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Andy Yao

Yesterday is a memory .Tomorrow is a dream .Live for today

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Xinhua March 5th 2012

I have been teaching in a primary school where I am far away my home since I graduated from Taizhou teaching college.Let me introduce this school,please look these pictures!... read more
Children are leaving school!
my students

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou May 24th 2011

These days I am so busy for graduation and adding Chinese Party,but most of importand I need to do my art exhibition!... read more
I am inviting foreign teacher to sign for me !
My freind big boy!
Photo 6

Asia May 1st 2011

I am his uncle! LAST week he is a small baby when I saw him now his face is becoming pink and handsome!You will like the lovely baby when you see him!Now let us share the lovely pictures!... read more
hello ,I am Haoyu!

Asia May 1st 2011

I am his uncle ! He is growing up so quick!Last week I saw him is a small baby but now I find that his face become pink and handsome!I do not know when I have lovely baby,Ilike babys!Look the lovely baby you will like him! NOW ,let us look at these lovely pictures! ... read more

Asia April 30th 2011

忙于工作,考试,比赛,毕业创作,考级.......天啊,可以想象那是多么糟糕,一会这一会那,忙的不可开交。 昨天一大早起来赶着6点半的兴化车,还是拉着同事送我到车站的,哎,一大早忙烦别人,有点残忍啊!考编昨天上午考完了,觉得不太理想,虽然只是几十个人考。兴化只需10个名额的美术老师,但是我还是没抓住这次好的机会好好考一下,算了已经过去了,就让他过去吧! 今天,哇,你从我那些迎会图片就可以知道这上午的热闹场面,是的,你绝对也会有所兴趣!当中有个9岁的小孩敲着鼓使我印象最深刻,不错旁边有个又帅又有才的父亲!好吧,来看看这些有趣的风土人情! Hi,everyone,you know I am so busy recently! Work , Examination, Match, CET4 ,the examination of teacher and so ... read more

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Xinhua February 3rd 2011

Let me look back my former years !I have passed a year again!I wish my life will be better than before and my freinds ,classmates,family have heathy life! These were some photoes of germans visting our Art department for art mutual learning .We gave them many art works that we did personally!Today let us look back the paragraph memory!!! ... read more
She is teaching for this german girl!
http imgloadCA9JU2JD
He is drawing Chinese painting for the german school head!

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Taizhou University January 1st 2011

I was so happy that I had this experience in tutoring primary scholar this summer in Shenlun, Xinghua Jiangsu ,China . When I looked at them I will recall my own childhood !They look so smart and lovely!I have lots of words want to write down,I miss lovely childhood!Just look at them and recall your childhood !... read more
A little girl is shy for taking picture!
Shenlun town

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Taizhou University January 1st 2011

The exhibition I konw it is not best ,but I will do better than before from today!I hope our classmates will do better for their major and future life!... read more
me and my work

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Taizhou University December 30th 2010

I wish these works make you like!... read more
http imgloadCA761QW0

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Xinhua June 14th 2010

I went back to home yesterday! The view in front of my eyes moved my heart when I was walking the home road! That made me remember my childhood time,I can not control my tears! I miss that I lived hometown! ... read more
small road
small road
Fish pond!

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