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11th May 2012

It's quite common for Europeans to be living in houses that were built even before Columbus set sail westwards for India. And those houses aren't the oldest ones either.
11th May 2012

If you have the time, make your way to Pompeii.....now that is old! :)
10th May 2012

That's it?
So.....How did the flight go? Where are you exactly? What are you eating and drinking? What are your plans for sightseeing?
11th May 2012

San Ginese di Compito
I am in a sleepy village and the hometown of my grandfather on the outskirts of Lucca in Tuscany. The flight from Atlanta to Paris was pretty bumpy, but I probably got the best sleep I've had in a plant while sitting in an upright position (I once had the luxury of laying across an entire row of seats on an flight from Minneapolis to Amsterdam thanks to a last minute upgrade to an over-sized 747!). I'm taking it easy these first few days, picking up the language hanging out with my cousins who don't speak much English. Mostly I've just joined them on errands. Today I will hike around a nearby lake to take some wildlife photos with my new lenses. And tonight we're heading out to Lucca I believe. Sunday we're going to the final Serie A soccer match between the local team Fiorentina and Cagliari. I've always wanted to check out a European soccer game in person. Next, it will have to be the Premier League, LOL. OR...who knows, maybe the World Cup in Rio! ':~D My plans are open, but I eventually want to go as far out as I can while I'm in Italy. I have a few weeks to take advantage of this... Please suggests some destinations where I requested them, if it's not this one.
9th May 2012

I am so happy for you! You've been wanting to do this a loooong time. Safe travels and I look forward to following you along your trip. Love, Heidi
8th May 2012

You'll love it! Eat gelato...any flavor. Drink limoncello...lots of it. It's cheap, it's luscious, and it's never better than in Italy. Eat pizza. It is NOT what you get in the states. In the states I can eat 1 or 2 pieces. In Italy I can easily eat an entire pizza. I know you're a vegetarian but come on. You must try the seafood. Fabulous. Especially squid. And remember that, as in Mexico and Spain, everything is "tomorrow." Have patience. And DO NOT let any "kind" person help you with your bags at ANY train platform. They are NOT being kind. They will demand a minimum of 10 euro once you're in your train car. Italy is rife with pickpockets of all ages. Trust no one. Keep your day pack in front of you at all times, keep NOTHING in your pockets, and beware of gypsies. They are quite real and they are everywhere....even working the crowds at the Vatican and at every tourist site in every city. While you're engrossed in a tour guide's narrative, someone is picking your pocket. We watched a young woman slowly work thru a crowd in Rome. No one ever realized that she was there.
8th May 2012

I'm with you Cuz! Good travels!
8th May 2012

Can't wait to see all the beautiful photos when you get back. Have the best time Jim!!!!
6th May 2012

Have a wonderful time!
Can't wait to get your updates...I'm sure that you'll have a splendid trip and your photographs will be spectacular as usual!

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