, stedet heter Jabiru, resorten heter Aurora Kakadu Logde, slaa det opp paa internet og ring sjefen, han heter Peter. Det er en dritt jobb, men vi fikk jobbe mange timer, vaska dass i 7 timer paa dagen, saa hadde vi en vaskejobb for et vaskefirma paa stedet ogsaa, der fikk vi betalt svart, saa det var bra, ogsaa fikk vi jobbe ekstra paa kveldene i baren eller restauranten, saa det ble mye penger paa 3 maaneder! Tjente 18 dollar i timen paa vanlig dag, 25 paa lordag og 30 paa sondag, og bodde billig, saa det var bra, bedre betalt enn mange jobber i Australia!! Er midt inne i Kakadu National Park i Northern Territory, veldig fint sted, men vi hadde ikke bil, saa fikk ikke sett saa mye. Jabiru er et lite drittsted, 1500 innbyggere, men det var gode penger, saa anbefaler det:) Eller provde vi oss som fruktplukkere paa Tasmania, men fikk sparken etter 4 dager, for fruktsesongen har vaert vanskelig detta aaret;) Tasmania var et konge sted, bortsett fra fruktplukkinga;) Vi brant oss forresten med skatten i Australia, man maa vaere der i 6 mnder eller mer for aa faa tilbake penger, og vi var bare 4, saa vi la igjen en del tusen kroner i skattepenger der ja.. Saann er det jo:) Lykke til med jobbing og reising! Vi folger dere fra bloggen:) Kos! Gunhild og Kristoffer:)
5th March 2009

Another great blog as usual cant wait to see malasia and aussie blogs as you said its amazing how fast the time has gone but you have so much to look forward to. Look North are doing a special on THE MINERS STRIKE ,STEVE was 3 when that was on we were in America . I am just going out for final rehearsals for Colins party 10 songs altogether ,lets hope it gets better than Liverpool! PART 1 over PART 2 tomorrow xxxxxxx
26th February 2009

Happy Birthday
Have a nice birthday Steve. Lots of love from Erik and Kristina
23rd February 2009

Hey guys.. Love the photos.. so much colour and sunshine. Thailand looks like an amazing place. I hope you're feeling better now Maja. Not much happening with us at the moment..plodding on. Take care, love Alexa n Bob
23rd February 2009

1st gig with new band failed miserably 2 guitarists drunk on stage at Liverpool golf club Dirty Old Town may have just about saved us 1st song was Folsom Prison Blues sounded more like OLD MACDONALD HAD A FARM !
19th February 2009

Sounds good..dont be pressing any records till i get back haha!
18th February 2009

just read blog again at home really enjoyed it everything seems to get better and better its smashing seeing you having such fun i think you will be seeing thailand again when you get settled we had agreat time in sweden every one made us feel like vips we seemed to do a lot of things in a short time if we have met nicer people than erik and christinas familes and friends i cant recall them i even got 3 free ski lessons from a great swedish coach we sat next to ray clmence onbus back to car park do you remember him steve ex england keeper astrids face lit up when she remembered what that word was allabout what lovley girls even the baby let us cuddle her it was really special to spend a full imtimate evening with the petterssons and auntie birgetta and the food wasnt bad too seriously we had a great time our jamming nights have 2 more musicians 4 guitars 1 singer last night we went to a studio all electric we had agreat night you would love it ithink we go again next week it belongs to a mate of colin ill sign off now skype you at weekend love mum and dad xxxxx
16th February 2009

First of all: Congratulations to your engagement from all of us Petterssons. We are really happy for both of you. We ourselves are also happy for having Steven properly in the family - specially Astrid is! Your blog pictures shows a lot of hapiness - keep on having the time of your life! This weekend we had the privilege of having Jimmy, Sharon, Erik, Kristina and Birgitta over for dinner. We really enjoyed it. Take care! / Stina med familj
6th February 2009

variety is the spice of life
another great blog or 2 just when we get to thinking we havnt seen 1 for awhile 2 come together you seem to be doing so many differant and exciting things all the photos are fantastic you both look great i cant wait to see photos of the rafting ive always fancied doing that but im not sure about the elephant ride we get the impression thailand will take some beating it will be interesting to see how it compares with australia and new zealand i thought you might feel a bit flat when all the gang went home but you seem okay now maybe we will see mike and kaiser next weekend theyll have a few tales for us cant wait to see erik and christina again your ma has just finished her first week of garden leave and seems bored already its ashame the suns not shining ithink shed love it then cant wait for next blog take care we would be lieing if we said we werent missing you but its lovely to see you enjoying yourselves and seeing and doing things we only see on television xxxxx
5th February 2009

