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18th February 2012

Hi Laura enjoying your blog tremendously. What are your next "poject"
17th February 2012

Oh, very good information, very educational and interesting :) Keep up the good writing!
17th February 2012

Hey Laura! How are you? I've realized I don't have your email address.. But I see you're back in Thailand now - what plans have you made? Are you going south?I'm enjoying being at home. My sister had the baby five weeks early, so the little
girl is already here :) I hope everything's good, and that it wasn't too sad to leave Wat Opot..Happy travels!
15th February 2012

Geckos are cute... I used to have them crawling all over my doorway in the summer at times. It's pretty good that most of the creatures in your room are predators; this probably goes a long way towards your living space being habitable and
not infested with worse creatures.As for communicating with the spider - ::Uh, you're obviously not thinking hand signals and body language?:: --Right. Sorry. o:-) I don't believe that any progress has been made on successful comm w/ arachnids, but maybe you got Spider 4.4?Good to see a blog entry. I enjoy reading them!
27th January 2012

Well, the bonus of having spiders and geckos and frogs, aside from their eating bugs, is that they are some of the more sensitive (environmentally) species, so it sounds like the country there is at least fairly healthy. As long as they all
have the proper number of legs and heads and such, that is. Good luck with the spiders! It reminds me of, one time when I was staying at Amanda's house (this was Amanda who you don't know, she lived in Berwick with her family at the time, I was spending a week or so there one spring break, or summer) in a sleeping bag on the floor and we were yapping, and a GREAT BIG SPIDER came up out of the sleeping bag (I was in it) and crawled right up onto my collarbone! Neither of us was overly happy; I was pretty freaked out. I think we moved into her car and slept there for the night and went nuts cleaning the next day. But it was very startling, and I do not envy you the spiders. That's what cats are for - eating them! Shall I send you a cat? Comet is a good hunter ;) anyway, glad that y'all got smart to the poisonous snakes before something serious happened; they are one of those species where time is important and with you being out in nowhere I'd worry about getting someone air-lifted out in time :/ So glad you are watching carefully now. The frogs just sound funny, too. Hope you're getting pictures!
24th January 2012

I remember volunteering :) Very inspirational, nice job! Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!
24th January 2012

Bet you are glad you're warm at least! It's gone from -22* to +47* in 48 hours. Hugs.
24th January 2012

Sounds lovely! I wish I had gotten to pet the python; large snakes are so beautiful. Glad you tried it and hopefully you got a picture. Also glad the crocodiles were not given the option of eating the tourists (that would be a nightmare, ra
ther)...maybe they tag them? Hopefully? Maybe. Anyway. Enjoying your blog entries and hope you keep having new xp!
20th January 2012

Hope B&B liked the monkeys. Catching up on your blog - finally, huh? <3
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20th January 2012

Sounds like you have had some very worthwhile adventures on this journey. Hopefully the good will prove to outweigh the bad. <3
18th January 2012

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, that's exploring ,,, and doing global social service too! 10 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18th January 2012

wow that sounds great! very nicely written and great experience. i am doing some hiking here too, makes me think of Acadia as well! love you!
18th January 2012

Sounds like you got some things you needed/had been missing on this little adventure. I'm glad that the other people there with you are adventurous as well, it's always good to have a decent rapport. The monkey was probably being territoria
l, esp. as there were males in your group - they can be fairly aggressive (I dislike monkeys). Hope you get to have more adventures soon.
16th January 2012

Sounds lovely. Very glad you are happy there and I know you'll bring some joy to these childrens' lives.
28th December 2011

Laura, I am confused. when do you teach?or go to school: I Wish i HAD GONE with you but I would have needed money to do all that traveling. Still, I am so glad you are enjoying yourself. If I should every go to Thailand you can tell me thin
gs I need to know. take care
27th December 2011

Wow, you speak Thai that is so cool! I am impressed and I cannot wait to do some traveling with you. Less than a week!xoxoxoLaila
25th December 2011

Sounds great! when are the pictures coming :)?
22nd December 2011

I like your descriptions, it makes me want to visit! You do a great job making the reader feel like they are there with you!
21st December 2011

Oh, a daughter of yours told you about this? I wonder what she's like....anyways, I really like your blog! I think you have a great writing style, I can't wait to read more :)
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