Virginia B.


Virginia B.

Graduated June 2012, traveling the world 2012/2013 😊

Hello hello from sunny,warm LA. It's still unbelievably warm and nice here. It rained the first time last week and i'm surprised to say that I kind of missed it! I'm always on the road and I haven't really been home (homestay in Bel Air) for three days because I usually come back late and then decide to stay at my friends place. Don't worry I changed clothes and took showers... Anyway, today I tried to take my TOEFL test but since I registered with my swiss passport and only brought my swiss indentification and there's no VISA inside, they didn't let me take the test because there "was a slight chance that I'm illegally in the USA". Seriously. People here are so complicated sometimes and stupid, of course not all of them but the older ... read more

Hello from the city of angels, the valley of ten million insanities, Lalaland, L.A. or whatever you want to call Los Angeles, California. I arrived at LAX last thursday afternoon and it was already warmer than I thought (and definitely hotter than in Switzerland this summer). The first thing I learned was that we are spoiled in Switzerland with our rush hours and public transportation. If you're stuck in traffic in LA that means you're stuck for at least an hour on a seven-lane freeway and everybody tries to drown the other people's music with their own. Also there are tons of Bentleys, Cadillacs, Maybach Landaulets, Bugattis, Rolls-Royces, Lamborghinis and Fisker Karmas (which i personally like the best). It might surprise you that I know these cars names but my cab driver explained the advantages and ... read more
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Californian sunset

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