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22nd July 2013

I love reading this, Kate. Keep me updated about what, if anything, happened with the rules thing in the Chamber class.
19th July 2013

Thanks Kate, I love reading this!
16th July 2013

Great Blog!
Hi Kate, This is great for me to read. I so enjoy keeping up with you girls and believe me, while shopping at Save On with my two children while it poured rain outside, I was wishing I was with you! Keep having fun...
10th August 2010

Just saying thanks
I just wanted to say 'thank you' for providing such a nice and detailed blog about your travels in Europe. I am originally from Holland, and am planning on returning for a European trip next year (it has been 18 years). I am trying to decide the best way to travel, what to see, etc etc etc. It are people like you who take the time to document these things to provide guidance on what, and what not to do. Thanks! Sander
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7th August 2010

Of course it wasn't built _just_ for the World Cup. But it was timed to be ready for it.
7th August 2010

The station was not build just FOR the World Cup. It would be insane to build such a train station (costs: 2 billion €) just for a 4-week event......................
5th August 2010

I really wish any of my friends and relatives in Munich had been there when you were. Not a single one was, every single one of them was on holidays...
23rd July 2010

i appreciate your dedication to post regular updates :)
20th July 2010

so sad I couldn't be there :( But it sounds like you guys did fine without me!
14th July 2010

F - this still kills me!
8th July 2010

WOOOO! (that is all)
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7th July 2010

thanks for posting daily updates! I'm living vicariously through your posts!
From Blog: Mosaics and more
7th July 2010

I googled the Baptistry just as you suggested. It looks beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your piccies.
From Blog: Mosaics and more
6th July 2010

I was wondering if you'd see the catacombs in Rome. :-))) Never got around to call you, but: if you need a place to stay in Munich, let me know, my Mum's flat is available and you can also borrow my bike!
4th July 2010

Love the travel updates!

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