Jeff and Kristine's Guestbook

24th November 2015

And where are the pictures?!?!? Your killing me here 😙
24th November 2015

no WiFi
We'll upload pictures when we get to Wellington, promise!
19th November 2015

You did it!
Sounds like great fun. For you.
18th November 2015

Can't wait to see them. So happy it was everything you were hoping for.
16th November 2015

Looking great!!!!
So glad it is going well. Wish I was there!!! Love to you both
15th November 2015

So sitting here watching the Broncos down by 10 against the Chiefs. My cue to check in with the Butos' travelers. Your trip is off to a stellar start. Love that your sharing the trip. My kind of travel! Love you guys.

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