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4th August 2012

"good news - I didnĀ“t faint and land in the squat toilet" haha! Love that, good for you! I went by your house today and it's still standing! & I grabbed a couple of lovely cukes for my sandwiches. Thanks again!
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3rd August 2012

Were so happy to see your blog. And NO the side effects from your vaccines are not sore feet = shopping is the cause ! HA HA I did not know Alppacas have red on their head , or was that from your hat? Have fun! Garry and Jeannette
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3rd August 2012

soaring up in the clouds.
Bird's eye view, and what a view it is!
From Blog: Colca Canyon
30th July 2012

Awesome pics
Sounds like you are having a great time. Parade so colorful,can almost hear the music. Want to see pics of the bones.
3rd August 2012

Santa Dominga
Sorry :( No photos alowed in the catacombs and no postcards that I could find either.
29th July 2012

Woe it sounds like you are havin a wonderful time. So proud of ya and look forward to readin more about your adventure
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