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21st October 2010

we are home
Liesl, we are happy for your current traveling experience; am anxious to share East and West Berlin pictures from when I was there 45 years ago; What a life changeing trip for you to share with Rob kids us and your co-workers. We had an amazing trip as well--seeing and doing more than we had expected with no real glitches just unique experiences; we walked and climbed all over the place...300 steps up Notre Dame tower, all over Paris, up and down castles in Slovenia and Salzburg. Much to share...when you get home. Have a great rest of trip. Mom and Dad
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14th October 2010

So what has more influence in the EU, Poles or polls? I'd venture to guess it is the latter (and I say that as someone proud of his Polish ancestors). Has the chatter about Turkey mostly died down at this point? Sounds like a great time and hope you were able to enjoy some great Belgian brews, and you gotta try the Pilsner Urquell in the birthplace of pilsner, right?
12th October 2010

wow, continues t sound ahhhhhhmazing! i so need to travel! the picture are beautiful, are you using our camera or did you get a new one??? saw sean and rob last night, and bria babysat for us sat, night so we could see' waiting for superman'. they are all well, s
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12th October 2010

My first blog response
Hi Liesl, So this is my very first blog response! Love the pictures of Bruges! Exactly what you picture Europe to be, and my favorite type of town to visit. Hope you are having fun! Mary Jo
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