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South America » Uruguay » West May 16th 2009

Ah, Uruguay! A land of blissful peace, endless fields and pretty towns. And rather cold nights, now that winter is coming. I started my short stay in South America's smallest spanish speaking country in Carmelo, a quiet town with a beautiful beachside - especially now that all the trees are in all their autumn splendour - and a very good-looking old church. Arriving at night (after a swell boat trip and passing some of the most relaxed customs checks ever), i didn't feel like venturing out to find the campground, even though i discovered the next day that it was both nice and for free. Instead, i walked into the hotel that looked the cheapest, and soon had a private room with a tv (60 channels of rubbish, i can't believe people actually can pay for ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Tigre May 9th 2009

Tigre is where people from Buenos Aires go to in weekends to escape the city. One gets there by taking a train, which gives a good view of the less fashionable sights of Buenos Aires: slums and dim suburbs galore. Tigre itself has a friendly 'local tourism' feel to it, but the real fun starts out of town: a massive delta of teh Rio Paraña makes for hepas of islands and canals, with lush green banks. Boats are the most common form of public transport in Tigre, and what's not to like about that. It's touristy nature does make it a bit of an uninteresting town for people that like to go to more tranquil places. I tried for a long time to find a boat to a remote island where i could just camp and ... read more

Well, so much has been written about Buenos Aires already, so I'm going to just hop over it. After spending about two weeks in total here, I've come to like the city quite a lot, but I also think it's way too familiar and not really special if you've experienced some European cities. Sure, there's unique barrio's and different things going on, but seeing just Buenos Aires is definately not enough a reason to come to Argentina. Nonetheless, it is one fine place. I started my journey around Argentina here on the 25th of February, and I spent five days in the city before setting out into the wild. I'm very glad I did this, because the first days in Buenos Aires mainly left me disoriented by its size,noise and fumes. After three days, I had ... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba May 3rd 2009

A torrential downpour had just flooded Capilla del Monte when we arrived. In the evening light and the heavy heat, the town easily caught our fancy. The next day and the discovery of the main street would show us it was all a bit more run down, but nonetheless this stayed a pleasant town. Talking about the universe made me long very much to brushing up on astrophysics again, there's a big field of knowledge that i've left untouched for many a year, and this can not be. We celebrated the first of May on the municipal campground, which involved making friends with dogs. One of them, which the ultimate mistress of love called 'Dances With Wolves', set out with us to the lakeside, and got a ham and cheese sandwich for the road. A bunch ... read more

South America » Argentina » La Rioja » La Rioja April 29th 2009

After meeting my Significant Other in Buenos Aires, we set out to find a small itinerary that could offer all of Argentina in a nutshell. Since we both like wandering around in nature, trekking possibilities were very much a must, as was not seeing the same thing twice (well, for me). Since La Rioja seemed to hold a lot of promises - new, surrounded by national parks and presumably hot - we bought tickets there, and soon we were on the Most Luxurious Bus Ever. There was a full meal - be it non vegetarian so we couldn't really enjoy it - , wine, a waiter bringing coffee and even whisky. During a probably bad film (i don't remember it), we fondled each other under the blankets (buses have blankets and pillows), and soon we were ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Chascomús April 19th 2009

Hoo-wee, this is one pretty town! Chascomús got very well preserved, and most of this buildings date from the 19th and early 20th century. It looks quite a lot like your typical western film, even though it's a lot calmer, and in some places far more monumental. The main square is very impressive, and whereever you go from there, fine buildings will come your way, like the beautiful train station. I spent my first day here hanging around, socialising with the locals and watching the documentary 'La Ultima Estacion' in the town hall. The movie was pretty shabbily made, but it gave a very striking view of the downfall of Argentina's railway system - the main cause being privatization (surprise!). Villages got abandoned because of train services ending, and of course - as always - everything ... read more

After waiting for two hours in the Junin de los Andes bus station next to the Smelliest Man in History, i got on a very long journey to Bahia Blanca. Upon arriving there, i immediately bought a ticket into the Sierra de la Ventana, one of the nicest hilly parts of the southern pampa. I had two hours of waiting in front of me, so i went into town, which was very refreshing. For the first time since leaving Buenos Aires, i felt like being in the human world again, with all its noise and fumes (not a bad thing after more then a month of quite villages and wilderness). I had a pizza and a beer, and headed buswise to Sierra de la Ventana, where i found a camping spot. The next day was spent ... read more

I went to Bariloche without a lot of expectations: from all that i heard from fellow travellers and from the readings of my travel guide, i derived that it was probably the most touristy spot in Argentina. And upon arriving, i did indeed not find a lot outside of chocolate-, artesanal- and souvenir shops. As a town, Bariloche does not have a lot to offer. My first plan was to move straight on, to Parque Nacional Lanín, but i decided to go talk to the guardaparques of Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi -closer to Bariloche- anyway. And of course, i got convinced into trekking the park, especially because autumn offers pretty much no tourists, and more spectacular views. From Bariloche, there are two main multiple day treks. One leads you up from Lago Guttierez into the surrounding ... read more

South America » Argentina » Río Negro » El Bolsón April 11th 2009

Lazy days in the sun, I'm so glad they exist as well. Lago Puelo gave me the perfect break from trekking in the rain (which i do enjoy very much) by showering me in sunshine. This national park in the El Bolsón region is very laidback, you can go for some treks and small, granny-friendly hikes, but you can also just lay on the beach and watch the snowcapped mountains rising out of the azure lake. I went for the last option, pitching my tent on the free camping (most of it got washed away by the river, but there's still some good areas), meeting Emi and Nicolas from Buenos Aires and Oren from Madrid, lighting a big campfire and drinking loads of wine (seriously, some records were broken). And we did that for two days ... read more
now where did that road go
the boys and the lake
argentines, frenchmen, a spaniard and yours truly

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Esquel April 7th 2009

Ah, what a nice park this is! I arrived early in the morning, and had the super helpful guardaparques explain everything to me. The trail i wanted to hike was in a very bad condition due to the rain and storms, apparently, but as it was the only multi-day trekking option i had to take it. While the main road through the park has good facilities, shops and campings, there's only short walks available. Most of the park is unreachable - the guardaparque told me this was because it's in the first place a nature reserve, not a tourist attraction, and that makes some sense. Nevertheless, my two day hike was a return trip, not a loop, so i had to backtrack everything. I set out to Lago Krügger at 10 am, for a 30 km ... read more

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