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7th October 2012

lion pic
Great picture of the lion with his prey. Just got back from safari trip in Tanzania and enjoyed reading your story of your trip.
22nd December 2012

Thank you so much for your comment and taking the time to read my blog! I loved Africa and am glad to hear you did too! Happy travels!
5th June 2012

Great Photos and information on your experience
I am leaving 6/10 for Hanoi--6days, then joining a tour that goes down the coast for the most part ending in Ho Chi Minh City. Your blog is encouraging as I am somewhat anxious about the trip. Thanks.
22nd July 2011

My Home Town!
I am so homesick looking at your lovely pics of Washington DC. Mie n U is a wonderful restuarant and I can only hope that you were able to pop in and have a bite. If not make that your goal next visit. The food is great!
From Blog: Nations Capitol
22nd November 2010
Lake Tekapo

Perfect day to take a picture.
18th January 2010

The Windy City
Enjoyed reading about your trip, bed you did not get Evan 'hanging out over town'. Lovely sunset. look forward to the next blog
9th January 2010

Wish I was there
Have loved all the blogs, and wish I had seen some of the places. I can just imagine being on some of the beaches, and venturing into the sea!! Perhaps one day New Zealand !!
20th December 2009

Happy Christmas you guys! And thanks for all the blogs and pics. Roland
13th November 2009

But have you never travelled to Portugual ??
From Blog: Nations Capitol
29th April 2009

aww thanks for including me in your lives. I feel privileged that you both stayed intouch. Somethings are just meant to be ;) Like yak rugs in Nepal...
30th March 2009

great blog fantastic photos my blog is here www.swimmingthechannel2008.blogspot.com regards Mark (UK)
26th January 2009

loved the animal pictures this time around... lol!
9th January 2009

Well done your photos of Sabah are fantastic. Im 14 and going with my Dad to climb Mt.Kinabalu and then follow your footsteps through Sabah. ie Orangutan rehab, Turtle island and snorkelling (Uncle Changs) @Sipadan. Check my blog (Mat24) in about 6 weeks time to see how we get on. Thanks again, Matthew. ps I hope i can take photos as good..
23rd December 2008

Warm Wishes
What great photos! Hope you have safe and Happy Holidays!
From Blog: Happy Holidays!
23rd December 2008

All the very VERY best to both of you for this holiday season and beyond. Reading your travel blogs has been one of the true highlights of my 2008. Take care guys and I'm hoping your travels bring you to Canada in the new year. We'd so love to visit with you and please know you always have a place to stay when you're in our neck of the woods. Happy Trails!!! Deb and Tony xoxoxox
From Blog: Happy Holidays!
1st December 2008

ayi ayi those crocs are narely! Sure beats a Yak rug eh?
From Blog: Darwin Daze
27th October 2008

great pics. I like the individual ones at the luau. Alisha gettin "lei'd" by two guys. dang!
From Blog: Woo-oahu-hoo!!!
27th October 2008

Hey there!
Hey Ev and Alicia!!! I can't believe you guys are still traveling....you both look fabulous and the trip sounds amazing!!! Jordan and I are back to real life now, but we sure miss our travels..... Love reading the blog! Take care, Robyn (friends from Kendwa Beach, Zanzibar)
From Blog: Woo-oahu-hoo!!!
15th October 2008

awesome pictures (as usual). Hawaii next eh?
From Blog: Angkor-ed
28th September 2008

Hey guys..I love your blogging. i am so jealous that 1. you got to swim with turtles 2. you got to see the mom's lay eggs and 3 you got to watch the little ones swim out to see. That is def. something that I want to do in my lifetime. I am so amazed at the stuff that you have seen. Oh...Parker is the cutest little thing. I love going over to visit with him!!!
26th September 2008

Sandakan loves you!
Hi here, Remember us?! The Dutch couple who was stalking you on Borneo?! We like to say hi on behalf of the owner of the MayFair Hotel in Sandakan! He was really fond of Ev....NOT! But anyways, hopefully you're still traveling safely and happy and maybe we'll see you both somewhere in the States or Belgium. See ya, Judith and Roel
21st September 2008

BBQ'd Turtles!
Great to see you're having such a good time - did you try BBQ Turtle and fried Orangatang whilst you were over there? Ev's a bit of a boy, likes his food and would be game for anything! Keep the updates comming. Cheerio.
15th September 2008

It is great to see some pictures of orang utangs in the wild. It is rather sad to think that our generation may be one of the last to see them in the wild. Thanks for sharing these pictures.
13th September 2008

that arrow - direction where muslim face when praying

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