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North America » United States » Maine August 23rd 2016

Geo: 44.1792, -68.4393The wind was blowing between 18-22 knots in the morning when we left the mooring pendant, heading to Mackerel Cove on Swan Island. We had a fantastic sail that involved more tacks than we can count. Between dodging lobster pots and rocky shoals, it definitely keeps you on your toes.We arrived in Mackerel Cove in the early afternoon and dropped anchor. By the time everything we secured, Malia had a burrito lunch all prepared...awesome.At the end of the evening, I realized that I had not even stepped foot off of Athena the entire day. I did not need to, we had another visit from a seal and porpoises to entertain me.... read more
Bass Harbor Lighthouse
Dodging lobster pots
Ship at sail

North America » United States » Maine » Southwest Harbor August 22nd 2016

Geo: 44.2797, -68.3256The rain moved in overnight....the first rain that we had seen since we got there. We were socked in by fog in Valley Cove in the morning, painting the classic Maine landscape.In early afternoon, the fog cleared, we pulled anchor and continued our journey to Southwest Harbor. The wind was blowing pretty good so we grabbed a mooring pendant in the harbor. Jeff and Malia had now been on their journey for over a month, and it was laundry day. Sheila and I rowed to shore and hiked to town, and made our way in the Upper Deck Bar and Restaurant for drinks and lunch, while Jeff and Malia carried their 100 pounds of laundry the 2-1/2 miles to the laundromat. I think Sheila and I had the better day!We regrouped at the Upper ... read more
Lobsters on display
Accepting their fate
Good times

North America » United States » Maine August 21st 2016

Geo: 44.3098, -68.3171This morning we were greeted by a couple of porpoises and a curious seal, while we drank coffee/hot chocolate at anchor. We then pulled anchor and made our way to Valley Cove and dunked the anchor again.Malia, Sheila, and I rowed to shore and to a short hike to a beautiful rock outcropping that provided an incredible view of the area. Jeff stayed back to keep Athena company.Later in the afternoon we all went to shore (with the exception of Athena), and attempted a hike to Echo Lake. One of the trails was closed due to erosion, so our hike ended up being a little longer than we anticipated. But, the hike was fantastic none the less.... read more
Sheila and Malia
Morning has cleared

North America » United States » Maine August 20th 2016

Geo: 44.3528, -68.3205We left the mooring pendant in Bar Harbor mid-morning, raised the sails and headed around the Maine coast and up the Somes Sound. We had a great day of sailing and finally dropped anchor in a beautiful secluded cove at the end of the Sound.Sheila and I rowed ashore and explored the area. When we returned, Jeff and Sheila headed to the shore at low tide, and came back with over 5 dozen mussels. Malia turned them into a fantastic dinner, followed by cocktails and story time.... read more
Captain Jeff
Sheila at the helm
Beautiful sail

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor August 19th 2016

Geo: 44.3875, -68.2044Today, we rented bikes and explored 18 miles of the Carriage Roads through Acadia. The trails were a perfect mix of grueling inclines followed by long downhill stretches to regroup. We took a break for lunch at The Jordan Pond House overlooking, what else, Jordan Pond.We returned to town in the afternoon, had a few drinks in town, and spent the evening relaxing on the boat.... read more
Jeff and Malia Joy
Eagle Lake
Checking the Map

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor August 18th 2016

Geo: 44.3875, -68.2044We flew from Richmond, through Boston, and arrived in Bar Harbor around 3:30 pm. We jumped in the single taxi sitting outside the tiny airport, and proceeded to town to meet up with our captain and crew. We found Jeff at the Bar Harbor Beerworks holding a table....and maybe sampling the products, while Malia was making last minute preparations to our accommodations.We hung out in Bar Harbor the rest of the day, did some provisioning, and eventually rowed to the mooring pendant where Athena patiently waited for us. Malia cooked a great salmon dinner to welcome us aboard!... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Richmond August 18th 2016

Geo: 37.5406, -77.4334... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Richmond June 8th 2016

Geo: 37.5406, -77.4334... read more

Europe » France June 7th 2016

Geo: 48.8566, 2.35097We woke to a beautiful clear day in Paris, for the final day of our trip. We walked to Saint Germaine for lunch at Le Dome, and then back to the Eiffel Tower to meet our evening bike tour. The bike tour took us through the crazy Paris traffic from the Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame, through the Latin District, and back to the Eiffel Tower for sunset....along with wine. The trip typically includes a boat ride on the Siene, but the flooding kept the river closed.Tomorrow, we head back to the States, after a great time in Europe!... read more
Paris in the Evening bike tour
Paris in the Evening bike tour

Europe » France June 6th 2016

Geo: 48.8566, 2.35097Last night, the sky cleared and we had a great walk through the streets of Paris. We crossed the Siene into the Saint Germaine district for dinner.Today, we hiked 17 miles around the city, from Notre Dame to the Arc de Triomphe, and both sides of the Siene. We went to the places that Hemmingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and the English speaking artists and writers hung out. Paris is a pretty amazing place, and everyone has been very friendly so far!... read more
Paris at night
Paris at night
Paris at night

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