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16th July 2012

Toker Anbessa Hospital
I was born Black Lion Hospital in 1978 and wanted to know if they kept data from that time& if any way possible to find that out would be great!
16th August 2012

I have no idea.. I would highly doubt it from what I have seen of their records.. even records in western hospitals most times don't go back that far. Thanks KIM
7th September 2011

I just read your email and I wanted you to know that I am doing something about Black Lion. I have been back to Ethiopia and I am working with the administration on some changes that will improve the facility greatly! I love the good work that Black Lion does with such limited resources. My only need to report this was to raise awareness and to solve these problems in this hospital and others I am glad you have worked there and feel so passionate about this. But I want you to know that I am working hard to make this a better place to enhance the already wonderful work they do there. And the powers at be at Black Lion understand how committed I am to helping. Thank you from your comment! Peace! KIM
28th July 2011

sad physical state of hospital
I have worked in Somalia and Eritrea a few years ago and the state of those facilities was always wanting seriously. I am palnning on a trip to Ethiopia in the next few months and plan to visit Black Lion and while it may be wanting it is what there is sterility is a good thing for hospitals but is pretty expensive and really hard to do in the African context in my past experience. when things break they do not soon or ever get fixed I really enjoyed your comments on the hospital and your invistigation of the institution where else have you visited to do such reporting I would be interested regards ken merriman md
22nd March 2011

Black Lion
Why dont you do something positive about the situation then instead of moaning and groaning and being so negative. Who are you that you think you deserve to have unlimited access to a hospital? What was your purpose? Why would you so publicly denigrate The Black Lion Hospital without offering a solution? ARe you going to do some fund raising? If not why not? I spent time helping out at the hospital recently and you have photographed only the negative aspects. You should be ashamed. I hope they never allow you back there with your invasive camera and unhelpful comments.
20th March 2011

the Barber Shop
Hi Kim, I didn't use that barber picture I asked you about years ago, but I do still want to send you one of my posters just to say thanks. I don't think I ever sent one. You'll see I've been quite busy also since then. Please contact me through the info on my site to let me know whether you still have the same mailing address as in 2006/2007.
5th October 2010

I know that all hospitals in Ethiopia do an amazing job of caring for their patients! It is the hero's of the medical worker that provide the best care that can with limited resources at times! I am amazed at the level of care patients recieve when the numbers of patients are so great. Please don't misunderstand my blog with complaints about the facilities with complaints about the care. The care is outstanding.. I just want to make the facilities better to help the healers!!!
6th July 2010

doesn't look too bad
Hi, I'm an Australian Nurse working in Sydney. I'm visiting this hospital in August 2010. Sure, compared to our hospital standards these pics look pretty shocking. Though, I've been to some hospitals in Northern India which look a bit sub-par actually do a brilliant job when nothing better is available. And as per your caption "donated junk equipment", as a nurse I can see much in that photo which is not "junk", but is functional (case in point: IV stand). Can't wait to visit myself in August.
6th July 2010

You may be right...
I am a student at TAH. i know about the devastating status at which TA is found at. But you must understand, TA is the biggest refferal hospital in the country. It manages upto 400,000 patients a year and its simply because they dont want to turn their backs on the thousands of people who need help. After what you wrote, you might be shocked to find that patients actually leave the grounds alive. But better yet, they leave healed and better. Have you ever heard of the residents or even interns at TA? They are excellent. They strive for greatness because they do understand the needs our country has. So, go ahead, bash TA, but at the end of the day, it really is trying its bestest to make the country a healthier place.
4th July 2010

Hi Kim, I will be going to the Black Lion in Feb/2011. Our group is bringing OR equipment (all in good working order), and leaving it with them. Are there any suggestions for other materials they might need?? From your pictures, it all looks overwhelming and we would take any suggestions. Our group will be 20-30 people, all healthcare workers. We will be there for the whole month.
From Blog: WHY I am here!
6th November 2009

little message
Hello! I am myself a medical reception working inAUSTRALIA, where people whine if they do not have their appointment leat the same day...some even complain that they cannot wait. Most of these days are made only to make sure everything is all right. Such a waste when you see pictures like the ones you provide! Infrastructure, compentence, team work...all of this comes with costs. We are lucky to have running water! Anyway, good luck! I am not saying that you have to do this but take read look for people for hlep to do management like paient help them to help you do somthing to get, will solve problem my help team work will never lose. good bless all of you
26th October 2009

