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13th May 2009

good blog, knickers... that Orangutan at Sepilok looks a bit like your good self.
31st March 2009

Wrong appliance
Apologies. It's a grill, not an oven in the huts...
19th October 2008

Hello Kathy, Lovely fotos Best regard from Belgium Blog seniorennet.be/louisette/ corner blog links katanga fotos
13th July 2008

i love how you've written this in the present tense...more than six months after it happened!! nice try! you do have a phenomenal memory though. I recommend that people don't watch fight club while on a plane - plane crash scenes while experiencing turbulence does not make for a happy trip. word
27th October 2007

oh dear!
lol good photos! hello! i'm Lyndsay! where are you staying? my dad and grandparents live quite close to Kilifi, in Shimoni, dad works for KMFRI.
13th October 2007

Hi Kati. Congratulations on your magnificent efforts to reach the top of Kilimanjaro! I'm sure that the sight of Spiderwoman in a puffy red jacket was an inspiration to all the other climbers and something that all the Kenyan porters will talk about for years!
12th October 2007

Well, yes - there is a bit of logic there, Craig. I think the best way to describe the physical exertion of it is as follows: imagine you're an old dude who has smoked a lot and now gets puffed out just walking to the loo (yes, this happened to us - the loo bit, not the smoking bit). now try, in this state, to walk up the stairs for hours at a time....
10th October 2007

fittest of the lot
Well Done KH well done. I doubt very much whether I would be able to make such a trek. I'm not suprised Brigid didn't fall or get sick. You should know being short means the blood doesn't have to be pumped as far. And also the low centre of gravity thing. :0)
24th August 2007

Hi! Fantastic pics again! Have sent you email - not sure if you check them every time on line? Sorry to bother you!!!! Mark and Jaba
14th August 2007

Bust a Move
I can only hope that you didn't introduce them to Katherine Howell's 90s trash?! I think "more than words" would go down very well...the ladies love it.
24th July 2007

so so so UNFAIR!!!
i reckon kilifi could handle two more howells
30th June 2007

Fantastic pictures!
Keep up the great blog! Hope to see you and Bridged in August!
26th June 2007

Don't mess with Maria!
It sounded like another typical Katherine story when I read about you being bucked off a donkey. What was unexpected was that you actually landed on your feet!!!! I expected you to land on your backside in a huge puddle or a pile of steaming donkey droppings or something equally as lovely!
19th June 2007

Sawa Sawa
Kat, thanks for the photos of the Sawa Sawa event as said added it to story at http://www.601tv.com. Have fun! david
10th June 2007

I love wimpy's. There was one in leicester when i was 10.
30th May 2007

Running out of prawns
Dear Pinkus's, I am near fresh out of prawns.. All I have left is lesbian ham.. its a little more expensive, $7 a kilo.. but boy does it taste good with yaks milk.. if you don't buy it i'll rip ya bloody head off (get get get it). TPM
30th May 2007

Must be a ghost in the system...
... or someone with a thing against people with a thing against homies...
30th May 2007

It seems there is a jokester in the mix. KHDH. Who is vetting these comments?!
29th May 2007

you have the hottest sister
your sister looks so hot in those photos, katherine...i wish i was like her. from TC
28th May 2007

old folks home
Hey KH, After getting abuse for being old enough to remember the 90's I'm posting back on your blog. At least I'm not the eldest poster here.Cheers, hope all is well. TC
22nd May 2007

Hello there!
Hey, im sending my first blog message to you. Thought it was about time I got onboard with the blogging! Sounds like you're having a great time..although your dog looks a little scary! Too bad about your pants! Your place looks incredible...I like the look of your swimming pool:) Well, on the home front, all I can say is that you're missing a very cold week in Melbourne..it was all sunny and warm until about a week ago and now it's freezing. Chat soon xx
19th May 2007

Conquer complete
Hi Nick and Gerda! Your message certainly did make it to the blog. Should have more adventures for you soon... Kat
19th May 2007

That's divai to you.
Vipi, Shimon Peres. Mama yako ni karanga nyama. Atakunywa maji ya matunda na anacheza dansi na backstreet boys. Kabla ya unakula tikitikimaji, unahitaji kula punda milia yako. Nitakuwa rais desemba. Utaona. Utaoga pia. Tutaonana kawa samaki inaona papa. Translation - 'Sup, SP. Your mother's a beef stew. She will drink fruit juice and dance with the backstreet boys. Before you eat watermelon, you must eat your zebra (donkey with stripes). I will be president in december. You will see. You will also shower. See you like a fish sees a shark.
15th May 2007

Hello Katherine and Bridgid this is the second time I have tried this so will be short till I know I have conquered the mystery of the BLOG.It is really great reading your adventures Regards...Nick and Gerda Neeson
13th May 2007

Porcine Wine
I promised to get these soldiers into the studio, but when I travelled to the city of cheese, I found george was more dangerous than chicago and LA ona blind date.. Please accept me apologies and rasputin my knees.. Who will be the eldest in the race of youngens.

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