Åh, så många fina bilder och så roligt det är att följa er resa via bloggen. Önskar att jag kunde göra en liknande tur. Jag har just kommit hem från Wales, Cardiff. Det snöade mycket i engelska mått mätt, måndag tom onsdag och skolbarnen fick 3 dagar lov pga snöhinder!! - kanske också föräldrarna. I helgen har vi inget planerat. Det känns bra. Maja, du har fått brev från CSN som bekräftar det du redan vet. I dag har vi ätit en fisk thai soppa, vi tror att den smakade som något ni kan köpa och äta i ett gathörn där ni är. Ha en fortsatt trevlig resa. Vi saknar er mycket. Kram från Kristina
26th January 2009

hej hej ingrid!
would be great to meet up! Our visa runs out on march 9th but if your in Phuket before then we'll be there!!!!
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26th January 2009

Just realized you prob won't still be there... can't you come back tho? Or stay a little longer...? Plz...
From Blog: Ao Nang II
26th January 2009

I'm so happy for you both! Looks like you're having an awesome time in Thailand. How long are you staying there for? Will you be there in march? Meet up in Phuket? Love x x x
From Blog: Ao Nang II
24th January 2009

I'm in total disbelief at him Maja!!! Did he pick this hiself?????!!!!! Total shock lol. Its lovely though :) dont be losing it on your adventures lol xx
From Blog: Ao Nang II
24th January 2009

I am absolutely delighted to hear about your engagement. Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. You will never forget the time and place Where you were engaged and Maja celebrated her birthday. The photograps are wonderful, it all looks very exotic and just makes you want to be there. I don,t know about the food though, Ithink I would starve. Miss you. Grandma
23rd January 2009

that was a great blog the best yet the photos were fantastic the best yet many of the landscapes look familier maybe a bond film definately seen them before maybe a holiday programme everbody is over the moon about you two getting engaged fabulous news anna and ma want to see the ring ma is probably jealous cos she never had one happy birthday maja you obviously enjoyed it i am wondering why steve did seem to enjoy the horse riding you seem to like thailand abit more than philly one things certain maja will never forget this birhday when the whole holiday is over it will be really interesting to see which was your fave country i wonder if you will agree or disagree we are all fine at home lookimg forward to sweden thanks for agreat blog love ma and pa xxxx
23rd January 2009

Awwww you look like you're having a great time it looks fantastic in Thailand! Very jealous! Congratulations on the engagement! Stephen you sly dog! lol. Nearly had heart attack the other night when I got in and Dad said 'your brothers engaged' haha. We'll have to have a HUGE party when you get back :) we havent had one for ages I'm getting withdrawal symptoms! lol. I need photographic evidence of this ring too! I cant believe he picked one out and proposed properly Maj, you need to fill me in on the situation! lol. Hope the rest of your time in Thailand is just as nice :) Missing you both lots. I hope the next blog isnt of you 2 getting married! The Gavins need to attend that lol x x x
22nd January 2009

va sa ni?
Har ni förlovat er!? Varför har ni inte sagt nåt!? GRATTIS! Vad glad jag blir! Det blir dubbelt grattis då, på födelsedagen och till förlovningen. Och Steve, vill du läsa det här så får du plugga lite hårdare när det gäller svenskan. Saknar er! Love Ingrid
21st January 2009

Congratulations on Your engagement Steve and Maja - we are really happy. You are made for each other – a perfect pair. Wishing the two of you one happy life together! Lots of Love from Erik and Kristina

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