My Daughter and Son-in-law are adopting a baby from Ethiopia. The baby is sick and in THIS Hospital. Everyone please keep baby Zek in your prayers. Also pray for the Countries in which they do not have better quality healthcare for their people. Cant wait for little Zek to get better and to be able to come live in a Country (USA) where he can have a better life.
18th August 2009

Very interesting
Hello! I am myself a doctor working in Canada, where people whine if they do not have their MRI the same day...some even complain that they cannot wait. Most of these exams are made only to make sure everything is all right. Such a waste when you see pictures like the ones you provide! Infrastructure, compentence, team work...all of this comes with costs. We are lucky to have running water! Anyway, good luck!
1st August 2009

read your blog,miracle?
Hi Kim! I just read your blog and pictures from june 2009. Ilove the way you write. I was overwhelmed at times and encouraged at others--. I'm frustrated hearing about all the broken down equipment that our hospitals "share" with our "neighbors. The water situation is unbearable. I wish something could be done with solar energy ..... that seems to be the only thing in abundance in Africa. well, all for now. thanks for sharing your journey with me. Don't write back with e-mail because you know I won't get it. Peace.
23rd July 2009

Black is power !!!
10th July 2009

Laboratory job
just contact me, i can't say anything,just i miss Ethiopia
8th July 2009

It sounds like you have certainly had an informative and productive trip. What a wonderful opportunity for you and for us, since you have shared through your blog and pictures. Kelly keeps me informed of your travels and is one of your biggest cheerleaders.
8th July 2009

Something to think about.
This article has given me something to think about. I don't think people, the angry people in the world, look at things from this perspective. If people did think about others as typically wanting the same things that they want, everyone would see that we all have a lot more in common than we think. I know that I have been working on myself for almost 2 years now, and this has REALLY given me something new to think about.
7th July 2009

What a wonderful person you are Kim....and a brave taxi passenger!
7th July 2009

I agree wholeheartedly
Hi, If we just all went by the statement that we are our brother's keeper than this world would be so much better off. I so agree with your statement about the world being one big community.
7th July 2009

That would KILL my knees...
Wow, Kim what a way to wrap up your trip. Talk about adventure! Thank you so much for bringing much needed perspective into our lives. I also, along with Tsega, do not think your idea of one big subdivision is silly. That is what you are doing. Your work has touched my heart and my life in a way that will impact me for the rest of my life. I am looking forward to hearing more about your work. Have fun in Costa Rica!! Love, KJ
6th July 2009

Yes it is sad
The child was a victim of a rape at age 9... Ethiopia is also in the top 5 in the world for child marriage... causing these Fistuala problems for young girls that plague them, their whole lifes, so some of the older women were child brides and are just now getting the surgery to help them lead a normal lifes. very sad!
From Blog: WHY I am here!
6th July 2009

huh ?
WTF, 10 year old Fistuala Patient ? Did she have a baby ? OMG
From Blog: WHY I am here!
5th July 2009

Thanks for sharing your journey
Kim, thank you for sharing all of this with the people who reading this. My heart and prayers go out to these people. I really don't know how to help or even give suggestions. I can only give my prayers for right now. If there is a way to help beside monetary donations, please let me know. I will spead your work with people that I come in contact with, maybe down the line that will be my way to help.
5th July 2009

Thank you
Charlie and Dee, to open your home and your hearts to so many people is a blessing in disguised. I hope everything works out for Mamar. Thank you for giving this little girl so much of yourselves and the love she deserves. Kim....thank you for letting me meet Charlie and Dee through your journey. I have truly enjoyed being a part of what you are seeing and doing.
From Blog: Charlie and Dee

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