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12th August 2012

Wonderful Cameron Highlands
Cuti-cuti for a unique Spa Therapies Vacation. Visit Mini Agro-Forestry Aromathrepy Village Cameron Highlands.
24th June 2012

welcome to Huangshan
HAHA, Huangshan is my hometown, welcome to Huangshan, the most beautiful Mountain in the world.
28th April 2012

The Much Travelled Man !
Hi Jon, Just caught up with you last few blogs - shame about Australia, but your views on the descendants of our convict outcasts echo mine, although your first hand experience carries more weight !. Hope you enjoy New Zealand, it has always appeared to be a very beautiful place. Are you going to Christchurch where the earthquake hit last year, or do you think you & natural disasters should stay apart ?. Keep enjoying your trvaels. Where to next ?. Hope to see you when / if you return - good luck. Malcolm
28th April 2012

Great to hear from you.
Hi Malcolm, thanks for the message it's always great to hear from folk back home. As you can see from the blogs Australia was not the place for me for many reasons but thankfully NZ is a shining star, it's a trekkers paradise and the scenery is out of this world, it's fair to say I'm very happy here. I'm currently in Christchurch as I write this reply. I had no idea it was so badly affected, it's like a ghost town and is very sad to see it this way. As a city they have a massive mountain to climb before anything looks like being normal again, your heart has to go out to them. I hope all is well back home and you are keeping that work/life equation well balanced toward life. I take it you are still with NPS, how are things looking there? Any signs of improvement or positive change? I leave NZ in a couple of days and we be heading to Indonesia next, I can't wait although I'm very sad to be leaving here because I like it so much. Keep well and stay in touch. Cheers Jon
3rd December 2011

We found the north of Vietnam was far less pushy than the rest, almost no-one trying to shovel you in to a taxi or put shitty "crafts" in your hands. Keep the blogs coming :-)
4th December 2011

North/South divide
Yeah I have to say you’re spot on, I think from Hoi An upwards the country seemed a lot more chilled out and as you hit Sapa it changed a little bit with the Mountain women continually pestering you to buy yet more sh*t, but they weren’t too aggressive so it didn’t really matter. More blogs on the way, happy reading! Dora the explorer
24th November 2011

First, the posts have been fantsastic, lately. It seems like perhaps having Cyclo there meant that you could actually share the humour of those otherwise crazy moments. Really glad for you! Also, I don't know about you, but when people come to visit me in foreign places, it always somehow makes it more real for me that I am out somewhere and that they are back home. I seem to avoid that hitting me until people come over. I find the phenomenon quite interesting, and was wondering if it was the same for you at this point? If so, I hope you are coping well. Have fun with your parents in KL. I believe it is coming up soon, isn't it. A la prochaine, Valerie
2nd November 2011

Love this new blog post. Keep up the French digs. We love them, too. Also, I went to a presentation about land mines and cluster munitions. The stories are horendous and deeply touching, even though I have yet to meet an actual victim. I am just starting the job search for next summer, and this is definitely one issue that I am considering working on. Anyways, glad to hear of the absence of natural disasters at your end. We just had the worst snowstorm ever for October. Take care!!
17th October 2011
The Golden Triangle

Golden triangle
This beats Unthank Road by a country mile
17th October 2011

Post box
Why did Maam become Mama beside the post box!!
23rd September 2011

Yo Plunkers, oh my god what are you eating!! Have arranged for emergency airdrop of Monster Munch! Have passed your blog onto a few people Ian S via Dick and HM Customs ref. Dodgy polo shirts? Hope your really enjoying yourself oh and by the way just watched new series of idiot abroad - things to do before you die! Just as good. My girls really liked pic of dung beatle. Keep having fun. Paul
11th September 2011

I am so envious right now... All this fun and laughter you speak of... I so miss that! Your blog is inspiring, as always, and the pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I am so glad you did the Gorges, and that you are validating that it is one of the most beautiful sights in China. I didn\'t do half as many hikes as I would\'ve liked to do while I was there, but at least I did the Gorges, right?
1st September 2011

Getting There !!!
Hi Jon, Impressed with the "baby harness" on the Macau Tower skywalk !! More impressed with the fact that you got up there & walked round ! Sorry to read about the scam in Chinese bar - still, glad to see you got out of it in one piece ! Malcolm
From Blog: Hong Kong -
25th August 2011

So, I thought the angry dragon and jelly doughnut expressions were Chinese sayings. What a disappointment.
From Blog: Hong Kong -
15th August 2011

No Way Jose (or JP) !!!
Hi Jon, Good to see you are having a great time on your travels. Like you there is just no way I could have done it either !. Glad to see the pictures of the Terracotta Army, you must have been blown away by it. Good luck with your travels - I look forward to your future blogs. Regards, Malcolm Streatfield
8th August 2011

I'd have bailed, too!
I had just recently heard of this place and although I think the views would be to "die" for... I, like you, would fear that I'd do just that! Superb pics! Loved seeing them and reading your blog!
29th July 2011

Only the great JP could be slumming it and backpacking across Asia wearing Ralph Lauren! Keep the updates coming mate, love it.
26th July 2011

Wow! You kept your word for the mention :) Don't expect other spots to be less crowded. XiAn feels worse than Beijing, as far as I could tell. I did rouli qiu tai ji quan (tai chi with racket) with my water bottle this morning...So, yeah, I got another racket in the afternoon.
21st July 2011

It's just got to be chickens feet, enjoy.
4th July 2011

awesome update dude! Just a quicky as im now leaving work to go to see take that! Can you also include laura in your blogs cause she keeps asking after you.
27th June 2011

told you so........
Excellent blog....see the razor has gone all ready lol. Good to hear from you ......have a great trip, Phil

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