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30th October 2015

Thanks Matt
27th October 2015

Thanks for the blog!
Sounds way amazing!!
10th June 2012

Galapogoes islands is definitely on my list... amazing !!!
2nd June 2012

You look so relaxed! Read a flyer about a speaker who is hoping wind turbines in ocean will help convert Pease military base in New Hampshire to wind power business complex.
28th May 2012

very cool, Matt
26th May 2012

Awesome pictures! Can't wait to hear all about it when you guys come home. Guess it really has been the trip of a lifetime!
27th May 2012

Glad you´re enjoying the Galapagos blogs! No words can capture how much we loved this part of our trip - the pristine beaches, the abundant and fearless wildlife, the snorkeling spots, the laid back island feel. Stay tuned for blogs on the cruise because it gets even better!
25th May 2012

Great pictures
Your description almost wants me to change my travel plans. But I will stick with Machu Pichu this time around.
From Blog: Huaraz
24th May 2012

Great Reading
It is so much fun to read your blog. Great work. Thanks
24th May 2012

This place looks like heaven on earth. New goal in life = galapagos. Absolutely beautiful.
24th May 2012

Glad you guys decided to go all out in the Galapagos! It looks incredible. Can't wait to see more photos when you get back!!!!
23rd May 2012

Sounds very amazing. Great photos. Thanks and all good wishes. Saw your Dad Sarah in Pittsburgh for Grandpa's 90th birthday. your Dad is good dancer. He had Stella twirling and even went under her arm. So glad you can do this trip!
11th May 2012

Greetings! So, you two finally arrived on the Galapagos Islands. Exciting.. :) Sarah I saw Mrs. McDowell the other day and when she asked how you were I mentioned where you were. Jokingly, she wondered if you were going to ride a giant tortoise!! I see where they recently brought some back to Pinta Island because they had become extinct in the 70's. Except for 'Lonesome George' of course. Seems he was the last one they found there.. Have fun!
23rd May 2012

Mom! it is so illegal to ride a giant turtle (but of course everyone wanted to/thought about it)
5th May 2012
View from main cathedral bell tower

Your Dad printed some pages for Grandpa
Galapagos sounds so amazing! Grandpa's 90th birthday is tomorrow. It's fascinating and beautiful Grandpa says to see your photos of travels. Love! God's Blessings
From Blog: Arequipa
23rd May 2012
View from main cathedral bell tower

Your Dad printed some pages for Grandpa
Thanks for sharing the blog with Grandpa!
From Blog: Arequipa
29th April 2012
View of Hauscaran from our hostal

Mountains and Lakes and glaciers all look so beautiful
Hope you feel better Sarah. I've never been so high to experience the altitude change. Such a cool trip! Love, Aunt Mary Ellen
From Blog: Huaraz
22nd April 2012

mmmmmm ice cream!
From Blog: Arequipa
22nd April 2012

Wasn't it worth all those 1,800 steps!?
22nd April 2012

The place you stayed looks EXACTLY like where we stayed : )
13th April 2012

Wow! Sounds fabulously cool! So glad for you! Aunt Mary Ellen
12th April 2012

Take me...
Dear Uncle Eagles, Mom read me your blog today and one day you need to take me on these adventures because we both know that mom isn't going to. (And I doubt Dad will either) Love, Charlie
11th April 2012

Wow, looks like the two of you are having a fantastic adventure. Which one of you got THAT close to the 'tarantula' and 'the worlds most deadliest snake' (forget name) to actually take a picture?!? Oh My Goodness! :-) Well, I guess you probably used your telephoto lense. Honestly though, the jungle trip did seem like a very interesting and fun time. What a great memory this trip will always be for you... Bye MoM

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