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26th February 2019

Kaitlyn! I was so excited to see the new entry. What a cool weekend trip. You saw so much. I have never been to Sri Lanka (yet!) but have been amazed by the people and culture in Japan, Thailand and Kenya which all remind me of your adventure. The semi Lanka people and your group seem to be so nice as well. Also, I can’t wait for the turtle eggs to hatch! Keep soaking it all up, girl! We love you and miss you Antje
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21st February 2019

Very cool
Kaitlyn it's so great you are learning this and helping these species. Looking forward to reading your next entry. Be careful over there.
From Blog: Turtles!!!
19th February 2019

Hi Kaitlyn! Thank you for the entry! I love turtles! It is so special what you doing. And now you can even cut up raw fish :) I am looking forward to many more news and stories from you. We miss you here. Have the time of your life, girl! Love, Antje and kids
From Blog: Turtles!!!

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