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8th June 2011

Oh noes!
I left :-( I was working at Aston English.
1st March 2011

Hey, I just moved to Yuncheng. I teach at the Sunny English school on Huaidong. Where do you teach?
16th November 2010

You look soooo skinny. Could you bring back that diet and give it to the girls in San Diego? My god, I went to Wallmart. hwwllllch. Its like a fat convention.....ugh.
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15th November 2010

you look gorgeous!
just thought you should hear it. srsly. and that coat is awesome. get me one!
From Blog: Did you miss me?
13th November 2010

doin it well!
hey chica! i was just thinking about you and came on here to check out what you've been up to. sounds like you're having fun and not terrorizing the natives (too much!) can't wait to follow more of your adventures...hugs and misses! xoxo
11th November 2010

I love doors! Weird but I think the door says a lot about the feel of a city!
10th November 2010

If you get the opportunity to read this I want to say that you should visit a local city and stock up. Most of the relatively large cities in China have access to everything you should be familiar with including crisps, sweets and various other snacks. In the smaller towns they usually don't have much of that available since they have to sell foods from a local source to support the farmers and local economies. Street vendors are out of the question but again visit a slightly bigger city and eat out sometime and aside from that like I said stock up and you'll be fine.
2nd November 2010

Wow... sound like a crazy sequence of events. Anyway that's great to hear that you found a place that has some eatables. But how are the vegies out there?
1st November 2010

Re: the heater - Wow, what a bummer! Winter is just beginning. Regarding snacks, I know Coke has a plant in China. I thought most of the big food corporation did by now. I guess your town is just too small and far out of the mainstream. Another bummer. Send me your address and I'll send a care package. Lots of love and cheers, Sue
31st October 2010

So what you're really trying to say is you could probably make an awesome batch of cookies? At least they'd be good for a prank. Anyone you'd like to surprise with a mouthful of chocolate chicken shit chip cookies? lol
29th October 2010

Reminds me a bit of some of the flats I looked at in England for Jennifer. Well, you sure will appreciate your place so much more once you get back. I posted a comment on one of your blogs thinking it was the start and it wasn´t. Oh well. Hope that you are feeling better and enjoying your time there. Take care.
29th October 2010

A thank you
Hi Katrina......finally was able to get on this blog. I do have to agree that it is not exactly a good one. How are you doing? How is work? What age group do you teach? So are you enjoying it there? I look forward to seeing your pics. You take care...........Toni
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29th October 2010

snooze news
that means nothing so interesting here. Andrew and family seem to be doing fine. Haley holds him most of the time, at least when we are there. I think she is a good mom. Baby looks just like Andrew's pictures. I gave Andrew all the ones I had. No one else had any. We went to Texas for the barbecue and had a really good time. Ran into a scary sleet storm in New Mexico. Plan to go to Arizona for Thanksgiving. Sounds like you're doing fine. Just keep up the enthusiasm. Love
28th October 2010

is there a starbucks in that city?
27th October 2010

Dad Keith!! I like your thinking!! I would like a pretty door at the house!!!!!!
26th October 2010

You can't subsist on air, hon. Although I do, absolutely do, remember the taste of the eggs. It's fish meal. The chickens are fed fish meal because the Chinese have no grains. It's one of the the reasons that I left China - The chickens and the eggs are bad tasting and they have no grains. Try eating the soup from their noodle soup. Also, the rice with chicken and vegetables. (Yangshou chao fan) The potstickers are probably too doughy for you. Also, try to drink some fresh squeezed juices. If you can, look for any type of legumes at the store; beans, lentils, garbanzos... they will help you keep your protein levels up. You need to make sure that you are getting the food groups and in sufficient quantitites. Isn't there a McDonald's there??? Yikes, there is just not a lot that you can eat, is there? No wonder they are all so small. And what do you mean, your hair is red????
26th October 2010

The forced diet sounds gruesome. Did anyone send you a care package with peanut butter? Can you get decent bread? Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are always good to fall back on. Then there is always plain boiled noodles with butter or olive oil. Can you get those? I can't imagine why eggs would taste bad, maybe it's what the chickens eat. Maybe the eggs are not fresh. It does seem that eggs are a pretty scary gamble in a strange place. But, brown sugar? That's a surprise. How can they mess up brown sugar? Doesn't all brown sugar come from Hawaii? Or do they make it out of something other than sugar cane? Who'd a thunk? Maybe they have decent honey. But, who knows where they get that from? What kind of nectar do Chinese bees eat? Worth some investigation maybe. Hang in there.
26th October 2010

It sounds like your the sourse of gossip for the locals, I wonder if the eggs they sold you were the same eggs that they would sell to their neighbor's. Or it could be that they simply are not what your used to. Either way try to find so food you can live off of. I don't want to hug a twig when you get back. And to thoughs that think katrina just up and left me, that just simply is not the case. I just made the unselfish decision that her happiness ment more to me then my happiness. However don't think its all one way either.
26th October 2010

luv ya!
I like your blog. Keep it up!!
From Blog: A thank you
26th October 2010

Wow that place look like there is something interesting around every corner. It kind of makes me ponder as to how much im missing.
26th October 2010

Your welcome katrina, I only hope you can read this because for some reason only one of my posts made it to the board. Anyway keep posting it gives us a idea of what frustration and experiances you go through.
From Blog: A thank you
26th October 2010

Is it a terrible thing if im still having trouble with using the apostrophe correctly??? I mean there are certin things' that I do well but grammer was never one of them.
26th October 2010

What the heck.... it sounds like you teaching english is like me trying to mentor a few special individuals. You can and you do make progress, however the rate at which change occours is enough to make you want to stab yourself in the eye with the closest sharpest object......
25th October 2010

Good grief! That's Pandora's box. Don't go there. Teach them to speak, not to spell. Children always learn to speak long before they learn to spell. What about all the sound-alike words? Write, rite, right; no, know, now; tuff and tough, ruff and rough; lay and lie. What about little, and small; a little bit and enough, large and a lot, big and bigger and much and many. Oh, what a mess this language can be.
25th October 2010

Foreign accents can be beautiful. I love the way French speakers almost sing their words. I noticed that a lot of Italians added the "uh" to the end of their words. They also have a nasal whining sound in the way they speak. It must be a regional thing. I agree that Americans are getting pretty sloppy about our language. I'm sure you will come back with your English very proper. Sometimes the teacher must learn from the student.

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