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17th February 2014

I will be going in August
I am going in August and hiking the trail. I am concerned because I am not a walker or hiker; however, people say that usually people are able to finish it because of determination and I am bound and determined to finish it. I still have time to prepare (walking and hiking). But just to mentally overcome the challenge. Thank you for sharing!
17th October 2013

Sorry we missed you !!
A great blog, we loved Beunos Aires too! I have such similar photos!! No Tango dancing shots??
2nd September 2013

feeling comfortable? you should've gone to san pedro jail that would have ruffled your feathers.
From Blog: Time To Move On
3rd September 2013

wish you were with me to show me the way around. what a great city. nearly as good as Hanoi
From Blog: Time To Move On
28th August 2013

backup photographer needed you'll have to step up now Jamie
28th August 2013

27th August 2013

Steps steps and more steps!
Another quote - the Inka trail and Machu Picchu "Inca ruins" is pretty much synonymous with a "shitload of stairs". 
23rd August 2013

Enjoying stories and smiling faces!
23rd August 2013

Just reading a travel article & came across this quote which probably sums up your trek!!!!!!! Machu Picchu offers breathtaking views ------ but only because its literally hard to breathe up there!!!!!!!
24th August 2013

things are worse in La Paz
22nd August 2013

seriously jealous!!!!!!!!! suffering from post travel blues, Coleambally is not really a travel destination
23rd August 2013

glad to see you are keeping up. colly is probably more exciting Ha! Ha!
20th August 2013

I'm with Tarsh going back to the tab site much more fun but costly
16th August 2013

wow. that is all.
12th August 2013

i keep stalking your profile BUT you haven't put any more posts up. slack father dearest!
From Blog: On Our Way
9th August 2013

The only reason you were in front of the wing was that you were looking after the airlines beautiful orange spare tyre
From Blog: On Our Way
7th May 2013

anniversary birthday bash
Booked Raffles last Sept for this MAY following a lovely relaxing stay.6 days before arrival en route from Europe Raffles cancelled with little understanding or as much as a truly sorry attitude and tried to shuffle us to their sister hotel which we declined. Not good enough and now staying in another hotel. truly unhappy with Raffles now not answering e mails as in reality there is no reply to their attitude.
From Blog: Singapore
1st February 2013

i love party towns; an aussie bar but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2nd February 2013

vang vieng
the beer was great but the meat pie was a bit ordinary played Khe zhan several times made up for it
29th January 2013

lao power
get the plans of the hydro setup fuck solar we could be onto something here
From Blog: the village
28th January 2013

lao lao
good thing I'm one of your friends cause no one else is commenting on your epic adventure that lao lao goes down well
29th January 2013

maybe you are my only friend
26th January 2013

stop trying to out drink your sons & concentrate on your blogg
28th January 2013

i love beer lao

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