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6th December 2009

It's awesome all you're doing man! I hope you enjoy the whole trip. I'll see you when you come back
6th December 2009

Great :D
Wow I loved this post and the pictures are great, now I wanna go to Ekaterineburg!! :D Glad you're having a good time...In such a difficult country. Can't wait to have the overall summary of the trip!! Good luck and have a nice journey!!
6th December 2009

I was gonna crack a joke about the black taxi drivers but as Ben beat me there I won't mention it...x
30th November 2009

Sounds like your having a blast - looking forward to seeing the Soviet children's fashion and toys pics. Wish i could have drunk some russian vodka with you. When youre back on fb let me know when you'll be getting to Oz. miss you. P.s love the pic of you in the cold war bunker. Brilliant! x
27th November 2009

Those damn black drivers, they get everywhere dont they? 'at the same time as being harrassed by the black taxi drivers, I booked a'
27th November 2009

Your Russian-english transliteration is funny but....
Glad you're having a good time and drank plenty of vodka. That Peter guy really couldn't look any happier to be therecould he?!?!

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